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Little girls kiss Sweet little heartbreakers


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From: James Leete
Subject: My Maquis Lover Chapter 20Disclaimer:This story is based in the "Star Trek" universe. The use of anything
related to "Star Trek" in this series is not intended to infringe upon the
rights of Paramount Pictures. The author is in no way associated with the
owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.All other content or otherwise are works of my own imagination. All little mermaid subliminal events
are fictitious in nature.Any similarities to persons living, dead, or otherwise are purely
coincidental.This story contains strong themes of homosexual content, if this offends
you in any way, please refrain from reading further. If you are not of
legal age to read this, please leave now.Ok as well before we start this is based on the series Star Trek Voyager
but with a twist from the original story line and i hope you like it.Chapter 20: Goodbye Delta QuadrantYEAR: 2404- EARTHAs Kathryn and I stood and watched the viewer it brought back fond
memories. Today was the 10th anniversary of Voyagers return to the Alpha
Quadrant. I watched on the viewer as Voyager flew above San-Francisco and
danced about the Golden Gate Bridge while fireworks went off and people
cheered and roared with excitement at seeing Voyager finally after spending
23 years in the delta quadrant. I remember I was on the bridge at the
Tactical console watching Lieutenant Paris do the job he had done for
almost a quarter of a century only this time he was having fun. I little naked childs remember
looking myusenet little stars over at Ensign Kim at Operations who video little teens
had the biggest smile on his
face I had ever seen. And there I was stood as Lieutenant Commander
Carter. I felt bad in a way taking over Tuvok as chief security and
tactical officer, but after his illness became so bad that he couldn't work
anymore Captain Janeway felt it was the best choice. little april cumming
"These should be
familiar images to everyone who remembers the USS Voyagers triumphant
return to Earth after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager captivated
the hearts and minds of people throughout the federation so it seems only
fitting that on this the 10th anniversary of their return we take a moment
to recall the sacrifices made by the crew. Corruption charges were brought
to..." was all the man who spoke on the tony little gazelle viewer over the images said before
Kathryn said "Computer end display." The viewer deactivated and together we
stood in Kathryn's apartment looking out of the window overlooking San
Francisco bay and the golden gate bridge drinking Tea. "It seems like it
was only yesterday." I said breaking the silence. "I know, you wouldn't
believe we have been back 10 years would you." Janeway finally said to
me. She and I had been friends for over 30 years and I couldn't imagine her
not being a part of my life. "Kathryn I've spoken with Commander Barclay
this morning and he tells me that..." was all I said before she cut me
off. "Let's just make it through the party and then we can talk about the
mission. Okay Jack." She said smiling at me. I nodded. "Good, now tell me
what time are Tom and the kids coming over?" she asked as we sat down, "In
about an hour or so." I said. "Good, it's amazing you two have been married
for 26 years and have 3 beautiful children together. Which reminds me how
is Matthew?" she said to me. "He's fine, I think he likes his little jobs new posting
as the tactical officer on the enterprise, it's more suited to him." I
said. She smiled. "Well let's get ready for the party." She said. At that
we stood up and away we went.An hour later and the apartment was filled with former Voyager crewmembers
and their families. I was stood talking to B'Elanna and Paris as it had
been a while since we had last seen each other. "So how do you like being
the Director of Starfleet intelligence, Admiral?" asked B'Elanna. I
smiled. I still couldn't believe I was an admiral and that I had the
position of Director. "B'Elanna please little girl sexe don't call me by rank, its Jack it
always has been little breast porn and always will be." I said smiling at her. At that moment
Tom walked over and slipped his arm around my waist. "Hey babes." He said
kissing me. "Hey, who were you talking to?" I asked. "Jenny Delaney" he
said. I smiled. "So do you like working at Internal Affairs Tom?" asked
Paris. Tom had sweet little pussies recently been transferred to internal affairs from Starfleet
security and been promoted to captain. "Yeah, it's hard work and the
paperwork is awful but I manage." He said smiling. "Stop moaning Captain,
Jack come help me." Said Kathryn smiling. I walked over with her and helped
her with some glasses of champagne and we handed them out. "Dad, can I have
a drink?" asked Hannah by daughter. "Sure sweetie." I said handing her a
glass of orange juice. "I meant champagne." She said looking at me. Hannah
was almost 17 and driving me and Tom insane with the late night stop outs,
the constant talk of the boys she liked in her class at high school and the
constant want for alcohol. "Hannah if I have to tell you one more time that
you are not old enough I may send you to boarding school." I said causing
Kathryn to smile. "Here you go Hannah, but just the one that's it." Said
Kathryn handing her a glass of champagne. "Kathryn." I said looking at her
shocked. "Thanks Aunt Kathryn." Said Hannah smiling and walking away. "It's
only for the toast Jack, lighten up." She said. B'Elanna came across and
spoke with us for a while before Commander Barclay stood on the steps and
tapped his glass. little hentai board I noticed the doctor had shown up with his new bride. I
went over with and stood with Tom and held his hand. "Ladies and gentlemen
can I have your attention please, 10 years ago tonight this crew returned
home from the longest away mission in Starfleet history." Barclay said
causing everyone to laugh. "23 years together made you a family, one I'm
proud to have been adopted by. Let us raise our glasses to little girl panties the journey." He
added. "To the journey." Everyone said. "And to those who aren't here to
celebrate it with us." Said Kathryn as everyone thought back on those
people that weren't there with us. Seven of Nine, Tuvok, Chakotay, and the
other people who couldn't be with us. For Kathryn I knew this was the
hardest thing possible which was to remember those people who were not able
to share the same event we could. We were one big family and to lose people
that we cared about was never easy.As the party had wound down Kathryn pulled me aside. There were only a few
people left now: Tom and the kids, well two of them anyway Hannah and James
who was 20 and in his last year of the academy, Harry and Tom and
B'Elanna. "I'll come and see you tomorrow and we can got over the final
parts of the mission." She ilegal littles girls said. "Okay you're on." I said and we went back
to everyone else and we talked some more before Tom said "Okay come on guys
let's get back home, Hannah you have school and James you have the classes
as well so come on." He said. He was so good with the kids. As we said our
farewells we left and walked down the street to the transporter. After we
re-materialised in our house which was in San Francisco and where we had
lived for the last 8 years Hannah and Tom both went to their rooms and went
to bed as Tom and I sat in the lounge. "What did Kathryn say?" Tom asked
me. "We're meeting tomorrow." I said. "I wish you didn't have to do this."
He said. I had to tell tom everything about the mission and swore him to
secrecy as this could finish me and Kathryn completely. "I know but I do,
but you know our agreement you never tell the kids about this, I don't want
them to find out and you never mention anything about where me and Kathryn
have gone to anyone." I said. "I know." He said. We eventually got to bed
and fell asleep. When we awoke again at 06:00, I felt very refreshed. I
went down and made the usually morning breakfast which was basically a pot
of coffee and then little lollipops
putting out a little nicky soundtrack
plate of muffins, pain au chocolat, cereal
and toast. When everyone came down they all dug in and we chatted as a
family. "When is Matthew coming home dad?" asked James. "I'm not sure he's
still on the enterprise but I'm sure whenever he gets shore leave next he
will come back. Anyway what classes have you got today?" I asked. "We start
our first class on the Borg with Commander Barclay and Admiral Janeway." He
told me. "Well there's a subject you should know a lot about." I
said. "Hannah what are you doing at school?" asked Tom. "The usual maths,
English, chemistry and History. And of course boy studies." She said
smiling. "Hannah I wish hot little latinos you would stop talking about these bloody boys,
you're there to learn not to admire all the boys in your class." He
said. She smiled. "I know I can't help it, it must come from you 2" she
said. I smiled. By 07:30 everyone was out of the door and together we
headed for the transporter. We each went our separate way, Hannah off to
school, James to the academy and Tom and I transported to Starfleet command
together. As we materialised in the main command area, I kissed him and
said "See you tonight." "Not if I see you first." He said kissing me back
and pinching my ass. He walked off as did I and I headed for the
intelligence building. When I walked in I was greeted by several people and
eventually arrived outside my office to see my PA sat at her desk. "Good
morning ensign." I said smiling at her. "Good morning sir." She
said. Claire Hargrove was a fresh face out of the academy ensign and in
many ways she reminded me somewhat of myself when I was that age. "What
have we got today?" I asked "You have a meeting with Admiral Riker at
13:00, a meeting with Captain Andrews at 11:00 and Admiral Janeway is in
your office waiting for you now." She said handing me some pads. "Thank
you." I said. I entered my office. "Computer secure the doors and establish
a level 5 dampening field around this room. Deactivate all internal sensors
and allow no entry in to this room with my direct authorisation." I said
before sitting at my desk. The computer chirped and responded telling me
the room was secure. I then took off my combadge as did Kathryn and we then
spoke. We spoke for over two hours about the final details of the plan
before she said "Right well I need to head off to the academy. We will
proceed as soon as Ensign Paris returns." She said. I nodded and she
left. I then continued to work. After my meeting with Captain Andrews I
finally ate lunch at 12:00 when Ensign Hargrove came over the comm. "Sir,
message from Admiral Janeway." She said. "Thanks Claire, I'll take it in
here." I replied. The computer worked away by itself and eventually
Kathryn's face appeared. "I'll make this brief. Ensign Paris contacted me,
the device works but we have littles girls free to go and get it. I'll prepare a shuttle. Meet
me at my apartment tonight packed and ready to go. I spoke to the doctor
he's coming over to give us a physical each. We leave tomorrow
evening. Janeway out." She said and her face disappeared. That didn't give
me long. "Claire come in here." I said. She walked in and said "Sir."
"Cancel all my meetings and appointments for the rest of the week; tell
them I'm not sure when I will return as I'm heading off world." I
said. "Yes sir." She said and left.After finishing my meeting with Admiral Riker I quickly left my office and
transported home. I packed a bag with some fresh uniforms and information
that we needed and left the house taking one last look around. I noticed
the family picture of all of us in the living room and went over and
grabbed it and put it in my bag. I need something to remember
them. Transporting back to work I stood in the court yard of Starfleet
command. I went small little nude inside towards the transporter room and spoke to the
operator. "Could you please transport this bag to Admiral Janeway's
apartment" little girl heels I said. "Of course sir, if you will just place it on the
platform." Said the ensign behind the console. I did so and he transported
it away. "Thank you." I said before leaving. I headed back to my office and
sat at my desk. "Claire, could you put me through to Tom." I said over the
comm. as I poured myself a cup of tea. "Yes sir." She said. A few seconds
later tom's face appeared on the screen. "Hi." He said. "Hi, little preeteen
listen I want
to keep this as brief as possible. I packed my bag and will be staying at
Kathryn's tonight. We leave tomorrow evening." I said. "Oh god, Jack please
don't do this." Said Tom starting to cry. Tears formed in my eyes too. How
can I do this over a comm. channel? "Wait right there, I'll be two
seconds." I said ending the comm. "Claire beam me to Tom's office." I
said. "Aye sir." She said and seconds later I appeared in his office. I ran
over and hugged him and we both just began to cry. "I love you so
much. Please don't go she will be fine without you." He said looking at
me. "No she won't, Tom I'm doing this for us and for our crew. I want our
children to little angels hardcore grow up here on earth not on the run from an armada of
warships, sexy little asian
which is how Matthew spent his third birthday seeing both his
dads worried sick that Voyager might collapse around our ears." I said as
we both laughed thinking back to that day. We both still had tears in our
eyes and just couldn't help little pussy porn but cry. "I love you so much, I'm going to miss
you." I said. We shared a long passionate kiss and he held me close. "Be
safe." He whispered in my ear. "I will." I replied before kissing him
again. "Now go, otherwise I'll never let you go." He said. I hugged and
kissed him once more before beaming out.That night after my incest teen little
shift I met Kathryn in the courtyard child little preeteen
and transported
back to her place. After having dinner she began to pack when the doctor
arrived. "You must be the only doctor who still makes housecalls." I
said. "What are your symptoms?" he asked. "We're perfectly fine." I
said. "For 33 years you both fought me every time you needed a physical,
now you ask me to give you one ahead of schedule." He said getting out his
tricorder. "We're taking a trip we just wanted to get our appointments out
of the way before we left." I said as he scanned Kathryn. "That's all?" he
asked. "That's all." Janeway and I said in unison. "Hmmm well the good
thing is you're as healthy as the first day I examined you both." He
said. "Now that's out of the way have a seat, we didn't get to talk much at
the party." Janeway said. "No I don't suppose we did." The doc replied. "So
how's married life?" I asked. "Wonderful, I can see why you got
married. You should try it Kathryn." He said. "Oh I think it's a little
late for that marriage is for the young, like you're wife." The doctor
smiled. "Excuse me." I said making Janeway laugh as well. She knew what I
meant. "I can only hope she ages as gracefully as you both have, I of
course will be the same handsome hologram 20 years from now as I am today."
The doc said making me smile. Janeway nodded at me giving me the
sign. "I've been meaning to ask you, are you familiar with a drug called
cromexaline?" I asked him. "We've been testing it at Starfleet medical to
see if it can protect bio-matter from tachyon radiation?" he explained to
us. "And?" I asked. "It's very promising why do you ask?" he asked me. "We
need 4000 milligrams by tomorrow afternoon." Said Janeway snapping up from
packing. "Why?" asked the doctor. "That's classified, will you get it for
us?" I said abruptly. He looked at both of us. "Of course Admiral, you will
have it by 09:00." He said. "Thank you." I said. We chatted for while
longer and he eventually left. At 00:30 Kathryn and I left for the
communications research centre for our meeting with Commander Barclay. I
went to the meeting while Kathryn said she wanted to go and see Chakotay's
Grave for one last time. "Download complete." Said the computer. "This
should be everything you need" said Barclay handing me a pad. I read it
through. "The shuttle?" I asked. "Waiting for you at the Oakland shipyards
I wish you would let me come with you" Said Reg. I looked at him. "Sorry
Reg but this is our mission. Besides if you left who would teach those
eager young cadets about the Borg?" I asked. "Oh I made you and Kath some
fresh tea for the trip not that replicated stuff" he told me as he handed
me a large flask. "Thank you, for everything. We couldn't have done this
without you." I told him as I shook his hand. I put my hand on his
shoulder, grabbed my jacket and left. I put on my long leather coat and
exited the building to find Kathryn waiting for me. "Ready?" I
asked. "Ready as I will ever be. You get everything?" she asked. "Yep." I
said handing her the little girl taboo pad. "The shuttle?" she asked. "Waiting at the Oakland
shipyards" I little hardcore sex said. "Good then we're set when the doctor delivers." She
said. We smiled and linked arms and walked back to her apartment.YEAR 2378

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