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Related post: Date: Wed, young taiwan pussy
14 Jul 1999 04:36:31 GMT
From: Gia
Subject: Miss You LoveWARNING:
ANYWAY SO, IF YOU GET CAUGHT IT'S NOT MY FAULT!Authors note: This story is very vaugely
based off of my young doujinshi personal experiences growing up, names, dates,
places, etc. have been changed to protect the heterosexual. This
story is not your normal boy meets boy love story, its more real
than that, so be prepared for any thing. I would like to take
this opportunity to thank all the people that helped make this
possible, so shout outs young nude gotik
go to Sean, Justin (hey babe), Matty,
Steven, Joe, Ed, Steph, Will, sexy teen young
Richie, Scott, and anyone I forgot.
I would also like to thank everyone at #GayTeenBoyz on dalnet,
you guys are great! and I would like to thank Timmy (if your
reading this, I LOVE YOU) for your inspiration. You were my
friend, my companion, and my lover. Now on with the story!
Miss young teen wrestling You LovePart 1: Opening FireHave you ever woke up with that feeling that
today is going to be different? You don't know how or why, but
your gut tells you that today is special? When the alarm clock
sounded at 6:30 Erik had that feeling. He rubbed his eyes and
stretched his arms back over his head, then crawled out of bed.
Fumbling around still half asleep, he managed to grab a pair of
black corduroy JNCOs and a black shirt. The large oak armoire
smelled of moth balls and ninety five percent of its contents
were black, so finding a matching outfit was not a difficult
task. He made his way into the bath room next to his bedroom and
locked the door behind him. Once inside, he slipped off his white
South Park boxers (the ones with Mr. Hanky on them) and got into
the shower. The hot water felt good on his skin and eventually
fully woke him. After twenty minutes his normally tan skin had
attained a pink tint , so Erik stepped out youngest lollita gallery of the shower and
stood amidst the steam in the bathroom still wet, completely
naked and stared at himself in the mirror. The same boy stared
back at him from the mirror. Same dyed black hair, same bright
green eyes, same straight white teeth, same smooth face, same
hairless chest."So why do I feel different?", he
asked the boy in the mirror. But the mirror remained silent, as
mirrors tend xxxyoung nude girls to do. He dried himself off, slipped on a clean pair
of boxers and brushed his teeth. After dressing, he brushed his
hair back into a pony-tail young little whores
and gave himself a once over in the
mirror again. Seeing that he was all in order he went back into
his room grabbed his book bag and skateboard and took off
downstairs for school."All black again?," his mother
questioned him on the way out the door," thats like the
hundredth time in a row.""I think it's proper attire for
Hell," he answered and was out the door before she young virgin nude could
protest anymore.The sunlight hit his eyes hard causing hot young boys him to
squint young girl imageboard for a while until they adjusted. The perfect conformist
planned community passed by him as he skated toward school only
half aware of his surroundings. He really hated this place.
Cypress Hills was the name of his hell. It was one hundred houses
all set up exactly the same. To Erik it represented everything he
hated, it was Norman Rockwell picture perfect suburbia and it
sickened him. Erik's parent's made the decision to move here
hoping that it would be a good environment to raise their son.
After they had discovered that Erik was gay the decision was
final. Attributing their imageboard girl young
son's homosexuality on a new friend, Tim
, that he had made at school they thought it best to get the two
of them apart. They told Erik about their decision during the
summer between middle school and highschool. Not wanting to leave
his friends behind he complained and protested but to no avail.
When he said good bye to his friends they all made the customary
promises to write and call, but none of them did. Now he was
living a nightmare. Before he really wanted to be there, he
arrived at school. This school was much bigger than the
highschool he was supposed to be going to.Burroughs High had close to a thousand
registered students, about four hundred of them were freshmen,
like tickle young feet Erik. The large stone building loomed ominously over him as
he approached. All around him there was a chaotic mass of
activity. Teens of all ages, sizes and descriptions hurried
around him talking to their friends, doing last minute homework,
all the normal teen age young bloodz mp3 stuff. His slim frame slid in and out of
the maze of bodies until he came to his locker. With his board
stashed safely away, and books in hand he headed off to room 213
English. On his way to class young guy porn he eyed a few of the other freshman
gathered in the hall near his classroom. He noticed that the
blonde with the swimmers build had a nice butt, the perfect shape
and size, but then saw young porn kdz the same blonde lean over and kiss a
chick. "Damn", he thought to himself, "another
straight one." In a school this size you would assume that
there would be more than one gay guy, but in the month that Erik
had been searching he hadn't found one yet. Erik had known he was
gay since he was 10, he was never really attracted to girls, and
everywhere he went he left a trail of broken hearted teen girls.
His parents and old friends knew he was gay, but he kept the
information to himself at his new school so it would be easier to
meet people.Erik walked into Mr. Trefoils classroom and
took his regular seat next to the window in the very back of the
room. Mr. Trefoils was a decent teacher. He made English
entertaining, and at the same time got it through to his
students. He had an easy going fun loving personality and was
always joking with his students."Ohh nice to see you Erik, such bright
cheerful colorful clothes you have on today," Mr. Trefoils
joked. Erik muttered something under his youngeroticnudism
breathe and quickly
vanished into the newest issue young angels incest of Hit Parader magazine. That
issue featured a cover story about Daniel Johns and his band
Silverchair. Erik liked Silverchair's music and had a big crush
on Daniel Johns. Erik was soon in a trance like state outwardly
appearing to be reading while inside his teen body was flooded
with hormones and emotion he couldn't control. It was a strange
voice that brought Erik back into reality."Hello, are you awake?" a beautiful
tenor voice asked. Erik looked up from his magazine to stare
straight into the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. The
eyes belonged to a boy young ones naked
he had never seen before. He quickly
regained control of his brain, but his heart was pounding so loud
that he thought everyone in the school could hear it."Sorry dude, I was reading", he
replied."It okay," the blue eyed boy said
"I do that all the time. So, do you like Silverchair?"Erik nodded. As he looked the stranger up and
down. There was no arguing that this guy was hot. It was hard to
tell how tell he was because he was sitting down, but he appeared
to be around 5'6" maybe 110lbs if he was lucky. His
sleeveless shirt revealed nice looking firm biceps. Dirty
dishwater blonde hair cropped his head. When he smiled, his high
cheek bones showed. Two perfectly formed red lips parted slightly
to uncover straight sparkling white teeth."By the way, I'm Jakob. Have you heard the
new album yet?""No," Erik said flatly, "I've
heard a couple songs, but it hasn't came out on the net
yet.""It's really good, I just got it
yesterday. Hey, ya know if ya want I can record it for you?""Thanks a lot man, I would love that. My
name is Erik, I don't think I've seen you around. Are you new
here?""Yes, I just moved into Cypress Hills over
the weekend. This is my first day of school.""Really, "Erik replied suprised
"I live in the Hills too. What do you think of them?""Personally, I really don't like them
much, it's too... I dunno it's too lame, " Jakob said
shrugging his shoulders.""Yeah, tell me about it. I've lived here
for 3 months and I hate it.""Is there anything to do around
here," Erik asked."Not really, " Erik responded,
"Unless your a jock."Jakob frowned. "No I hate sports, well
most of them anyway.""What sports do you like?""Extreme games, surfing, boarding, bmxing,
stuff like that."Erik's face brightened. He listened as Jakob
listed off his hobbies one by one. After a few more minutes of
small talk the bell rang. Both boys got up and continued talking
as they walked out younger european porn
the door and down the hall. When Erik got to
his class he was reluctant to erotic stories young leave his new friend. The two of
them made plans to go to the park for lunch and parted ways. For
Erik the next two classes seemed to crawl by as slowly as
possible. His young daughter fucking head was flooded with thoughts he couldn't control.
All he could think about were Jakob's icy blue eyes, the way he
smiled. Erik was in love. He knew he shouldn't be, but there young taiwanese nude was
nothing he could do about it. Jakob had struck that cord in his
heart and now he was stuck with it. Meanwhile Jakob was squirming
around in his seat trying to figure understand what his own top little young
was going through. Jakob had never been attracted to a boy
before, but there was something about young children sex Erik that was different.
Something that made his early pubescent loins tingle. Sure he had
had girlfriends before, even made out with one of them, young 14 but it
didn't feel like quite like this. This sensation was creeping up
his young body and making its way into the pit of his stomach.
Whatever it fuck youngest girl
was Jakob didn't want it to stop. When the lunch bell
finally rang and the quad filled with teenagers. Erik quickly
made his way to the white marble fountain where he and Jakob had
decided to meet. He sat quietly fidgeting with his skateboard,
and didn't even notice with Jakob approached. Jakob dodge through
the crowd of strangers, not really noticing any of them. When he
neared the fountain he saw Erik sitting on the marble seats
working on his board. The sunlight bounced off the water behind
him lighting up his beautiful face."Sup, dude?", Jakob asked as he near.
Being snapped back into reality for a second time today, by that
gorgeous voice and perfect face, Erik was very exited to see that
Jakob hadn't young porn tubes stood him up. Jakob sat down beside him and put his
own board beneath his Naked young females feet and rolled it back and forth.
"Not much. You ready?""Yeah, lets get the hell outta here,
theres way to many people."The two boys got up and weaseled young amateur cartoon
their way
through the sea of Calvin Kline and wallet chains finally
reaching the edge of the campus. They walked across the street
toward Rocket Park. The park was normally a quiet shady place,
but during lunch hour it was almost as bad as the quad. Hundreds
of teens filled with park, but young illegal lollita
these kids were not like the
others. Spiked hair and nose rings were the predominate features.
These were the out-casts, the punks, the loners. No
"normal" kid would young incest daughters
be caught dead hanging around at the
park, but neither boy seemed to care much about the company they
were keeping. They found a empty picnic table under the shade of
a near by tree and sat down. Erik dug around in his bag and
pulled out a pack of Camel Wides. He quickly had one lit and in
his mouth."Ya want one?," Erik asked offering a
cigarette to Jakob."No thanks, I don't smoke.""Thats cool. So what do you think of
Burroughs?""I dunno, it's much bigger than my old
school."Erik puffed on his cigarette and sized Jakob
up. Only once his nicotine craving had been fulfilled, did he
notice that Jakob looked much younger than all the other freshman
in their class. His facial features were softer and smoother,
without even the tasty young pussy
slightest hint of the dreaded pubescent acne
plague."Say dude, how old are ya? You look
younger than everyone, "Erik asked hoping he wasn't being to
straight forward."I'm 13, "Jakob answered. "I
skipped the 8th grade.""Ohh thats cool."Erik casually puffed on his cigarette and
talked with Jakob. The conversation was free youngboy pics typical of two teen russia pussy young boys,
cars, music, sports. It seemed to each boy that he was talking to
his twin. They both liked skating and snowboarding, loved heavy
metal music, and hated preps, jocks, and cheerleaders. Erik
noticed that Jakob never mentioned girls, this puzzled young pink pussy him."Did you have a girlfriend in your old
town," Erik young boy erection
asked mentally praying that Jakob would say no."Yes, I dated a few chicks back home, but
nothing serious. What about you?""No, the chicks around here young girl poop are all
bleached blonde bimbos, I'm young asian mpegs looking for something else.""Ohh," Jakob said nodding, " I
can understand that. I look for personality too, but it's hard to
find a girl that isn't worried about her hair."With that, both boys started younger naked kinder
to laugh
uncontrollably. They rolled on the soft green grass for fifteen
minutes laughing. When they finally regained composure it was
time to go back to school. They quietly walked to each others
lockers, without saying thai girls young a word to each other. A heavy tension had
formed between the two of them, an icy barrier that neither new
how to breach."Well dude, I gotta go to class,"
Erik said nonchalantly," Heres my number give me a call
sometime." A handed a folded nude young ru up piece of paper to Jakob.
Jakob took the paper and put it in his wallet."Sure I'll give you call tonight."Then both boys parted ways.________________________________________________________________________ Part 2A Erik's NightThe rest of the school day passed very slowly
with no sight of Jakob. After school Erik skated home just like
he did everyday. Thats what got to him the most about Cypress
Hills, the monotony of it all, everyday was the same. It was
boring. Now with Jakob in his life, at least he had something to
look forward to each pic young 16yo
day. When he finally got home, he skated up
the drive way and came in the backdoor. Without saying anything
to any he grabbed a Pepsi and headed up to his room.Erik's room was a lot like many other
teenagers. Posters lined the walls portraying musician's faces.
The centerpiece of his wall art was a life size poster of
Staind's lead singer Aaron Lewis, which hung on the wall behind
his bed. Erik, quickly young sex mpegs traded the corduroy jeans he was wearing
for a black pair of nylon Adidas shorts allowing his smooth tan
and nearly hairless legs to breathe, the black tee-shirt was
stripped off revealing his slightly muscular chest and stomach,
and was replaced with a black "wife beater" shirt. Then
he ran to his computer and booted it up. The hum of a Pentium
booting up made Erik happy. His computer was more than just a toy
to him. It was his friend, his confidant, and occasionally his
councilor. Erik clicked a few buttons and soon the beeping and
humming of modem communication could be heard as he connected to
the internet. After the connection was complete, Erik got up out
of the chair and headed for his CD player. "*I'm
kinda numb. virgins very young It's so distorted. You've left me here with this
damage that you've caused*," screamed Aaron
Lewis's voice out of the stereo speakers. Erik returned to his
computer and opened a instant relay chat ohio neil young agent known as mIRC and
was at home within the safe confines young tgp fashion of the world wide web. Ever
since Erik had realized that he was gay, the internet has been
his safe haven. The boys on dalnet, in a room called #Gayteenboyz
had helped him through the hardest times in his life, they were a
constant source of support. And since the move, his electronic
friends had been his only friends. Without them, he might not be
alive. They would know what to do about Jakob. So once he was on,
Erik poured his heart and soul into his computer and sent it to a
hundred different people all over the planet. They all agreed
that Erik should make friends with Jakob and let what happens
happen, they also instructed him not to push topsites young sex
anything either.
After a couple of hours Erik heard the car doors shutting
outside. He quickly logged off and ran down the hunter green
plush stairs to help his mom with the groceries. After getting
all the groceries in the house, Erik ran back upstairs and got
back on then internet."Erik," His mom yelled from the
bottom of the stairs," did you do your homework?""Yes Mom," he lied," It's
done.""Good, dinner will be ready in a few
minutes."About fifteen minutes later, Erik's mom voice
could be heard hollering up the stairs to her son. Erik logged
off of the internet and walked downstairs. The giant oak table in
the living room was covered with condiments and various other
additives for hamburgers. Erik sat down at the table beside his
mother. Dinner was the only time that the two of them ever got
along. It seemed that during dinner, no matter what was happening
in each of their lives, the world stood still and was perfect,
even if only for an hour or so."Your dad called today Erik," younghot prone babes his mom
said while handing him a plate of hamburgers. "He said that
he'll be ji young home on Friday and that he doesn't nude cute youngs have to leave until
next Wednesday." Erik's dad worked for a large insurance
company. The job paid very well, which allowed Erik and his mom
to live a life of ease, but it also meant that his dad had to
travel a lot. Due to asian porn young his absence, Erik and his father didn't have
the typical father-son relationship. When his dad was home, Erik
had to maintain the image of flawless son. The acting was what
really got to Erik. It was all fake, people had problems, they
get angry, they hurt, they fail, they cry, and Erik did all these
things too."Ohh," was the most that Erik could
reply."Now Erik," his mom
interjected," You know that your father loves you very much,
and that he only lol young jpg wants the best for you."Erik glanced up at his mother and let her read
what he was thinking in his eyes. She looked into those bright
green eyes and saw all the pain that her 14 year old son felt,
she felt it too. She Mature sexy young then sighed and changed the subject."So how was school.""It was okay," Erik shrugged,"
Mr. Trefoils gave me shit...umm sorry, he gave me static about my
clothes again. And we had a new student in English.""Oh really," his mom sounding
sincerely interested, "Where does she live?""He lollitas young sex lives somewhere here in Cypress Hills,
I didn't talk to him much," Erik lied. He had never lied to
his mother during dinner before, but he knew that considering
what happened in his last school, that it was better to toplist young lie than
to have to face her suspicions. They talked for a few more
minutes about nothing in particular while they ate, after eating
his fill of hamburgers and french fries, he ran back to his safe
place. The rest of the night might as well been his young boys porno
life. At
midnight, Erik was sitting up at his keyboard, eyes half closed.
The phone still hadn't wrung. Since 9 he had looked at the clock
every fifteen minutes and said to himself, "Fifteen more
minutes, then I'm going to bed." That was 3 hours ago. Then,
as the old grandfather clock had chimed for the 12th time in a
row, Erik realized that Jakob wasn't going to call. He typed his
good nights to his friends then headed for bed. A cool breeze
came in through the open window as he slipped of his shirt and
shorts. He stood staring at the full body mirror on the back of
his bed room door. His half naked body glistened with a light
coat of sweat from the fall air as the moon light reflected off
of it."Am I so horrible," he asked the
mirror," Am I destined to be alone for ever? Whats wrong
with me?" His only answer was the slight stare litte young porn of his own
reflection. With that Erik crawled under the black comforter and
matching sheets, and began to think of Jakob. His thoughts of his
beautiful new friend aroused a passion in him that only young
boys can contain and soon his body was responding to the imagery
in his mind. Erik slid his hand down his hairless tanned chest
down to his throbbing tool. The warmth of his own flesh added to
pictures in his mind as he caressed himself nearer to orgasm. As
the pleasure built his body began to twitch. In his mind, Jakob's
soft warm lips were pumping up and down on his rod. Erik began to
moan Jakob's name, first softly, and then as climax became
imminent the young asains moaning became gradually louder. Hot white spunk
soon began spewing forth from his maleness, covering the upper
part of his stomach and lower part of his chest in sticky fluid.
Erik released his softening penis and reached for dirty socks he
had worn that day. He cleaned himself up and put the sticky wet
socks under a shirt on the pile of dirty laundry collecting at
the foot of his bed. Erik closed his eyes, and imagined Jakob one
last time, before slowing drifting of too sleep.Sleep didn't come easy for Erik that night. The
nightmares were back. When he first began to question his own
sexuality, he was plagued by horrible nightmares. Now that Jakob
was in his life, the nightmares were back. Erik's sparsely
dressed body tossed around violently under the sheets, his body
shivered, and his bed was quickly drenched in young gay twinks
sweat. In his mind,
he saw an empty existence. Alone and scared he tried to run from
this awful place, but his feet failed him. He tripped, fell, and
was back on his bare feet trying to run. The rocky landscape of
his dream world cut and tore jagged chunks of flesh from his
tender feet. The emptiness was chasing him, it surrounded him.
His sleeping body, young anime girl trashed from side to side, as he moaned
loudly. Just as the hollow lifelessness young korea nude was about to infiltrate
him, he awoke."NOOOOOOOOOOOO," he screamed. He
quickly scanned the room, his mind raced with remains of the
dream young schoolgirl panties still fresh. Finding that he was till at home, in his bed,
and realizing that it was only a dream, Erik went back to sleep.
When he awoke young old sexe for young transexual school the only part of his dream that he could
remember was the intense feeling of loneliness.________________________________________________________________________ Part young girls sleeping 2B Jakob's NightAfter his lunch with Erik, Jakob continued his
first day at his new school. He was the center of attention in
most of his classes, as was normal when your the new kid.
Throughout the rest of the day, he could not get Erik off his
mind. Thinking of Erik made him warm inside, a feeling that no
one had been able to make him feel before. Jakob tried to pass
this off as friendship, but his mind wouldn't let it rest. None
of his friends russians younger pics in past had ever made him feel this way before. He
felt like he had known Erik all his life, when in face he had
only know the guy for about 4 hours. These feelings made him
uneasy, scared yet curious at the same time. Lez teen young He didn't black young girl
why he was feeling this way, but he was determined to find out.
For the rest of the afternoon he contemplated the new emotions
that were flooding through his hormone charged young body, and
still virgin young toplist
no answers came.The final bell sounded at 3:30 releasing a
flood of teenagers from their classroom. The campus was soon
crawling with students of all ages, everyone pushing and shoving
to get to their locker and get home as fast as they could. Jakob
fought his way through the crowd of people and finally made it to
his locker. He looked for Erik, hoping just to get a glimpse at
him one more time before he had to go home, but Erik was no where
to be found. Jakob once again took on the herd of adolescents and
made his way vombat young girls to the front of the school.Jakob's parents pulled up in their silver 1999
Montana. The mini-van's wheels slowly stopped on the hot asphalt.
Jakob slid the door open and young porn movie
jumped in. The interior was young ebony porn gray and
smelled of faintly of designer perfume."How teens nude youngest was your day son," his father
asked as he pulled away from the school."It went well," Jakob answered
smiling, "the people here are real friendly.""Thats good," his mom chimed in a
voice that forums young 14y hinted at perpetual perkiness. They drove from
Burroughs High to Lincoln Elementary, where a blue eyed little
girl with blonde pig tails got in the van."Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Jakob," the
little girl greeted everyone."Hello Christi," Jakob answered,
" and how was your first day at your new school?""Yes honey tell us all about it,"
their mother added. Jakob's little sister, Christi, explain every
detail of her school day from the first hot young milf minute when the teacher
introduced her to the class up until the very second that they
arrived to pick her up. When they pulled up to their house, both
Jakob and Christi ran up the large marble stairs to their rooms
and immediately finished their homework. After homework was
finished the two marched down young xxx 12
a large set of spiraling stairs to
the basement that served as the family room. Their mom was there
waiting with milk and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Jakob
never let on to the confusion that was ripping the very fabric of
his existence apart. This was one thing he had to do alone. He
loved his family, his mom was a regular June Cleaver. She always
had something freshly baked for her two children when they got
home from school. His dad used to own a rather successful chain
of department stores in upper Maine, but recently sold them all
out to WalMart for young kdz blog a very tidy sum. For the most part Chubby young Jakob was
very happy with his life. His family loved each other, they
didn't fight like other families and everything went smoothly.
Jakob and his sister both sat down on the large country blue sofa
that set next to the couch their parents sat on. After a few
hours of watching the Disney Channel with his family, Jakob told
his family he was going up stairs and returned to solitude in his
own room.Jakob's room looked young girl seks like most other
upper-middle class suburban teenager's room. Posters of
alternative bands lined the walls. A dark hunter green carpet
covered the floor. Most of his stuff was still in boxes, the only
things he had out were clothes and his one treasure, a Gibson
Explorer Gothic with a Marshall 4x12 amp. First thing was first,
Jakob wanted to change into something more comfortable. Despite
what anyone says, it's a pain to have your pants hanging half way
off your rear end. The baggy jeans slid effortlessly off his slim
waist and onto the floor. He stepped out of them and searched his
room for a pair of shorts. After finding a pair of shorts, Jakob
reached his arms up and took off his shirt revealing a slightly
muscular, but pale chest and stomach with two perfect pink
nipples. Now topless he searched the room for his favorite shirt.
It was a dark blue mesh tank top that had been signed by no other
than Kurt Cobain himself. Jakob paid well more than the shirt was
worth to get it, but to him it was priceless. He never allowed
his mom to wash it, considering that he only wore it when playing
his guitar. After finding his shirt, he sat down Indian style in
front of the amp with his guitar in his lap. The first sound that
the strings made as he ran his young fingers across them was the
most beautiful sound Jakob had ever heard. Jakob had learn to
play the guitar at the age of 10, now 3 years later there pre young nude wasn't
anything he couldn't play. Immediately after learning, Jakob went
through every one of his CDs and learned to play them all from
memory. After than, his musical taste began to lean toward louder
heavier music, and eventually turned to a full blown love of
death metal. At first, his parents were very youngest teenxxx
worried about the
change they noticed in Jakob, but a family discussion were Jakob
assured his parents that there was nothing in the younger european teen music that was
going to change him they relaxed and let him do his own thing.
His fingers new their place as he played through Skinlab's
"So young thighs Far From the Truth", never missing a cord. Jakob
sat on his floor playing his guitar while his mind drifted to
thoughts of Erik. The way his eyes sparkled when he smiled, the
way he walked, the way he talked. All these things ran through
his mind at a speed that Jakob couldn't control. Why was he
feeling this way? young nudism post He didn't know. The thoughts soon began to grow
deeper. He wondered what Erik slept in, what it would be like to
touch his face, to kiss him. Growing more confused by the minute,
the confusion turned to young babysex anger, and as it the guitar playing
became louder, faster and more violent. When Jakob finally came
back into reality, it was almost 11:30 and his finger tips were
bleeding. He forced his stiff legs to bend and stand. He walked
quietly to the bath room attached to his bed room and cleaned young pictures his
wounds. He had rubbed his finger tips past raw all the way to the
point of bleeding from the cord changes and strumming. After
doctoring his klass young tgp now aching fingers, he returned to his room and
shut his amp and light off. He slipped out of his shorts and
shirt allowing the night air to cool his almost naked body. He
crawled under the white naturist young girls sheets and tried to sleep. Only once he
had crawled into bed did it dawn on him. He hadn't called Erik,
nor had he swedish naturist young
recorded the tape of the new Silverchair album for
him. "SHIT," he young angles porn thought to himself, "Now Erik's
going to think I'm a liar and will hate me." He tried to
think of ways to make it up to Erik, but his body was young nudeist girls
too tired
to stay awake any longer and he soon passed out.Erik wasn't the only person that didn't sleep
well that night. Jakob also tossed and turned, but he was not
having nightmares. In his dream, Erik and Jakob were making
passionate love. His subconscious tried to fight the dreams, but
the harder it fought the stronger the dreams became. When the
dream climaxed, Jakob awoke with a start, his white pillow soaked
through with sweat and his wet boxers sticking to his still hard
maleness. He crawled out of bed, slid the dirty boxers off and
put on a new pair. He through the soiled ones in the dirty
clothes hamper by his perteen nubile young door and went back to sleep.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Well thats it for this one, please send all good responses to any other responses can be stuck, well I probably
shouldn't saw that. Anyway, see you all next time. lächelndMiss young lotita You Love"Millionaire say got a big shot deal and thrown it all away but
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But I'm not sure not too sure how it feels to be
Superior make room Mature young threesome for the prey cause I'm coming
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with what I wanna say but it's gonna hurt
And I love the pain a breeding
Ground for hurt but
I'm not, 16 young sex not sure, not too sure
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One that just past in the crowds of all the people
Remember today I've no respect for you and young oriental schoolgirls I miss you love
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To love you back it's just a fad part of the teenager angst brigade
Remember two dats I've no respect for you and I miss you
- SilverChair

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