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Related post: Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 21:25:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brew Maxwell
Subject: My First Year with Kevin, Chapter 7The following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real sweet young clit
or events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic
descriptions of sex between men, and anyone who is forbidden by law to
read such material must exit the story now. This story is being young russian nudes posted
to the Nifty Archive for the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be
posted or distributed by any other medium without the written
permission of its author.My other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and
Nick's Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, First Mate and Twin
Spin in gay/incest, The Dancer and Call-Boy Journal in gay/encounters,
and From Slave to Houseboy in gay/authoritarian.E-mail comments are always welcome.
My First Year With KevinChapter 7 After a wonderful summer, I really dreaded going back to school.
For one thing, I liked being able to stay up as late as I wanted and to
sleep as late as I wanted. Kevin often dragged me out of bed before I was
really ready, but most of the time he compensated by doing something really
sweet, like giving me a blow job in the shower. We had a grand time at the
place across the lake Labor Day weekend, and then, on Tuesday, I had to
start at my new school.
Actually, the summer had ended earlier than that for Kevin. He
played football for Colton Academy, and their summer training and practices
started in the middle of August. He had had to be at practice by seven
o'clock every morning, so there hadn't been time for our leisurely showers.
In fact, I'd started Sex slut young sleeping in my own room, and I wasn't even aware of
when he left.
A typical day for me started around ten. I'd get up, drink a cup
of coffee, glance at the newspaper, and then go out to the patio. I'd
lounge around the pool naked, reading whatever book I was working on from
the summer reading list Newton imposed. Kevin would get home around one
o'clock. He was always sweaty and very dirty from his practice, and
sometimes he still had his uniform on. young nude boy In sex young russian any case, I'd undress him on the
patio, and he would slump down into a lounge chair, exhausted. At first,
he went right to sleep, still filthy. Then, he started inviting me to join
him on the lounger.
The first time that happened, I was a little reluctant. He was
really sweaty, and there were spots of obvious dirt on his face. But he
had a really needy look on his face, and I couldn't resist. Once I was in
the chair with him, his aroma was overpowering. Not in a bad sense,
though. It was overpowering sexually. We were both nude, and he wrapped
his arm around my shoulder mature fucking young
when I got in the chair with him. I caught his
body odor full young boys suck force, and it immediately sent my dick to full salute.
"That fella seems to need some attention," he said.
"Yeah, I guess he does," I replied.
He wrapped his hand around my cock and held it gently. Before he
even started stroking me, I kissed him passionately on his mouth.
"Wow. You're really horny today," he said, jokingly.
"God, Kevin, it's the way you smell."
"Pretty rank, huh?"
"Oh, no, Babe. You smell of pure man. I can't get enough of it."
I kissed him again, and his cock started responding. Pretty soon
it was as hard as mine. I trailed my kisses down his chest, stopping at
each nipple. Then I went for his crotch.
"Wait a minute, Babe," he said. "You don't want my cock in its
"What do you mean," I asked. "Of course, I do."
"No, Matt. Let me wash illegal pics young it first. I know it's girl young nude
gotta be loaded with
cheese after all I've been through this morning."
I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Kevin was very fastidious
about keeping his penis clean, and he would take extra care in the shower
to make sure the part under his foreskin was cleaned properly. I had never
noticed anything unusual about it before. This talk of cheese had me
"Let me be the judge of that," I said. I continued kissing his
lower stomach, and my nostrils were picking up more and more of a scent I
loved but couldn't identify.
"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you if you puke," he said.
"Fat hardcore young very
fucking chance," I said.
When I got to his cock, the aroma was overwhelming. It smelled so
good I almost came. I kissed the top part of it, the part nearest his
hair, and it tasted wonderful. As I got lower down on it, the smell and
taste got stronger and better. I pulled back the skin to see the head, and
I found a deposit of white, almost transparent, residue. The odor coming
from it made my mouth water. Literally. I tentatively touched it with my
tongue, and the taste was magnificent. It was sweet and salty at the same
time. I took the head into my nymph youngest sex mouth, and it was as though I had young taiwan girl tasted the
nectar of the gods. I started sucking his cock like it was a fast-melting
Kevin's cock is a full eight inches long, and about five inches
around when it's fully hard, and I had never been able to take more than
half of it into my mouth before that day. That time, though, my throat
opened automatically, and I went down on him all the way to his pubes. young lol He
moaned with pleasure, and I was in ecstasy. That "cheese" substance was
ambrosia Famous rich young to me, and I couldn't get enough of it. I stayed on his cock,
sucking it, licking it, trying to swallow it, for twenty minutes, I'd
guess, and finally young australian girls
he came in a great outpouring of seed. I managed to
swallow most of it, but some young pre porn leaked down my chin. God, it was wonderful.
Meanwhile, my own internal sexual urges made me come, and he and I
spurted at the same moment.
"Damn, Matt, what have you been doing to make you so fucking
horny," he asked.
"Nothing," I said, when I had finally recovered and could talk
again. "But I've never been so turned on by your body before. Whatever is
in that 'cheese' needs to nude young prettens be patented and sold for a huge amount of money."
"You really liked that," he asked, incredulously.
"God, Kevin, I'd kill for that smell and taste. What the hell was
"It was dick cheese," he said. "Uncut guys like me have to be
really young lady chatterley careful about that. It's really bad when I've been sweating a lot.
It's one of the hazards of a foreskin. I think the technical name for it
is smegma."
"Hazards," I said. "Hell, it's one of the benefits, as far as I'm
He grinned one of his Kevin grins. Then he kissed me.
"You know, Babe, that's reason number 763 why I love you."
"Eating the cheese," as rape young free we called it, became a standard part of
every day from then on. I've read since then that women develop the same
substance around the clitoris and labia of their pussies. Some scientists
believe that smegma is a natural aphrodisiac that might young preeteens sex well have kept the
human race alive in the earliest days of the species. I don't know about
that. I do know, though, that it turned my ass on something fierce.
After Kevin got home and we got it on, he'd rest and sleep in the
sun. At first, he had wanted to take a shower, but I convinced him his
aroma was too good to wash down the drain. I would continue reading, very youngest nubiles often
napping, too, if the book wasn't keeping my full attention. We'd finally
shower around six o'clock, and, once again, we'd make love.
I had read about gay men being either tops or bottoms, but, it
seemed, neither Kevin nor I had invariable preferences. Sometimes he would
suck me and I would fuck him. Other times, we'd young modekl reverse roles. youngest boys underground As the
days of summer came to an end, we'd have dinner with our dads around seven,
they'd retire to their study to read or watch TV or to do whatever they did
in private, and Kevin and I had the full run of the house. Sometimes we'd
go out for a while, often just riding around and getting a snowball
somewhere. Other times we'd stay home and play in the pool. Sometimes
Dave and Larry would come over, and, when they did, we usually ended in a
four-way fuck-fest. It was really a great life. Finally school started. I was super-nervous about the first day.
Kevin and I came home from across the lake earlier than the dads did
because I wanted some quiet, private time with him. I had been to Newton a
couple of times before the first day. Once I went and had a session with
my counselor to plan my schedule. The second time I went to an orientation
session that was for freshman and a few of us young ukraine girls new upperclassmen.
Consequently, I didn't feel completely lost. Nevertheless, I was still
anxious about what this new place would be like.
I woke up around 5:30 on the first day of school. Kevin and I had
slept together that night. We had set the alarm for 6:30, which was really
more time than we teen youngest tgp
needed. School started at 8:30 at both places, and we
weren't far from either. That morning, though, my nervousness woke me very
I lay in bed for about fifteen minutes, trying to get back to
sleep. Kevin was soft and warm next to me, and, ordinarily, his presence
would have given me a hard-on of huge proportions. That morning, though,
nothing happened. He was hard, and he had his dick pushed up against my
thigh, but even that didn't affect me. Finally, after fifteen minutes, I
got up and went into the bathroom. I took a piss and then got into the
In a minute, Kevin opened the shower door and came in with me. He
was still hard, and I wondered if he had pissed.
"Hi," he said. "I didn't hear the clock go off."
"Because it didn't," I said. "It's not even six o'clock yet. I'm
sorry I woke you up."
"That's no problem, Babe. If you're up, I want to be up, too."
He put his arms around me from behind, and I felt his erection over
the top of my crack. I must have stiffened up unconsciously because he let
me go and turned me around.
"Is this a bad time," he asked. His concern for me was all over
his face, and I was so overcome by his tenderness that I started to cry.
"You're scared, aren't you," he asked.
I was afraid to speak. I nodded, instead.
"Just let it out, Babe. It'll make you feel better."
He hugged me to him, and I put my head on his shoulder and cried.
I could literally feel the fear and anxiety washing out of me with young nubile nudist my
tears, and Kevin's strong arms around me let me know I had nothing to fear
as long as I had him. He held me for a long time, and my tears stopped
flowing. His desire for me, made known by his erection, hadn't faded in
the least during all that time, and my own penis young nubile fuck responded to him with an
erection of its own.
"Make love to me," I said.
Kevin turned off the water, reached outside the shower stall for
towels, and dried us both off. He picked me up like a small child and
carried me to his bed. For the next thirty minutes we made grand,
passionate love. He lay on top of me, kissing me deeply and sealing pics 13yo youngyoung girl lollitas his
body onto mine at every point. The pleasure when he entered me was
exquisite, and every thrust of his hips sent a huge wave of pure young lollita sex joy
through my loins. He was right on my sweet spot, and I was soon to the
point of orgasm. I came hard, but I managed not to shoot young bi fuck cum. I had
learned how to hold back by then. Kevin came inside me, but he didn't
shoot either.
"Stay with me, Babe," he said. Then he continued to pump me,
deeper and deeper, better and better, with each thrust. We each came three
more times. Finally, on what was our fifth orgasm, we both ejaculated.
Every cell in my body came at that moment, czech young nudes
and I felt the most stupendous
sense of surrender and oneness I had ever known. We stayed together for
several minutes, our chests heaving with the exertion of our passion.
Finally, as Kevin was withdrawing from me, the alarm went off. It was
He turned off the clock.
"Let's have a smoke before we start the day," he said. We lit up
and lay next to one another in the most marvelous afterglow of marvelous
In a few minutes, we got up, showered, shaved, and dressed for the
day. I put on my new school uniform: khaki pants, white shirt, school tie,
brown loafers, and navy blazer. Kevin dressed almost identically, except
his tie was different and his pants were new 501 Levi's that they wore at
Colton Academy. We looked sharp, and I envied him the casualness of the
When I went naked very young into his room after I had dressed, he tossed me a fresh
pack of Marlboros. I expected him to pick up one for himself, but he
"Aren't you taking any," I asked.
"Naw. I don't smoke at school. I could if I wanted to, but it's
too much of a hassle for jocks who smoke. I'll bum one from you for after
We went downstairs together, Naughty young latinas
and Frank and Denis were at the
breakfast room table in bathrobes. young boys vidios They said young barbie suck they had young boy masturbation gotten up to see us
off to school. They had also made a huge breakfast of fresh waffles, eggs,
bacon, sausage, and grits. There were coffee and juice waiting, too, and
copies of the morning paper for both of us. We dove into the food, and
chatted about the summer and how its end had come all too quickly. When nude young amatuer we
were finished eating, Kevin took a cigarette from me and dove into the
morning paper. Frank and Denis read theirs, too, so I did the same. It
was only 7:15, still too early to leave, even for the first day, so we sat
there reading for a while. By 7:45 we were ready to go.
Frank and Denis wished nn top young
us well on the first day of the year, and
Kevin and I walked to the garage at the back of the property.
"I wish I was going with you," he said when we young nudist webring got to younger 16 fucking
the garage.
"Not as much as I wish you were," I said, and we both grinned.
"I'll think about you all day. They'll probably kick me out for
being hard all the time," he said. We both laughed, but a little
"Me, too," I said.
"Don't forget, I've got practice after school today. I won't be
home until around five. But I'll want to hear every detail of what happens
today, okay?"
"Okay," I said. We kissed each other japanese young free goodbye, perhaps with a
little more heat than the occasion warranted. I gave Kevin two cigarettes,
one for his trip to school and one for his trip home, and youngteenz we drove off.My first day at Newton wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. I
started off the day with French IV, then went to AP English, young muff AP European
History, and then lunch. young stories incest
Lunch was the first time I had any time to be
alone. I went down to the cafeteria and went through the sandwich line. I
found a place at an empty table and sat down to eat. In a minute, a guy
joined me.
"Mind if I sit with you," he asked. "I'm new here, and I really
don't know anybody."
"No, please do," I said. "I'm new here, too. My name's Matt
Smythe," I said, extending my hand.
"Hi, Matt. I'm Joey French." We shook hands rather formally.
"I just moved here at the start of the summer," I said. "From
"I just moved here, too. But I came from Pennsylvania. Opposite
sides of the country."
"So, do you like it so far," I asked.
"Well, it seems to be just like the school I went to back home.
Even down to the uniform. Different tie, of course." We both chuckled
"I went to public school in San young nude tiny
Diego," I said, "so even the
uniform is new to me. The classes seem to be pretty good, though."
"Yeah, can't complain," he said. "Are you gonna join any gay young man clubs?"
"I don't know. What are you interested in," I asked.
"They have a computer club," he said. "I'll probably join that."
"Are you into computers," I asked, rather lamely.
"Yeah. You?"
"Not really. I fool around on the Web a little, but that's about
"Oh, man, I love the Web. I have my own site. You ought to check
it out. There's youngest girlies a secret link on it. See if you can find it." He wrote
the URL for his page on a small slip of paper, and I put it in my pocket.
We ate in silence for a time. Finally, Joey said, "I wish there
was someplace around here I could smoke."
"There is," I said.
"Really? And not get in trouble?"
"Yeah. At least that's what I was told. It's out back, petite young porno behind the
After we had both finished our younghymenpics lunches, he asked, "Do you smoke?"
I nodded.
"Well, let's go find the place."
We got up, threw away our trash, and, on the way out, I noticed a
guy with a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket. We stopped to ask him
about the smoking area, and he told us exactly where it was. He said he'd
be out there in a few minutes.
The smoking area was a kind of porch that ran across the back of
the gym. There was a sign that said "Designated young looking teens Smoking Area," and there
were a number of guys, and a few girls, back there already. Joey and I lit
up and sat on one of the benches.
I heard part of the conversation of three guys that were down from
us a ways.
"Shit, man, I know there are queers in this school," one of them
"Yeah, takes one to know one," another boy said.
"Fuck you, Anderson," the first one replied matter-of-factly.
"See what I mean," Anderson said. He and the other boy laughed.
"Well, don't it bother you," the first boy said.
"No, Billy, it doesn't. I mean, why should it? I'm not
interested, but I also don't care who is."
"Billy, you're just homophobic," the third boy said. "I've known
there were gay people young nudist mpegs
at this school since I was in the seventh grade, but
nobody has ever come on to me. Who gives a fuck about what they do?"
"You listening to that conversation," Joey asked me.
"Yeah. Kinda," I replied.
"Would it bother you if there were gays in class with you," he
asked me.
"No. Would it bother you?"
"Hell, no," he said. Then, after a pause, "You ever take a look at
any of the gay sites on the Web?"
"No," I lied. "You?"
"Sure. They're some of the best, technically. I've learned a young porn net
from them."
"Like what," I asked.
"Well, how to incorporate video and sound and Java. Stuff like
I young movies wondered if Joey also learned other things from those sites. I
certainly had.
I finished my smoke. Then I said, "I'm gonna head back in. I'm
not real sure where my next class is, and I don't want to be late. See you
"Okay, Matt. Catch ya later, dude." young thumbs tgp I went to the library and
took a magazine off the rack. I sat at a table and youngest sex pix
I started thinking
about Kevin. Rather, I continued thinking about Kevin and the intensity of
the sex we had had that morning. I quickly developed an erection, but I
wasn't worried since I knew nobody could see it. Kevin had a cellular
phone with him, and I had one, too. I called his number, but there was no
answer. This is silly, I thought. I put my phone away just as one of the
librarians came over to ask me not to use it in the library because it
might interfere with the computers that were scattered all around. young and busty I
wonder how a phone could interfere with a computer, I thought. I focused
on the magazine, and my erection gradually subsided.
My afternoon classes began with calculus. From there I went to AP
Physics, and then, finally, art. I had finished my PE requirements in my
freshman and sophomore years, so my day was full of classroom stuff. I
didn't care, although I wouldn't have minded having a little physical
activity during the day.
There were announcements during the last five minutes of sixth
period, and I heard them say the Computer Club was meeting that afternoon
and that new members were welcome. I thought about Joey and wondered if he
would be going to that meeting. He was a really nice looking kid, very
friendly, and somebody I could be friends with. I toyed with the idea of
going to the meeting but then decided I'd be completely outclassed by all
the guys who had been programming since birth.
The bell rang as the announcements were finishing. I went to my
locker to asian young 12yo
get the books I needed for homework, and then I went out to my
car. The parking place next to me had been empty when I'd gotten there
that morning, but it was now occupied by a black Mitsubishi Eclipse. I was
a little sorry I hadn't gotten one of those, but it probably cost more than
I had been allotted. I took a look inside, and forum very youngs it was filthy. The ashtray
was brimming over, there were books and papers all over the back, and there
were three soft drink cups on the floor on the passenger side.
Just as I was busy checking out the car, it's owner approached. I
recognized the guy but didn't know from where. I'd seen so many new faces
in my classes that day that I didn't have a clue as to who this guy might
"You like the car," he asked by way of greeting.
"I sure do," I said. "I'm sorry I didn't get one."
"Thanks. Yours isn't bad, though, dude."
"Thanks. I like it all right."
"By the way, I'm Todd Anderson." He extended his hand and we
shook. "Didn't I see you out on the smoking porch after lunch?"
"Yeah, you might have," I said. "I'm Matt Smythe."
At that russian young tgp
moment I put the guy into place. He had been one of the
three discussing gays at Newton. He had taken the liberal
live-and-let-live view to his friend's homophobia. Todd was a great
looking guy--about five feet, six inches tall, obviously muscular, and with
a model's face. His hair was dark, almost black. I could see the shadow
of his beard, and I wondered if he had shaved that morning. His skin was a
shade of olive that was really nice.
"You're new here, aren't you, Matt?"
"Yeah. This was my first day."
"I've been going here since the seventh grade," Todd said. "Did
everything go okay for you?"
I thought that was an unusually pleasant thing for him to ask.
"Yeah. Real good," I replied.
"Well, we don't have any classes together, but we'll probably get
to know one another pretty well," he said. "After all, we'll be parking
next to one another all year."
As we were talking, Todd opened his car, threw his books into the
back, and pulled out a gym bag. He took off his blazer and tie, and then
he started unbuttoning his shirt. illegal young nude He was wearing a white tee shirt, but he
didn't disturb that. He undid his belt and zipper and pulled his pants
off. He was wearing pure white briefs, and I could see the outline of a
pretty good basket inside. He sat down in the driver's seat and pulled a
pair of Levi's out of his gym bag. Then he slipped his loafers off,
removed his pants, and replaced them with the jeans. Next he put on a pair
of Nikes. The whole young muscle
time this was going on, we kept up a steady stream of
pleasant chatter.
"Do you always change clothes in the parking lot," I asked.
He 14 young teensex laughed. "A lot of times I do. Depends on what's going on
after school, though."
"I don't mean youngest legal pics
to be nosy, but . . . ."
"But what the hell am I doing this for?" We both laughed.
"Well, yeah."
"I'm going to try to meet some guys in a few minutes to shoot pool,
and I don't want to show up in my uniform."
"That makes sense, I guess," I said.
"By the way, can I bum a smoke? I'm fresh out, and I'm dying for
"Sure thing," I said. I pulled my pack young girl galleries out and offered it young nude thai to him.
He flipped open the box with practiced ease, took out a cigarette, and lit
it with a lighter that was young petite hores
on the shift console.
"Thanks," he said, handing me the pack.
"So, are you really into pool," I asked.
"Gotta be, man. It's the way I earn my living."
"Earn your living?" I'm sure my face registered disbelief.
"Yep. Somebody's got to pay for me to go to this school. And I've
got a pretty heavy payment on this ride, too."
"So, what do you do? Teach people how to play?"
He looked at me with a wry grin that let me know he young 16 xxx
thought I must
be pretty naive.
"No, man. I hustle."
"Yeah. I go into pool halls and bet guys I can beat `em. I'm
pretty good, so I usually win. I'll probably pick up around a hundred
bucks this afternoon and tonight."
"Wow. That's pretty good." I didn't know what else to say to that
"About average. Weekends are when I make the bigger bucks."
Todd was finished dressing and seemed to be ready to go.
"Where do you play," I asked.
"I work young butt
several places. Right now I headed for a young and nudists place called Rack
& Cue. Want to come with me?"
The very thought of knowing a pool hustler was kind of exciting to
me, and I got even more excited when he asked me to go with him.
"Sure. Where is it?"
He gave me directions, which weren't young porn trailer
really clear. He ended up
telling me to follow him. The Rack & Cue was a large, cavernous place with few windows and
lots of pool tables. I was surprised that most of them were in use at 3:30
in the afternoon. I wasn't really sure why I had followed Todd or what I
was doing in this place, but I guess I figured I'd have to make friends and
that this was a start. I had taken off my coat and tie, but I felt a
little out young teens pics
of place dressed in a white shirt and khaki pants. I knew why
Todd young tiny tgp had wanted to change.
Todd bought us each cokes and himself a pack of cigarettes, and he
got a rack of balls for us to play. I'm a decent pool player, but it was
obvious I wasn't even close to Todd's league. While we played, we talked.
Todd told me his father was a bus driver for the city and his
mother worked part- time in the office of a small plumbing company. They
made enough money young kid girls
for them to live in a small house in a working-class
neighborhood, but there wasn't anything left over to pay for his education.
His great-uncle, who had raised his father, had paid for his tuition and
related expenses until the end of his freshman year, but then the old man
had died. He left an estate, but it all went to his own children. Todd
had decided he wanted to stay at Newton because he thought he'd have a
better chance at a college scholarship, so he started earning money to pay
his way. His parents knew what he was doing, but they didn't object as
long mature fuck young as he stayed out of trouble.
I told him as much about myself as I wanted him to know. I
mentioned moving from San Diego and having a half-brother, which is what
Kevin and I had decided we'd tell people we were.
He asked me how I felt about gays, and I told him I didn't have a
problem with them.
"Me, either," he said. "Hell, I've even fooled around a couple of
times with guys I've met shooting pool. It started when young striptease
one guy couldn't
pay up. He gave me a blowjob in payment, and it was pretty fucking good."
"Did you guys do anything else," I asked.
"Not with him. I have with other guys, though."
"Like what?"
"Well, you know. Jerked off. Sucked each other off. Hell, I've
even fucked a guy and been fucked back."
He watched me closely for my reaction, and I made it a point to
have none.
"That young teen pictures
doesn't gross you out," he asked.
"Not russia young porn
really. Do you young joc want it to?"
"No. Of course not. I just hate it when assholes like Billy run
gay hairy young teen guys down. He's probably never had sex with anything but his fist, but
he's always bashing the fags at school."
"I overheard your conversation today," I confessed.
"I figured you had. That's why I brought it up."
We let the subject drop. Todd was continually scanning the room
looking for a likely victim. Finally he spotted someone.
"I see a guy that ought to be a pretty easy mark," he said. "He
lost fifty bucks to me last week. I'm gonna go see if he wants a chance to
get his money back."
He left me at the table and went over to where the other guy was.
He was in his mid-twenties, and he had youngest angel nude on a dress shirt and tie that was
undone at the neck. He looked like a businessman of some sort, maybe even
a lawyer. I watched Todd approach him and shake his hand. It appeared
that they agreed to play a game. They both put up twenty dollars, and off
they went. Todd ran the table in two turns and pocketed the money. Then
he returned to our table.
"That was an easy score," he said when he got back to our table.
"He said his boss is coming in in a little while sex young pic to kick my ass, though. I
told him I hoped not, but I'd be willing to take him on." Then, "You want
a beer?"
It was early for me to have anything to drink, but I said yes
anyway. He came back with younger cunt two drafts. We shot another game or two, and
then the boss came in. He wasn't much older than the other guy. The two
of them talked, then the boss walked over to us. He introduced himself and
said he heard Todd had some easy money to unload.
"I got some dough, yeah," Todd said. "It won't be all that easy,
"Rack the table. Let's see how it goes."
They played a quick game for twenty dollars, and Todd lost. The
other guy was good, but I couldn't help wondering if that wasn't part of
Todd's strategy.
They played another game for another twenty, and Todd took that
one. british young plumpers
The guy then young nasty toplist
asked if Todd wanted to shoot for fifty, and Todd said
okay. Todd won that one, but it was really close. I could tell the guy
was getting hooked on Todd's hustle. Todd said he had to be going, but the
guy insisted on one more game. Todd reluctantly gave in, provided they
make it young cocksuckers double or nothing. The young teen archives guy checked his wallet and pulled out a
hundred dollar bill.
"Will this really young amateurs do," he asked. Todd nodded, and the game began.
That game of pool was something else to watch. Todd took his time
breaking, and he sank two balls on the first shot. Then he lit a cigarette
and studied the table. Before he shot, he asked the guy if he wanted a
beer. They guy said he did, and Todd asked me to get them for all three of
us. While I was at the bar, the younger dude came over, so I got one for
him, too. When I got back with the beers, Todd still hadn't shot. He took
a long gulp, tucked his cigarette into the corner of his mouth, and then
took his shot. He sank two balls.
Again he studied the table with considerable deliberation. He shot
and missed.
The other guy tried a two-rail bank and missed.
"Tough shot," Todd said and smiled.
He crushed his smoke out on the floor, took a sip of his beer, and
proceeded to run the table. I could tell the guy was pissed, but he didn't
say anything.
"You want to try to get this back," Todd asked.
"Not today," the older man said. "I'm out of cash. But I'll get
your ass one of these days."
"We could always play for blowjobs," Todd said. He grabbed his
crotch and kind of rubbed it. Then Todd laughed, and the rest of us did,
Once they were gone, I congratulated Todd on his victory.
"Thanks. Not bad. A hundred and fifty bucks. And it's only 4:30."
I hadn't noticed the time, but I knew I wanted to be home when
Kevin got home from practice. I told Todd I'd see him little young penis
the next day at
school, and I left. All the way home I kept thinking about Todd and what
it might be like to get to know him on a more intimate level. Kevin came home around 5:15, and he was really beat. We talked a
little about the practice and about our respective days, then he went into
his room for a nap. I had already said I'd pix young be in charge of dinner, which
consisted of warming young kiddy rape up one of the meals the houseboys had cooked the
Friday before.
Dinner was at 7:30. The dads came home around 6:30 and made
themselves drinks. They offered me one, but I declined. Around seven they
told me to go youngest girl sexy wake up Kevin, so I did. He had showered before leaving
school, so he stayed in bed for another twenty minutes and then joined us
at the table.
The talk that young teen lingerie night was all incest young toplist about our first day of school. They
all wanted to know everything that fine young girls had happened to me. How were my
classes? Did I meet anyone? What did I think of Newton? I talked about
school, but I didn't say anything about Joey or Todd. After dinner, Kevin
and I went upstairs.
I had already done all of my homework while Kevin was sleeping, and
he didn't seem to have any. It turned out he had back-to-back study hall
periods at the end of the day, so he had already gotten it done, too. He
told me that he thought he'd be able to finish it just young nudist nude
about every day.
Apparently that was a concession to athletes so they could keep up their
grades and young russia bikini still practice like hell.
We talked about our days, but I didn't mention Todd. I told him I
had met Joey and that he was a real computer nut. I also mentioned that he
frequented gay Web sites.
"Maybe he'll find the one with us on it," Kevin said.
That hadn't occurred to me, but I saw it young lsm nudes was a distinct
By ten both of us were yawning. Kevin was stretched out on his
bed, and I was seated in a chair next to it. He started absentmindedly
rubbing his crotch, which I could tell was swelling to his touch. He
looked at me, grinned, and then patted the bed to indicate he wanted me to
join him.
"You horny," he asked after I'd gotten into the bed with him.
"Yes," I said quietly. "I thought about you in school today, and I
got an erection."
"I did the same thing," he said. "Only I thought about you."
I chuckled.
"What's so funny," he asked.
"I knew what you meant, Kevin," I replied in young clits a mock-sarcastic tone.
"Oh, is that right," he said, mimicking my sarcasm. "Well, give me
a young nude adolescents kiss, then, for being sarcastic."
I did as he said, and we were off on a grand adventure. It was
after eleven when we finished and both dozed in each other's arms.
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