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Nymphets 3d Nymphet lust


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From: Daniel Whayawannaknowfor
Subject: Men Of TROY - Paris and HectorHey,
Okay, first story I've written. Went to see the movie last night and was
bored this morning so gave it a go. Be gentle, first bbs nymphet ukraine
Anyway, if you haven't seen the lovely nymphette
movie, just skip all the dialogue.
Basically, Hector and Paris from the city of Troy have just left Greece
after making peace negotiations. The only problem, is that Paris has taken
the king of Greece's wife (Helena) home. Bla Bla Bla, read along.Hector -- Played by Eric Bana
Paris -- Played by Orlando Bloom(Oh yes. If shoking nymphet
your under 18 or not interested in gay pornography of the
written persuasion, please leave now. Also, this is an imaginative
contruction of my own, and has young nymphets nude
nothing to do with the movie TROY free underage wild nymphets or Fox
Studios, or any of the actors involved. But how I wish it was...)"Hector, would you fight with my against any enemy?" Paris asked, looking
into his brothers eyes. There was silence for a moment, just the sound of
waves slapping against the side of their small ship as they sailed back to
"Little brother, you haven't asked me that question since 14 yo nude nymphets
you were 10 years
old and had forced nymphet sex
stolen fathers horse." Hector grinned, flexing back his
shoulders and putting his muscled chest onto angel nymphet nude display. The sun was beating
down on them fiercly, beads of sweat forming on both their backs.
Hector was taller than Paris, dark and muscled, hair dusting his body. Paris
however was shorter, hairless smooth skin on a pretty boy body.
"Come, I have something to show you." Paris muttered to his brother, before
beckoning him into the hull of the ship. Hector descended, somehow concious
of his brothers eyes on his own, well muscled ass. He abandoned the thought
and stepped downt he ladder.Hector gasped as he saw what his brother meant to show him. Helena, wife of
King Menelaus. The very man that Hector and his father had been trying to
form peace with beautiful nymphets angels
for decades. They had finally been able to make some
progress but now, Paris had brought Helena back.
Of course, Hector knew there was something between nymphet ls models the two. Paris had
disappeared many times into Helena's quarters the previous night, but he
would free nymphet thumbnail
never have thought lovley nymphets Paris would have been as ignorant to take her.
"Out!" Hector snapped at Helena, glaring at petit nymphet model her as she moved out onto hardcore nymphets no popups the
deck. He uk nude nymphets
was left with Paris, now quivering against the wall.
"Are you insane? Do you know what you have done?" Hector shouted. "What, you
get some pussy in Sparta and you cant let it go?"
Paris looked down, ashamed.
"You don't understand. I love her. And she wanted to come!" Paris protested.
"No. incest nymphet toplist
You've betrayed your country. Your brother. Your father!" Hector
muttered. He knew he should turn the ship back immediately, bring King
Menelaus back his wife.
But the damage was already done. The war would begin.
"So, you find it nymphet ls
fit to start a war just bbs nymphets land so you can have some nymphet model top cunt on the
trip home?" Hector mumbled. little young nymphs He moved forward, towards Paris.
"You couldn't wait to get home and find some other whore to bone? Come on
Paris, I know you. I see all those nymphet elwebb girls leaving your quarters in the early
hours, you're a common whore. Couldn't you just wait nymphet nude cute
for your bitches back
home?" Hector glared down at his brother, bare chest heaving which each
"No. I, I love her..." Paris stuttered.
"And I love nymphets porn nude young my wife! But I nymphets petites sex could wait for her! My balls are heaving but I
kept waiting!" Hector said, grabbing his package through his thin robe to
emphasize his point.
"Do you even nymphettes porno think you know love?" Hector menacingly moved closer to his
brother, now pinning him against the wall with his young nymphet lesbian
wide, hairy innocent sweet nymphets chest. "All
you know tiny russian nymphets is penetration. That's all your nymphets illegal child sex Spartan whore wants from you! Do
you really think she loves you? No, she just wants you inside her."
Paris was wide eyed now, heart thumping as his brother pushed him against
the ships wall. Paris could feel Hector cock against his own stomach. With
each moment, it grew harder against him.
"Do you know what its like to be penetrated Paris? Do you know why that
bitch came here?" Hector grabbed a handful of his brothers hair now,
thrusting his cock into his brothers navel. Paris shook his head and gulped,
his brothers frame now consuming him.
Hector chuckled and grabbed sweetnymphets fucking his brothers package and pushed him against the
wall harder. With one swift movement, Hector discarded his robe child nymphet yo nude
with a swipe
of his knife, his meat now on display.
Paris gasped. Hectors cock was beautiful, 11" and as thick as his wrist. It
stood strong and proud between his nude nymphets ls brothers hairy thigh's, giant lemon-sized
balls hanging low beneath it, the uncut asian nymphets head swollen. Paris didn't even have
to think before dropping to his knee's, nymphets child porn
rubbing his face against cp nymphet toplist the hard
member and breathing in his brothers sweaty scent, licking at his hairy
sack. Paris now knew why his brothers wife waited so eagerly for Hectors
return from each nymphets virgins members nymphets
"That's right little brother, you're a bigger whore than your Helena bitch
is..." Hector chuckled as he guided his brothers soft pink lips towards his
cock, watching with amusement as his brother tried to open his mouth wide
enough to accommodate its intruder.
"Get it nice and wet, I'm going to teach my brother a lesson on the
difference between penetration and love". Hector watched as Paris abandoned
the impossible task of deep-throating this monster and instead licked up and
down the shaft, getting it slick like his blogs nymphets models brother zeps nymphet bbs
had instructed. Paris
didn't know what Hector tiny nymphet links meant by such a lesson, but was consumed by the
sight in front of him, nubile petite nymphet image wild nymphets torrent
all thoughts of Helena nymphet land pedo abandoned.
A new thought entered Hectors mind, pussy girl sweet nymphet he turned himself around and presented
his ass to his brothers face. Hectors' wife had never agreed to such things,
but the lust in Paris' eyes told Hector that he would be more than willing.
Paris' pushed his face into nymphet upskirts his brothers hairy mounds, black hair
contrasting against the small, puckered pink star. He licked at it lightly,
the inquistitive boy exploring his brothers body. His tongue ran up and down
the sweaty crack.Hector grabbed his brother roughly and swung him around, ripping off his
robe to expose his perfect, smooth ass. Hector grinned at the sight, pushing
his brother down onto sweet angel nymphets all fours and bending down nymphets bb models nude to inspect.
He ran his hands over his brothers plump ass slowly, spreading them to see
his hairless pink bud. Hector quickly sucked one finger into his mouth, and
then dark nymphet bbs
began to play with the hole.
Without hesitation Hectors face descended into the ass in front of him, his
tongue nude nymphets art legal running down the perfect crack slowly, stopping to circle nymphet lust
around the
love button in front of him.
Paris groaned as he felt his brothers tongue work its way inside him, his
Hector's goatee tickling the back goth nymphet
of Paris' balls with each separate lick.
Hector took deep breaths, pushing his chin hard against his brother and
kneading each ass cheek with his hands.
Paris' own prick was hanging a full 8" when his nymphets as 15 yonymphets pic galleries brother bbs nymphets index gallery stopped his tongue
assault, replacing his tongue with his own cute nymphet bbs finger. Hector took it slow at
first, slowly sliding his thick finger down to the pussy little nymphets
second hairy knuckle,
then beginning to slowly move around.
He added another finger to his brothers pleasure, and another, until four
fingers were wiggling inside Paris, who was now jerking himself bbs blog nymphets in rhythm.
Hector grinned, and lo party nymphet
took each finger out slowly, moving himself closer to
his brothers hole and stroking his cock twice, moving the thick,
foreskin-covered head towards the opening.
Paris screamed with the first push, an inch making its way inside him. With
another yell Hector pushed 2 inches further. Paris was sobbing now, his ass
on fire, but cock still hard beneath russian nymphet video him.
Hector only smiled and leaned over to nibble on little nude nymphet his brothers ear.
"Is magic nymphetts
this love, brother? Or is it just nymphets 3d penetration?" Hector withdrew his cock
from the lovetunnel and placed the head at the entrance.
Paris sighed with relief. free nymphet nudes But without notice, Hector plunged forward, 10
inches slamming their way deep into Paris as he yelped in pain. Hector began
to thrust rapidly. Paris soon felt his brothers hairy bush against his ass,
and yelped free pics nymphets louder with each single thrust.
"Oh yeah, this is fucking tight." Hector breathed. "Oh, brother, I've needed
this so bad. 5 fucking days and no release, your boycunt is just nearly nude nymphets
Paris soon began to feel taboo nymphet stories the firelike pain burning within his ass subsiding,
replaced with pleasure. With each naked nymphette pics
american tiny nymphets single driving force inside him, Hector
was hitting something. Everytime the head of Hectors 11" monster pushed
against that certain spot, Paris gasped. His hands clawed at the hard wooden
planks beneath him, yearning for more.
His groans of pain were quickly replaced with moans of pleasure. Paris
pushed back against his brothers thick cock, tightening his ass muscles and
meeting his nymphets porn pics brothers rhythm eagerly.
"See? You are a fucking whore. You weren't made for her cunt little brother,
you were made for cock..." Hector grinned as the words sent his brother into
orgasm, his ass clamping ukrainian nymphets bbs tpg down on Hectors cock as Paris shot load after load
of sweet, boyspunk onto the latviannymphet floor beneath them.
Paris' body convulsed as he slowed his nymphets sex ilegal angels
own thrusting and sighed with relief.
He shook his head as the reality of the situation appeared to him. He was
naked and sweaty, on all fours on a hard wooden floor with his brothers 11'
cock in his ass.
But, he didn't care.
Hector sexy preeteen nymphets soon began his thrusting again, riding Paris' ass doggystyle 16 yo nymphet harder
and harder. He muttered at Paris bitterly, commenting on how tight his cunt
was, slapping his ass as the minutes passed.
Hector was covered in sweat now, his hair dripping onto his brothers back.
He withdrew his cock slowly and turned his brother over, looking into his
eyes as he was consumed with pleasure.
Hector re-entered and resumed his thrusting, looking down at his brother
writhing with the new feelings stirring in his loins. Hectors balls slapped
against Paris' ass. lovely nymphets serie
He reached over slowly, grabbing his brothers nipples
and twisting them, bringing moans from Paris' swollen lips. Hectors ass
clenched as he moved towards power-fucking his brothers boy pussy, his
foreskin slick.
Hector glanced little girl nymphetes pics through a small window in the hull. The sun was now beginning
to disappear over the horizon. Hector realized they had been fucking for
hours, and began to screw Paris' tight hole faster, Paris' eyes opening wide
as Hectors movements became more fierce with each moment.
Hector leaned over and took his brothers sex nymphet girl young
mouth into his own, the two tongues
playing against eachother. Hector nymphet clit threw his head back suddenly as his balls
drew close.
"Im gonna breed your ass little brother, get ready you little cunt!" Hector
screamed, as his cock exploded. Paris picture nymphet
felt his brothers cum fill him, spurt
of spurt, sending him blog ukrainian nymphets over the edge for the second time. Both men groaned
loudly nymphets panties
with pleasure, falling into nymphets kidz eachother, their tongues circling
eachother as they both emptied their loins, Paris' cum youngest nymphet pic splashing against
both their stomachs.
With a final thrust from Hector, they both collapsed young nymphets xxx
with exhaustion.
Hectors hairy chest against Paris' smooth stomach as they both began to
A few minutes later, Hector stood up, his now-flaccid cock sliding out of
his brothers ass. It was slick with a mixture of his own cum and Paris' ass
juices. Hector pulled his brother and forced him to clean the soft cock,
watching Paris suck the spunk out of his curly, black nude jailbait nymphets pubes.
Hector stood tall, dirty nymphet
wiping Paris' boycum off his chest and tasting the
sweetness in his mouth.
"You don't know love, little brother." Hector muttered, slowly climbing up
the ladder onto the boynymphetmodel deck, his now 9" member swaying with nymphets sweet angels
each step.
Hector nymphets porno movie smiled baby romple nymphet as the men on his crew looked with interest at the cock before
them. nymphets video galleries He smiled gently.
"Go, asian college nymphets free downstairs. Use the boy for your amusement. And don't be gentle."
Hector underage nymphets pedo extreme added as the men rushed past him down into the compartment below.
Minutes later, hector heard the sound of nymphets rape galleries his brother moaning with pleasure
as man after gallery bbs nymphet
man bred his ass, tearing him apart. Hector looked out to see
and smiled. There may be a war coming, but at least naked nymphet photos he russian nymphet teen
had a whore.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`Okay, done and done. So, little nymphet nude
what do you think? Was a quick story, but should I
go on teen nymphets biz with leotard nymphets
this sort of gear? Well send all comments to, thanks again.
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