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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 01:23:07 GMT
From: Limo Man
Subject: Me 'N Pete - Part FourThe usual warnings:
- if you are under 18, leave now.
- if material involving sex between adults and youths and children
is illegal where you
live, leave now.
- if this type of material offends you, leave now.If you are still here, enjoy. As with the other three parts, this one is
about my real life experiences as a boy. I am sure that I have embellished
a few things, but for the most part, it is what I remember. *****************************Me 'N Pete - Part Four I don't know how long we lay together, fondling each others dicks. I
do remember the sudden panic as we heard a noise from upstairs. We raced
around looking for our few clothes. Mike slipped into his jock and shorts.
I was just pulling my shorts up when Mike's mother came down the stairs
into the basement.
"What have you boys been up to," she asked nonchalantly.
I was sure that my face must be as small model agencies
red as Mike's was. I was also
sure she could see by looking at us that we had been having sex. But no,
she asked Mike if he wanted anything special for supper.
"Burgers - on the barbecue," Mike almost shouted.
"Do you want to stay for supper, Dave," she asked me?
"Yeah....uh...I mean yes. That would be great, but I have to go ask
my mother."
"O.K.," she said, "but be back by 5:30."
I said thanks and raced out the door. I found my t-shirt and headed
for home. I was in a bit of a panic. What would have happened if Mike's
mother had caught us. We would have to be more careful in the future - and
I knew there was going to be a future. ************************** Over the next four or five months, Mike and I became fast friends -
and slow lovers. Mike gave up most of his friends and activities to be
with me. As an eight year old, I was flattered and pleased by his thirteen
year old attention. I didn't need any other friends. I had Mike. We
spent all of our free time together. Watching T.V., weightlifting, bike
riding, wrestling and a million other neat things.
And then there was the sex. I cannot remember a day that went by
without some form of sexual activity. Anything from mutual jacking off
after school to our full blown Saturday suck and fuck sessions. We had
gotten smart though. On Saturday's, Mike set his alarm clock so that we
would be finished by the time his mom came home.
Sometime just before summer, I turned nine. It meant nothing to me
but turned out to be a prelude to a great summer. Mike's birthday present
to me was a jock, just like his. I wore it every day - except when my
mother discovered it and tossed it in the wash. It was a uniform that
joined Mike and I as a team.
Several things happened that summer that stand out vividly in my
Although the summer was full of memorable boy play and boy sex, these two
events were the definite high points.
The first took place on a Friday evening. I was at Mike's house
watching T.V. with him. bd sexy model
His parents weren't due home until two a.m. and I
was going to sleep over. Now, I must tell you that T.V. was a novelty at
this time. Very few houses topless model 16 had one, and especially one as big as Mike's
parents had. Other than in a store, many people had never watched one.
There were few programs that I remember - Sky King, one about a jungle boy,
and movies. It was neat to see movies that originally showed in the
theater in your own home - well, in Mike's home.
We had settled down on the couch to watch a Tarzan movie. The sight
of Tarzan and Boy in their skimpy outfits was enough to get us horny - one
of the many words I had learned from Mike. We had stripped naked and were
laying on the couch, sucking each others hard cocks. Between watching the
movie and sucking, we were fully occupied - then the doorbell rang.
I snuck over to the drawn curtain and peered around its edge. There
was a boy that I recognized on the porch. It was the paper boy, here to
collect for the sandra model shower month's deliveries. bikini models nudes
He was a tall boy; taller than Mike or
I. He was a high school student, probably about fifteen or sixteen. I
decided to have some fun.
The door bell rang again and I went to answer it. Still nude, and
sporting a boner, I stood behind the door as I invited him in. He stepped
inside the door and I shut it behind him. Mike almost shit his pants (had
he been wearing any) when he saw what I had done.
He was stretched out on the couch, his six inch hard on tight up against
his tummy pointing at his belly button.
"What's your name," I asked the speechless teen? He appeared to be in
the same state of shock as Mike as they stared at each other. I don't
think he had yet realized that there was a naked boy behind him, as well as
the one he was staring at.
"B.....B....rrrr.....aaaaad," he drawled.
"What can we do for you B....B....rrrr......aaaaad," I teased?
He turned and looked at me. His draw dropped to his chest. I was
standing there, stroking my hard six inch boner.
"I........I......aahhh......I'm here to collect for
"This is Mike," I pointed to the naked boy on the couch. "He lives
here, but his parents aren't home now. You can wait if you want."
The puzzled look on Mike's face disappeared as I winked at him. We
both knew his parents wouldn't be home for many hours. He sat up and
patted the couch beside him.
"Your welcome to sit down and wait," he said to Brad. "You can watch
T.V. with us, if you want."
Brad looked at the T.V. I don't think he had noticed it until Mike
pointed it out. His brain and eyes had been too overwhelmed by bare naked
"Wow," he said as he turned and looked at the flickering black and
white images. "Your T.V. is so big!"
Momentarily distracted, he backed towards he couch and sat next to
Mike. His eyes were glued to the set as Tarzan let out his famous yell and
swung through the trees. I joined Mike and Brad on pteen sexy model
the couch. Brad was
sandwiched between Mike's nude body and mine.
"Sit back and relax," I said to Brad.
Without thinking he leaned back, his eyes never leaving the T.V.
Wanting very much to distract him, I started to stroke my boner. It was
really hard from the excitement of having another boy around.
I looked at Mike. He had taken the hint and was stroking his
I looked at Brad. He had short dark hair. There were a few adolescent
pimples on his face, but they did not distract from his soft, almost
feminine face. His blue eyes were almost hidden by long dark lashes. The
lashes on the bottom edge of his eyes were almost as long. His nose was
small and slim, with a tiny set of round bulbs at the end. His mouth was
full lipped.
His lips were tinged with pink and red. His chin was round and firm, and
gave a hint that he might possibly have to shave once a month.
Brad wore a tight, black T-shirt with a few buttons at his neck. He
wore black shorts and was barefoot. I looked closely at his shorts but
could see no hint of underwear. His large boyhood was packaged tight up
against his body - giving no hint of size or shape. He was tall; probably
5'10" or maybe taller. He was a good five inches taller than Mike or I.
His arms and legs were tanned, slender and had a faint hint of peach fuzz
on them.
As I watched him, and stroked myself, I realized that Brad was not as
interested in the T.V. as he seemed to be. I noticed that he took quick,
furtive glances at Mike's hand, busy in his lap, or at mine. He was
starting to squirm a little. I could see that the pressure in his shorts
was starting to get uncomfortable. I leaned my head against him and slowly
lifted his arm over my shoulder. His hand came down and cupped my bare
shoulder. He removed his fingers for a few seconds, then replaced them. I
cuddled into his side, trying to give him as much of my body heat as I
Brad continued to "watch" the T.V. Without thinking - or maybe he did
it on purpose - his arm reached over and he cupped Mike's shoulder in his
large hand. It wasn't long before he started to stroke our bare skin. I
could see a lump in his crotch, but still had trouble defining it's size or
shape. Time to move into a higher gear.
I released my throbbing dick from my hand. I quickly leaned over
Brad's lap and placed my face over Mike's erection. Mike removed his hand
and I started to tongue his swollen reddish-purple head. My quick motion
had distracted Brad. As I had moved, his hand had slipped down my side and
was now cupping one of my cheeks. He tried desperately to watch T.V. but
was fighting a losing battle.
I made sure that my licking and sucking of Mike's hard on were as
noisy as I could make them. Brad's hand squeezed my cheek
rhythmically. Brad was squirming a lot now. He watched me suck Mike and
forgot about Tarzan.
Without warning, I reached a hand under me and started to rub the lump
in his shorts. It was too hard to be his dick. Mike told me later that
Brad's face had looked totally shocked. He also noticed that Brad's
forehead was covered in beads of sweat.
Mike whispered something in Brad's ear. I couldn't hear the words.
Brad did not react for a few seconds and Mike whispered again. Nodding his
head slowly, Brad pushed me off of Mike's dick and back to where I had been
sitting. Mike's fingers went to the buttons at the top of Brad's shirt.
He undid them and leaned forward. Following Mike's lead, I grabbed the
bottom of Brad's T-shirt. We both pulled upwards as Brad raised his arms
towards the ceiling. The shirt slipped easily over his head. He lowered
his arms in front of him and we finished pulling it off.
We all looked at each other for a minute. Brad's chest had a few
wisps of dark hair. I could see wisps of the same hair poking out from his
armpits. Similar to Mike, a line of dark hair ran from his belly button,
down until it disappeared in his shorts. Mike leaned into Brad's ear and
whispered again. Brad's arm's went up across the back of the couch.
He had a dazed look on his face. He would have made a good Zombie in a
Bela Lugosi movie.
Mike moved first, attacking Brad's left nipple with his tongue and
teeth. I followed suit on the right one. We licked and sucked his nipples
and bathed the hair in his armpits. Mike was the first to venture to his
belly button and farther down. I continued to play with Brad's nipples as
I watched Mike.
Mike's tongue worked all over Brad's belly and his large belly button.
Brad's head was back against the couch and his eyes were closed. His
breathing was getting more rapid. As Mike worked down below, I worked up
to Brad's face. My tongue bathed every area that I could reach - but
steered clear of his mouth - for now. I tasted the sweat on his forehead,
then proceeded to lick it clean. Brad's hair felt smooth and smelled very
clean as my nose ventured into it.
Meanwhile, Mike had reached as far as he could go. He had licked the
line of hair on Brad's belly and was now licking along the edge of his
shorts. Brad started to shiver as Mike's tongue worked model naked woman this sensitive
area. As I watched Mike's fingers went to the button at the top of Brad's
shorts. His tongue continued a diversionary action while his fingers
worked at the button. It finally popped loose. Mike slid the zipper down
slowly. Damn, Brad was wearing a jock This boy could definitely be part of
our team.
The whiteness of his jock stood out in sharp contrast to the blackness
of his shorts and the dark hair that gathered above its edge. I moved
aside as Mike once again came to Brad's ear. He whispered something. I
was pushed to one side as Brad stood up. Mike moved in front of him and
pulled the zipper all the way down. With a little help from the two of us,
his shorts hit the floor. His bum was magnificent highlighted by the white
straps of his jock.
His flesh was almost whiter than the jock. You could see clearly where
his tan ended and his white, pale flesh began. Both Mike and I let out a
little gasp.
Fearing that any further delay might change Brad's mind, we struggled
to get him out of his jock. We stood on either side of him page 3 model
and pulled on
the straps. Slowly, a curly bush of pubic hair appeared. As the jock slid
farther, the thick base of his cock was exposed. Unlike Mike, the dark
hair completely encircled the thick shaft at its base. We pulled harder -
and as we did, both Mike and I were panting with anticipation.
With one last pull, Brad's jock slid to his ankles. And the most
magnificent dick in the world sprang free. Compared to Mike and I, it was
huge. It stood out at an angle. The thick shaft rose from his bush and
his heavily veined shaft ended at least eight inches away. It was crowned
by a long, slim, brown head. The head was no larger than the shaft.
It looked out of place on the massive, thick shaft. The head was round
and smooth with a slight flair underneath.
We had spent enough time gawking. With our help, Brad was positioned
on the couch. He was sitting, staring at the T.V. His butt was forward to
the front of the couch and his legs were spread wide. Mike positioned
himself on the couch, face down with his mouth positioned over Brad's big
cock. I was glad Mike was taking the lead as I could not envision myself
swallowing this great organ - although I was sure it shot lots of sperm and
I wanted my share.
I positioned myself on the floor, looking up at Brad's heavy ball sac
and farther up his massive shaft. From this position, it looked huge.
For a moment, I watched Mike as he set to work licking the head. It
soon glistened in the light. Mike' mouth moved over top of Brad's massive
dick. His mouth closed around the head and he engulfed the smooth,
brownish dome. I could only imagine someone trying to force this huge tool
between my legs and into my small, tender anus. No way!
I took my position. I moved upwards until I could get my mouth and
tongue on the base of the massive shaft. The hair bothered me as I kept
getting strands in my mouth. I was getting excited, though, and I soon
learned to live with his hairiness. I licked and sucked my way up and down
the shaft. My lips occasionally brushed against Mike's as we met in amiture nude models
middle. This huge rod might be too much for one of us, but working as a
team, we could conquer it.
I couldn't get one of Brad's nuts in my small mouth, so I contented
myself - and Brad in the process - by squeezing and massaging them through
their brown membrane. I kept looking up at Mike and watching him slide up
and down five or six inches of Brad's huge boy meat. Man, I don't know how
he did it. His mouth was stretched to the maximum and looked like it might
tear at any moment.
Probing between Brad's cheeks, I found his brown hole. As my fingers
worked toward its entrance, Brad moaned and spread his legs farther apart.
I pushed my hand along his exposed crack. When I reached his puckered
anus, I thought about putting a finger inside him. But, heck, Brad was
probably big enough that he wouldn't even feel one. So I put two fingers
against his brown ring, directly in the center. As I continued to play
with his ball, I pushed my fingers against the opening. With little
effort, they slipped in as far as they would go. I worked my fingers back
and forth, massaging his anus and the sticky tunnel inside. It was rather
slimy and I dreaded to think what the stickiness on my fingers was. I kept
my nose closer to his balls. They, at least, had a musky, sweaty smell
that was pleasing to my nostrils.
Brad was starting to buck his hips up and down as his orgasm
approached. I was content with my job and worked hard to satisfy the large
teen. At first, I heard Mike whisper to me, but couldn't make out the
words. He repeated himself, his hand temporarily taking the place of his
mouth on Brad's huge cock.
"Get the Brylcreem," he whispered.
I looked at him in amazement. Was he going to put his dick in Brad's
butt? I slid out from between Brad's legs and headed for the bathroom
downstairs. As I turned on the light, I looked at the fingers that had
been in Brad's anus. They were stained brown. I washed them quickly under
the tap. I wasn't putting them back in that stinky hole, again. I dried
them, found the Brylcreem and headed upstairs as I turned off the light.
Reaching Mike, I handed him the Brylcreem. Brad was still sprawled
back on the couch, his head back and his eyes closed. Mike took some
Brylcreem on his fingers and handed me the tube.
"Rub it all over Brad's cock," he instructed.
"Your not going to............," my little brain could not even finish
the sentence. The thought of Brad up Mike's butt was ridiculous. Wait a
minute. I hadn't seen Mike do anything with the alyssa teen model Brylcreem. I looked at
him and was relieved to see him fingering it into his own ass hole. I
enjoyed the job of applying the Brylcreem to Brad's huge member. I started
at the base. As I looked at it, a bubble of sperm formed along the pee
hole. Rather than waste it, I licked it off. It tasted sweet and salty at
the same time.
Mike was ready. As I finished greasing Brad's cock, Mike positioned
himself on the couch. His arms leaned on the arm of the couch; his knees
rested on the cushion; and his bum was pointed in the preeten boy model air at Brad. It was
not an easy task, but I managed to manoeuver Brad up onto the couch until
he was kneeling behind Mike. Brad's eyes were open but they had a far away
look in them. He seemed to be operating without thought - his instincts
taking over. I could see the Brylcreem between Mike's cheeks, momentarily
hiding the hole I loved so much. I was sad 12 y.o. models - after Brad got through with
it - it would be too big for my small dick.
Mike motioned to me to put Brad's cock into his ass. I grabbed the
teen by the dick. Where I pulled, he followed waddling along on his knees.
His thick member, greased in white, pointed directly at Mike's hole.
Goliath was about to slay David.
I pulled Brad ahead until his huge, bulbous white head rested directly
on Mike's anus. Man, this was going to hurt.
"Push him in slowly," Mike instructed.
I went behind Brad. I put a hand on his butt and pushed forwards.
Mike made a moaning noise as Brad's head pushed to enter the tiny hole. I
pushed a little more, being careful not to get too close to Brad's stinky
anus. As I stood beside Brad, I could see his cock head pressing against
"It's not going to fit," I pleaded girl ls models to Mike.
He answered me with a very loud grunt, as he pushed his hips
I held my hand firmly on Brad's butt for fear Mike would just push him
backwards. The penetration of Brad's long, thick head into Mike's anus was
almost imperceptible. I watched it's slow progress as Mike grunted and
pushed. His tight little hole slowly expanded, allowing more and more of
the head in. Mike lead out a huge grunt and then a moan as Brad's head
disappeared into him.
So far so good. Without needing further instructions, I pushed behind
one of Brad's knees, then the other. At my prodding, he slipped them
forward, positioning himself for the next assault on the little boy in
front of him. Brad was not as far gone as I thought. His eyes were wide
open as he watched the progress of his own dick into the tight hole. He
was still not totally with us, but he would be here soon.
I pushed Brad's butt some more, as Mike let out one grunt after
another. Brad's long shaft continued to disappear at a snails pace. I
pushed and prodded Brad into moving farther ahead. His left hand was now
holding Mike's left hip, the one opposite me. I still had a clear view of
the assault.
After what seemed like an eternity, a few final pushes brought Brad's
dark hairs against Mikes beautiful butt. I moved around to Mike's face.
He was bathed in sweat, and had a dazed look on his face. It hadn't hurt
him. This was a look I knew only too well - pure pleasure.
I returned to Brad. I started to urged him to pull back. My hand was
pushing on the front of his groin, next to his dick. He started to pull
back. His eyes opened wide. His right hand went to Mike's right hip.
Brad was starting to move now. He knew where he was. He knew what he was
doing and he liked it. Slowly, as if judging the opening in front of him,
he began to glide back and forth. I returned to Mike's face again.
"Suck me," he begged.
How was I to do that. Looking over the situation, I got on my back on
the couch. I was looking up at Brad's ass and his balls. As I slid
forward between Brad's legs, I got a view of Brad's dick pushing forward
into Mike's ass. Mike's balls were tight up against him. His dick was not
hard, but then it wasn't soft either. I wiggled farther forward, pushing
between Mike's legs. I reached his front. By moving a little farther
forward, and leaning my head against the arm of the chair, I had gained
access to Mike's six inches.
I took him into my mouth and suck him as far in as he would go. Mike
let out a moan. Somewhere above me, Brad moaned as well. I moved back and
forth on Mike's cock, soon making it hard. I didn't have to move much.
Brad's strokes were coming quicker now. As he pushed into Mike, Mike
pushed into my mouth. When Brad pulled back, Mike pulled back. I just lay
there. Mike was getting his ass fucked. I was getting my face fucked. I
had only one regret. I wasn't able to see Brad's dick sliding in and out.
The activity started to get frantic. Mike's cock was almost going out
the back of my throat as Brad thrust forward. My neck ached from the
awkward position. I was gagging and choking as I tried to bring my best
friend to his orgasm. I heard a loud moan escape from Brad's mouth. His
movement's became erratic as he shot load after load into Mike's tender
At the same moment, Mike's dick stiffened and he shot into my throat.
Brad shot and Mike shot. It seemed that there was no end to either orgasm.
I was being drowned in boy semen. Finally, things started to ease up.
Brad pumped a few more times until he collapsed sideways onto the couch.
Mike, still impaled on Brad's huge rod went with him - pulling his cock
from my mouth as it delivered one final shot between my eyes. I was
finally able to sit up. Using my finger, I wiped my face clean of Mike's
cum. I licked my fingers savoring the taste.
I watched as Brad's nude body broke free of its tight prison.
Straightening his legs, he lay back against the far arm of the couch. He
was hold in his hands over his eyes, trying to recover from the intensity
of his first taste of boy sex. Mike rested against the back of the couch.
I had a sudden urge. I pulled Mike forward over the arm of the chair
again. I scrambled to his backside and looked at his swollen anus. It was
still wide open and Brad's sperm dripped out of it and ran sexy kid models to his balls.
Starting at his golden eggs, I licked Brad's sperm from Mike's sac. I
worked my tongue up his crack and around his anus. My tongue soothed the
stretched muscle as it lapped up Brad's cum. I couldn't get enough. I
finally had to stop when Mike's hole tightened and nothing more came out.
I turned to Brad and eyed his big cock. I leaned down to it and started to
lick his sperm from him. I licked it all over, moving it around to give
myself access.
As I finished, I looked up to see Brad smiling at me.
"You two are the horniest little fuckers I have ever seen. If
somebody had asked me to do what I just did, I would have punched them
out." Turning to Mike, he said "how did you get me to fuck you like that?"
Not waiting for an answer he continued. "How did you take all of it
in that little hole of yours." He was eyeing his big dick and Mike's still
exposed hole."
"Because I wanted to," Mike answered in a satisfied tone. "I didn't
think I could and that made me want to even more."
"Weren't you scared," Brad asked?
"Yeah, a little. But you know what they say." He picked up the
Brylcreem and held it up.
"Brylcreem, a little dab'll do ya." His voice was singing as he
mimicked the T.V. commercial. We all laughed. **************************** Brad started to get up and put on his clothes.
"Where are you going," Mike said boldly.
"Well, it's obvious your parents won't be home for a while, so I won't
be collecting any money," he replied.
"What about my friend, Dave," he said, nodding to me. "He hasn't had
his turn, yet. What are you going to do about that."
"Nothing! You two little fags can do each other," Brad replied,
sounding angry.
"Well, look whose calling who a fag. Didn't I just see you with your
big cock in a young boys ass. Doesn't that sort of qualify you as a fag,"
Mike finished, laughing at the older boy.
I thought Brad was going to get up and attack Mike. His hands balled
into fists and his face got red.
"It's O.K.," I intervened. "He doesn't have to. You and I can have
fun without him."
"That's not the point. If it wasn't for your help, I don't think Brad
would have been able to get the job done." Looking at Brad, he continued,
"I wonder how your friends at school would like you, if they knew you bum
fucked a young boy. I could even say you raped me. Wouldn't you be
popular then."
This was a side of Mike I had never seen and I was starting to cry. I
was naked, my little boner lying limp against my balls.
Brad sat back down. He was thinking.
"So gundam model kits
what do I have to do," he said to Mike.
"Oh, I think if you suck his dick and stick your tongue in his ass, he
will be happy."
"What, I can't do that," Brad almost cried as he said it.
"Sure you can."
He motioned to me and patted the couch. As I came over, he laid me
down on the couch, in the opposite direction to Brad. He told Brad to get
up and join him.
"I'll show you how it's done and then it is all yours, Brad. Watch
Mike knelt between my knees. My head was leaning against the arm, and
I could watch him comfortably. I was starting to get excited, thinking
about Brad sucking me.
Mike leaned forward. He kissed me on the lips and proceeded to tongue
his way to my nipples. My tears had stopped and I watched in eagerness.
Mike's tongue made a quick journey down my belly to my groin. He took my
semi into his hand and kissed the head. He started to lick all over it.
His mouth closed on my head and he sucked deeply. He tongued down my shaft
to the little sac hanging at it's base. He swallowed one nut, then the
He lifted my legs gently. My cheeks parted and I was exposed to him.
He licked my crack several times. His mouth stopped for a moment as he
motioned Brad to kneel beside us. He licked around my pink hole. His
tongue slowly worked its way inside. After a minute or so of probing, he
replaced his tongue with a finger. He stroked my inner passage as he
returned to my head.
Without warning, he stopped.
"All yours, Brad."
Brad looked at me, then at Mike. Mike nodded his head in my
Brad got on the couch between sydney teen models my legs. He straddled my body as his face
leaned into mine. As he kissed me, I pushed my mouth against his. Before
he knew what had happened, my tongue was caressing the inside of Brad's
mouth. I could hear Mike laugh.
I was surprised. Brad did not pull back. He was actually returning
my kiss. His mouth eventually broke free of mine. mirella model teen His tongue followed the
same path that Mike's had taken. I watched intently. My six inch boner
stiffened rapidly as his mouth approached. I felt powerful, as this big
teen hovered over me, preparing to service my swollen dick. I wished I was
able to cum in his mouth; but it was only a wish.
I watched Brad's body as he worked his way down. I could see his
giant cock and balls swinging between his legs. I was glad that it was
soft. Down where it was, it scared me. Brad finally reached the mound
atop my dick. He stopped and looked at my hard cock; the purple head
peaking shining in his face. He hesitated, then swiped it with his tongue.
After deciding he wasn't being poisoned, he took to licking it seriously.
His loud slurping noises were turning me on. My dick was dripping with his
saliva as his tongue worked its magic.
His mouth came down over my head and he swallowed me. The sight of my
boner entering Brad's mouth almost made me come. He slid up and down on
it, almost enthusiastically. Was he enjoying himself?
After almost making me cum, Brad's mouth left my dick and traveled to
my balls. He sucked them both in, something that Mike couldn't do. He
rolled them around, making a humming noise as he did so. The vibrations in
his throat transferred to my tender nuts and set them tingling. I almost
Brad finally released them, letting them plop out against my skin. As
Mike had done, he pushed my legs up, exposing my lovely crack and the pink
hole nestled in its center. Brad bent forward and ran his large tongue
from one end to the bikini women models other. As it past my anus, a charge of electricity
passed through my body. The shudder must have been very noticeable, as
Brad stopped to look at me. He smiled, apparently enjoying my reaction.
His tongue teased me for a long time before it finally settled on it's
target. He found my bud and lavished his saliva over it. His tongue
formed a point and he pushed against my tender opening. I pushed down and
admitted him inside. My tight ring tried to grab hold of his tongue as he
worked it into me. His tongue was long enough to find that sensitive spot
that only Pete's tongue had ever reached before. He seemed to love my
reaction. The more my body bucked and shook, the more times his tongue hit
my special place.
I don't think Brad had ever realized how much pleasure he was capable
of bringing to another - even if it was a boy. His initial reluctance to
pleasure another male had long since vanished into eagerness.
Sensing something in my movements, Brad's tongue retreated, only to be
replaced by his finger. He continued to locate and massage that tenderest
of places. It was like a light switch. Each time he touched it,
electricity surged forth - not into a light bulb but into my body. I ached
for relief as he continued to tease and torment me.
Brad's hungry mouth returned to my balls. He sucked me a few times,
then deposited them against my cheeks. His lips worked their way up my
shaft, sucking and biting lightly. I was writhing in pleasant agony. I
wanted the pleasure of my orgasm so that the torment in my young body would
vanish. I ached to shoot my dry cum into Brad's mouth. The wait was
killing me.
Brad reached the topped of my dick. He licked the head. His mouth
engulfed me as he took me inside. I wanted - no, I needed to cum so badly.
He pumped up and down me as his finger worked its magic in my bum. It
seemed that the erratic charges flowing from my anus were disrupting my
ability to cum.
I tried to wiggle his hand out of me. I tried to tighten my legs
together and squeeze him out of my anus. But he remained, his finger
firmly implanted, pressing against that damn switch. His mouth changed its
movements. As it reached my head, his mouth became like a vacuum cleaner.
He sucked on me as his lips slid slowly down my shaft. The pressure of his
suction seemed almost constant. How was he breathing?
As he reached bottom, I felt my release surging upward from deep in my
balls and my tender bum. I pumped my groin into his face, trying to choke
him with my orgasm. I wanted revenge against this boy who had left me in
torment for so long. Again and again, I pumped into his face. His mouth
kept up its steady pressure as he tried to swallow the seed that wasn't
there. I continued to pump into him until the electricity in my body
finally abated. As I collapsed on the couch, he continued sucking. His
finger continued its work in my behind. Small jolts continued to course
through me, but the big ones were over. I lay back and smiled at Brad. He
lifted his mouth off my reddened, raw cock and smiled back at me. He was
proud of himself. He had reduced a nine year old boy to a moaning lump of
electrically charged Jello.
Brad sat back on the couch. He made no effort to leave. He looked at
Mike. From the look of Mike's boner, he had been playing with it while he
watched Brad and I. It was stiff and pointing straight out.
Brad smiled at Mike. He motioned Mike over to him. As the thirteen
year old stood naked in front of him, he spoke.
"I guess I might as teenie model tgp well do you too, seeing as it looks like you need
my attention. Brad leaned forward, placing his hands on Mike's hips. He
slid closer to Mike, and Mike's penis disappeared into his mouth. Brad
moved up and down Mike's stiff dick. As Brad sucked, his hand went behind
Mike and spread his cheeks. He massaged Mike's open crack and found his
anus with a finger. As he took long six inch strokes in the front, his
finger made three inch strokes in Mike's backside.
It was obvious that Brad had found Mike's sensitive spot. Mike's
knees buckled as the teen slid up and down his slippery cock. Brad moved
his knees against Mike's to prevent him from falling. He pumped up and
down on the boy's dick. Each time his finger found the right spot, Mike
let out a low moan. His head was back; his eyes were closed; as his
fingers played in Brad's hair.
Brad's long, sensual strokes coupled with his finger play in Mike's
bum quickly took its toll. Mike arched his back, pushing his erection deep
in Brad's mouth. Mike moaned as he shot his first load, his body arching
like the handle of a hunting bow. Brad seemed surprised by the first hot
explosion in his mouth. He must have expected Mike to be dry like me.
The sticky cum ran out the sides of Brad's mouth and down his face.
Regaining his composure, he pumped his mouth up and down Mike's hard on.
He swallowed Mike's offering, not letting another drop escape. Mike's body
collapsed backward as the final surges swept over him. Brad had to take
his finger from inside Mike and grab him to keep him from falling
backwards. Brad hugged Mike to him for a moment, then sat him on the
We sat in silence, contemplating our sins. Well, at least Brad
probably was. Mike and I were too busy remembering our pleasures.
Brad stood up and put his jock on. Mike was too tired to try to stop
him again - not that he intended to. He pulled up his shorts, zipping the
zipper and buttoning the button. He pulled his T-shirt over his head. As
he did so, he smeared the cum that was still sticking to the corners of his
mouth. I jumped up and pulled the startled boy down to me. I licked
Mike's juices from his mouth - then kissed him full on the mouth. For a
few second, he returned my kiss then pulled away.
He nodded to each of us; picked up his collection book; and vanished
out the door into the night. Mike and I sat on the couch and looked at
each other.
"Wow," Mike said. "I am sure glad we subscribe to the newspaper. I
wonder if he will be back next month?"
Unfortunately, we never saw Brad again. He had obviously enjoyed what
he had done. But maybe, once he thought about it, it was too close to
being gay, and he couldn't handle it. We would never know. ************************** The second event occurred near the start of summer vacation. Mike and
I were happy that school ended. Mike was now fourteen. We had all day to
fool around together - and we usually did. My parents had reluctantly
acknowledged that Mike was old enough for me to accompany him on longer
bike trips. We used the opportunity to explore the area around our
neighborhood. We lived in a part of town that was partly old homes, with
newer homes being built to the West of us. Much of the land to the West
was still vacant and covered in bush and forest. We knew it would not be
there long. Every week, another block disappeared under the blades of the
We biked to the woods amanda bynes model several times a week. There was a small pond
surrounded by trees and underbrush. It was hard to get to. We usually had
to leave our nude calendar models bikes and hike in a quarter of a mile or so. On our second
trip to the pond, we discovered the joys of swimming buck naked as Mike
called it. It was a hot day and we were sweating. With a few words of
encouragement, Mike convinced me that we were in a secluded area and no one
could see us. I reluctantly followed Mike's lead and stripped off my
clothes. We entered the cool water. It felt good against my hot body.
The bottom of the pool was gravel and light mud. It was deep enough so
that Mike and I could sit down; the cool water up to our necks; the warm
mud squishing up our butt cracks and coating our balls. We swam around in
the center of the pool and enjoyed getting the hot summer heat out of our
After a half hour or so, we left the pool, washing little teengirl model
the last remnants
of the mud from ourselves. We dried ourselves in the sun, Mike sitting on
a small log, while I lay on a cool shaded patch of grass at the edge of the
pool. We did not have sex, that day. We simply dressed and returned to
our bikes.
Over the next three weeks, we played our games by the cool pond. We
grew bolder as the days passed. As the fear of discovery became less and
less, the amount of time we spent pleasuring each other increased. Our
activities only interrupted by a cool swim before we started in again.
The event I referred to occurred on a warm day in the beginning of
August. Mike and I rode to the woods in our usual manner. We made our way
to the pond. We decided on a swim first. After playing naked in the
water, we foot model phimi emerged onto the cool grass, horny and ready to play. At first,
we engaged in a little sixty-nine. Laying side by side in the cool grass,
surrounded by the great outdoors, we sucked each other eagerly. After a
few minutes of this, Mike grew tired of it.
He lifted his head from my dick. I looked down at him, still sucking
on his swollen cock.
"I want you in my bum," he announced. "I need to be fucked and you
are the only one here."
Who was I to disagree. We had found a spot about 50 feet beyond the
pond. It was a clearing that was lit by the sun for several hours a day.
In the center of the clearing was a large tree stump. The stump had been
created when someone had cut down a large tree. The tree had long since
been removed. This stump was much larger than any of the trees around us.
I could only guess how long the original tree had been here. We had
brought an old blanket and draped it over the stump. In one of our fantasy
games, it was an altar for deflowering young virgins whatever that meant.
In our case, we weren't virgins, but imagination can convince you that
anything is true.
On the day in question, Mike raced me to the clearing. As we were
deeper in the woods, the chances of being seen were almost nil. Mike
reached the stump first. When I arrived, panting, Mike was lying face up
on the stump, his legs and arms dangling off it's sides. His head fell
back over the far side and his face was out of my view. The sun shone on
his beautiful body. I had a sudden vision of paintings I had seen of
Christ as he hung on the cross. Mike was even more beautiful than a
Before I could deflower this young "virgin", I had to "rape" his young
manhood with my mouth. It was all part of the fantasy. Deciding to add a
little variety, I found a long blade of feathery grass. Mike's eyes were
closed. He was unaware of what I was about to do. I placed the end of the
grass blade at the base of his neck. Slowly and gently, I brushed it
across and down young models picture his body. At the first tickling touch, Mike started to sit
up. Seeing what I was up to, he lay down again. Ever so slowly, I tickled
his upper chest; down under his arms; along his sides; and finally back to
his nipples. I tickled each one until they were erect, casting tiny
shadows in the sun. The slender blade of grass moved down and across his
belly, tickling his belly button. I ran it back and forth across his
sensitive lower belly. I watched his muscles contract and relax as it
passed by. Goose bumps appeared on Mike's arms and legs.
Reaching his pubic mound, I stopped. Seeing Mike naked almost every
day, I had not realized how much pubic hair he had. It was thickening
nicely, gradually surrounding the base of his cock. The gleaming sun made
it stand out in contrast from his lighter colored mound. I also realized
that our japanese models youngest
frequent forays into the woods were giving us an all over tan.
That would be hard to explain to my mom and dad. Bringing my gaze to his
chest and armpits, I saw that they were farther behind - his armpits
showing the light, short hair he'd had since I had met him - his chest bare
and naked in the sun.
Mike squirmed a little as I 250 top models neglected my duties. He was enjoying the
blade of grass and who was I to deny my young lover his pleasure. I
renewed teen amateur models
my tickling. I avoided his cock and balls and proceeded down his
legs. I avoided the soles of his feet knowing that tickling them would
cause him to fall off the stump.
I brought the grass up the inside of one thigh, a few inches, then
over to the other. I alternated from one leg to the other until I could no
longer avoid his ball sac. As if sensing where I was at, Mike lifted his
legs. I tickled and caressed his butt cheeks with the grass. I slid it
back and forth over his wrinkled anus. Each time I ls model 14 touched it, a shudder
ran through his young balls and up through his body.
I moved up under his tightening sac, caressing it. His penis was
sitting up and begging for attention like a purple headed puppy. I tickled
its base and slowly approached the head. Mike squirmed. The skin below his
circumcised head was drawn back as far as it could possibly go. I could
see the ridge of his scar. The area beneath his head appeared almost
transparent as it gleamed in the sunlight. I ran the grass slowly up the
edge pornomodel tgp
causing spasms of pleasure in his body. His arms and legs flopped
around like a rag doll. I tickled him mercilessly; torturing him with
"Suck me," he moaned. "I have to cum before I explode."
I dropped the blade of grass. I moved towards Mike's throbbing
erection. I covered the inflamed head with my lips. As I slipped my mouth
down over his head and down his shaft, he started to moan and push down on
the top of my head. I moved my lips and mouth faster, sensing his urgent
need to cum. I knew that my magic blade of grass would have a major part
in future fantasies.
My lips slid up over his head. 14 yo. teenmodel I pushed them down again, sucking him
deep into my throat. He moaned and thrashed on the wooden altar. The
virgin was about to be deflowered. As I reached his hairy base, I felt the
first gush of semen climbing from his nuts. He pumped his groin into my
face. Hot semen shot directly into my throat and disappeared deep inside
of me. I sucked my mouth up his shaft. I wanted to taste his seed, and
for that, I needed it in my mouth; christina model's nude not down my throat. He pumped and
gushed again, the warm sweet fluid filling my mouth. I tasted and
swallowed. Five or nonude teenmodels six times he pumped his hot juices into me. His
fingers, tangled in my hair, were causing me some pain as he tried to force
himself down my throat, again. With one final burst, he fell back onto early teen modeling the
stump; his arms and legs flopping in all directions.
I continued to suck him gently. Soft moans and gurgling sounds crept
from his throat, barely audible over the singing of the birds. As he
softened, I released him and his dick fell back on his stomach with a
splat. As it lay there, nestled in his hairs, I licked it clean.
I stepped back from the stump, suddenly week from my exertions. The
feeling didn't last penthouse models
long as my hard dick throbbed between my legs. Mike
sat up from his perch on the log and eyed my erection.
"Your certainly ready," he said, stating the obvious.
"So let's get your pretty butt ready. This little baby can't wait
much longer."
Mike slid off the stump. He turned his back to me. Laying with his
arms and chest on the blanket and his feet planted wide apart on the
ground; Mike made a beautiful target. His muscular cheeks had spread just
enough for me to see the reddish brown hole at their center. Coming up
behind Mike, I dropped to my knees in the long grass. I placed my hands on
Mike's muscular thighs; my thumbs resting on loitas nonude models his cheeks. By drawing my
thumbs toward his sides, I was able to spread his cheeks wide open.
My tongue started at the top of Mike's crack. I licked him until his
butt was wet and glistening in the sun. My tongue found his hole and
licked all around it. Gently, I located the center and pushed in. I slid
my tongue back and forth, lubricating the tight passage. My efforts were
rewarded by a pleasant moan from somewhere inside Mike's body. As I pushed
my tongue inside, I reached between his legs and massaged his nuts.
Since his experience with Brad's monster cock, Mike did not take a
whole lot of loosening up before I entered him. On this warm day, I was
eager to slip inside of him. Standing up, I positioned myself between his
parted legs. I placed my head in his crack and slid it up and down.
Finding the entrance to his hot insides, I placed my head against it.
With one smooth push, I was halfway inside. His tight passage surrounded
my throbbing cock and gripped it warmly. I pushed again and my nuts were
resting against his butt. I stood there, feeling his warmth and strength
as his inner muscles worked on my swollen erection.
I could have stood here for a long time, our naked bodies bathed in
the warmth of the sun. But, no, my eager cock wasn't going to be content
with just being held. I started to pull back, then forward. My hips set
up an easy rhythm. As I pulled back, the ridge at the base of my head
became visible. As I pushed forward, the shaft of my cock disappeared into
him completely - so tightly were we joined, we could have been Siamese
The stroking of my cock in Mike's tight ass brought beads of sweat to
my forehead and along my shoulders. As I pumped into him, Mike's body
pushed back against me, little moans of pleasure escaping from his lips. I
must have pumped slowly for a little cuties model very long time. It became evident that the
sun had moved across the sky, changing the pattern of the shadows cast by
the trees surrounding us. My body urged me to move quicker. I could feel
my non-existent seed rising in my nuts.
As my pace quickened, I reached around and grabbed Mike's hard cock in
my hand and held onto it. As I pushed in and out of Mike, the movement
caused his dick to slip back and forth through my circled fingers. It foyer models australia was
too soon for Mike to get off again, but he was enjoying the attention.
My butt cheeks tightened as I felt the orgasm start to overwhelm my
nine year old body. My hand left Mike's cock. I grasped his sides firmly
as child models sex my legs stiffened. I drove relentlessly into his tight hole until
everything around me was a blur. The 40 bikini models
first spasm coursed through my body,
centering on the pleasure between my legs. I pumped and pushed, driving
Mike against the stump. Slowly but surely, the pressure of my orgasm
lessened. My breath still came in gasps. tgp little model
I held myself tightly against
Mike's beautiful ass, not wanting him to release me. He stroked me ls models rapidshare
him as first he raised one leg, then the other. The alternating motion in
his legs and hips worked to bring one last spasm out of my dick before it
Mike slipped off of me, turned to face me, and took me in his arms.
We hugged tightly, my chin resting on his firm shoulder.
The noise was almost imperceptible at first, but then I was certain I
heard something. Was it a cough? I saw Mike looking somewhere behind me.
I whirled around. My eyes blaze the model
must have bugged out of their sockets. There
was a boy standing there watching us. teen canadian models And what a boy!
My eyes feasted on the sight before me. He was the most beautiful
creature beauty models pics I had ever laid eyes on. He stood with his hands in his pockets,
his feet shuffling back and forth in the grass. He was about five feet
tall, shorter than Mike or I. His hair was very short, almost a crew cut.
It was so blonde that it was almost white. It was whiter than the lightly
tanned skin around it. I had never seen hair this blonde before.
His small face was adorable. His eyebrows were the same color as his
hair - almost invisible. And those eyes. I had never seen green eyes
before; but this boy's were almost like emeralds. They seemed to shine
with a fire burning deep within him. As I looked at him, our eyes locked
and we stared at each other. Instantly, I was smitten. I was totally in
awe and in love. I stepped closer to him and continued to gaze into his
Breaking the momentary bond between us, I looked him over. His nose
was cute and turned up at the end. The lips were thin and a sexy teenie models
pale pink.
The skin was lightly tanned and looked so smooth. I ached to kiss and
caress his beautiful face. His skin was totally unblemished. There was
not a sign of a mark, a scar or anything. It was maturbating models teens perfect and perfectly
beautiful. His chin was small but firm and well defined. His slim neck
disappeared into the top of his shirt.
He was wearing a shirt that was huge on him. The long sleeves had
been rolled up to a point just above his wrists. I could not see anything
to indicate the shape of his body. The shirt covered him completely,
hanging well below where his waist must be. Below the hem of the shirt was
a pair of brown cords - also much too large for the wearer. He seemed to
be wearing clothes that belonged to an older brother or maybe even his
father. The tips of a pair of dirty sneakers protruded just beyond his
dragging pant legs.
Looking back at his face, I could see a faint blush had vladmodels play barbie colored his
cheeks. It was then that I remembered that Mike and I were completely
naked. I had no desire to cover myself. I was comfortable with my nude
body, even if this boy wasn't.
"What's your name," I asked?
My voice must have startled him as he jumped noticeably when I spoke.
"Billy," he answered. The voice was soft and tiny, more like a four
year olds.
"How old are you," I continued?
"Twelve." Damn, he was three years older than me but so tiny.
"What are you doing here?"
"Nnnnnn......othing," he stammered.
"How long have you been watching us," I questioned.
"For a long time," he said. With that, his face went a deep red. "I
have been watching you for about two weeks. I....I followed you to the
pond one day. I saw you swimming."
The words came out in a flood.
"I.....I saw you nonnude model forum on the grass......together. I saw you here."
"Why were you following us? Why were you watching us," I demanded?
My voice must have scared him as his head almost shrank down inside his
"Because. I liked watching you. It made me
feel.........funny.......inside. I couldn't help it. It made
me........................................excited," he said. "I liked the
games you guys played.....a lot."
"You're too young," I regretted the words as soon as I spoke them.
The boy seemed hurt, almost on the verge of tears.
"N....n...oooo I'm not," the words sounded choked and strangled as he
struggled to utter them. "I learned a lot watching you. I think I can
do.........anything.....anything you guys did."
As if gambling that there was only one way to convince us, Billy
stepped towards me. His hand reached out slowly towards me. His little
hand stretched out of the arm of his baggy shirt. The small gentle fingers
touched the mound above my dick, brushing lightly across it. Not removing
his fingers from my body, he ran them very slowly down my limp cock. His
fingers paused as he reached the end. He cupped his fingers around the
edge of my foreskin. Slowly, he pushed it back. My dick was starting to
harden. With an involuntary jerk from my cock, his fingers freed the
purple head from it's sheath. He slid his fingers back and forth over my
head as I stood looking down at him.
Dropping to his knees, he leaned forward. Removing his fingers, he
kissed my swelling head. It jerked again, but not enough to startle Billy.
Slowly his lips enveloped the purple crown and held it in his mouth - not
moving. The warm, wet mouth caused my dick to swell to its full size. As
my dick straightened and lengthened, Billy had to move his head back to
keep from swallowing it.
Releasing me from his sweet mouth, he stood up.
"See, I can do it." he said urgently. "If you guys want, I will suck
you both."
I looked at Mike. He looked at me. We both looked back at Billy.
"I'm game if you are," Mike said to me.
"Heck, it felt pretty good so far," I replied.
With that, we moved to the stump and lay down side by side - our legs
hanging over the edge - our butt cheeks barely on the blanket. I would
have preferred to have had this beautiful boy all to myself. There was
something strange and exciting about him. I couldn't put my finger on kid models sexy it,
but I knew I wanted to get to know him - intimately.
Billy approached the stump. Mike and I had our arms folded back
underneath our heads to give us a better view. As Billy stood in front of
us, he took off his heavy shirt. I think all he really had to do was shrug
his shoulders and it slid to the ground. He was wearing a white undershirt
- the kind I used to wear when I was younger. His slender young shoulders
were pale and white. There was no hint of a tan below his neck.
Billy made another movement. It appeared that he had dropped his
pants. From where I lay, his lower half was hidden by the stump. Billy
stepped closer. His small hand reached out and stroked my already hard
cock. Billy slipped between Mike's legs and bent to his dick. While his
left hand worked on setcard teen model
me, his right hand took hold of Mike's semi-erect cock.
Billy put his head down and started to lick Mike's exposed head. I
could see his young head moving over Mike's groin. Shortly, Mike's dick
rose and came into my line of sight. Billy slipped his mouth over the head
and started to suck on it. His cheeks contracted and expanded as his mouth
worked on Mike. Meanwhile the stroking of his hand on my erection was a
pleasant distraction as I young models illegal watched the action next to me.
Mike was hard and fully erect. It was obvious that Billy couldn't
swallow all prteens model nude
of Mike. But, he tried. Leaning forward over Mike's body,
Billy angled his head so that he could move down on Mike's cock. I watched
in wonder as the first inch of Mike disappeared, then the second and third;
and finally, a fourth. Billy had swallowed four of Mike's six inch dick.
Slowly, his head rose and fell as he concentrated on getting the older
boy off. The way Billy's body moved, I guessed he must have had to lift up
on his tip toes in order to rise to Mike's head. Mike was starting to
gasp. The sight of the beautiful boy sucking on his knob; the beautiful
blonde hair; was as erotic as the movement of the sweet mouth on his boy
Mike started to gasp for breath. His hips pushed upwards, as Billy
struggled to maintain his hold and continue his pumping action. Mikes body
started to shake. I could see his hips pump and guessed that the first
shot of his orgasm had left his body and entered Billy's mouth. There
wasn't a hint from perteen art models
Billy that he had trouble swallowing Mike's sperm. He
just kept pumping his little head up and down.
"Oh, god," moaned Mike as he shot again! His hands tried to grip
Billy's blonde hair, but it was too short. Instead, petite model usenet he tried to push Billy
farther onto him. Billy struggled and gagged as Mike shot another load
into his mouth. Mike's dick must have been almost down his throat. Billy
regained his composure and continued to pump Mike's erection until the
drained boy collapsed onto the stump.
"Oh god. Oh god," he moaned over and over again as his dick slipped
from Billy's mouth and flopped down on his belly. It was wet and sticky
looking. Billy leaned forward and kissed it. He licked it from head to
base. It glistened in the sun, glowing with a mixture of saliva and semen.
All this action had got me truly excited. My dick throbbed in Billy's
hand as it awaited his young mouth. What was I thinking. Billy wasn't
that young, he was older than me. As Mike gasped for breath and moaned,
Billy moved between my legs. I could feel his bare legs as he brushed
against me. Higher up, I felt the cotton of his underwear. It did not lay
smooth against him. It felt baggy and oversized like the rest of his
Billy kissed my swollen purple head. His tongue reached out and
tasted me. He licked all around my head. His tongue played in my slit.
Moving to the sensitive ridge, he bathed it, top and bottom. His tongue
played underneath the head. His lips moved over the ridge of skin that
joined to my foreskin and sucked it gently. It was all I could do to keep
from cumming. I wanted to be inside that sweet mouth.
Billy did not disappoint me. modelresource After a cursory squeeze and examination
of my sack, his mouth went to work on my dick. As with Mike, he was able
to swallow four kid models nudes inches. His mouth was so small and tight that it was like
being up someone's butt. I almost screamed as his mouth slid up and down
my erection. I could just see Mike next to me. He had sat up. He was
playing with his dick as he watched Billy intently.
Billy slid his mouth up and down, sucking my throbbing dick as he
My body was aching for relief, but I held out as long as I could. Energy
surged through my body as I nearly climaxed before bringing myself away
from the edge. I thought about everything but that wonderful mouth. I
fought to hold on as long as I could.
It was a valiant effort, but heck - I was a horny nine year old. A
boy has only so much will power and it is usually overruled by a stiff
Billy's mouth continued to pump my hard on, vacuuming it with his
sucking. I felt my nuts tighten like never before. They felt like they
were crawling back into my body. My dick throbbed madly in Billy's mouth
as the first wave of my orgasm hit me like a truck. I reached for his head
and pushed down. Billy gagged but kept pumping. It was like he was a
little machine. I pumped and pumped as the dry spasms wracked my body. It
seemed to last forever but probably took less than a minute. As the last
spasm ripped through me, I fell back on the stump, gasping with pleasure.
The intensity was like a fire that spread from my dick to my body. I could
feel the sweat on my body. I ached all over but it was a good ache.
Billy continued to nuzzle my shrinking cock. As it flopped out of his
mouth onto my groin, he looked naked sandra model
"You don't have any juice," he stated.
"No, I'm not old enough, yet," I answered.
"How old are you?"
"I'm nine," I replied.
"Wow! Your so big. You can't be only nine!" He looked at Mike and
Mike nodded in confirmation.
Mike got up off the stump and headed for the pond.
"I need a swim," he said. "Anyone coming with me?"
I almost said yes. It would be a chance to get Billy to take his
clothes off and I wanted that very much.
"No, I'm going to sit here for a while," Billy called after Mike's
retreating figure.
"Me, too," I yelled.
I just heard Mike's voice answering back. "O.K., Dave, but if you are
not back by the time I am done, I'm leaving without you."
That was O.K. by me. I wanted to get to know Billy and this was my
chance. As Mike vanished in the distance, Billy slid onto the stump beside
me, his body just touching mine. He pulled his knees up tight against his
body. He folded his arms across the top of his knees and rested his chin
on his arms. I assumed the same position, and in doing so, managed to
bring my body closer to Billy's. We sat, not talking.
"Do you like me," Billy asked, his words breaking the long silence.
"Yeah," I answered. "I like you."
"Would you want to do it with me," he asked.
"You know!"
"No, I don't, tell me, Billy."
"Do you want to ............... stick you wiener ....................
into my .......... bum. Like you and the other boy do."
"His name is Mike," I answered. Then , putting my arm around Billy's
slender shoulders, "I would like that very much. But, are you sure you
want to do it? It might hurt."
"It didn't look like it hurt when you and Mike did it."
"Yeah, but we have done it quite a few times and our ............. ass
holes have stretched some."
"I ........... I still want you to do it. Sucking you guys made me
feel like I never felt before. It made me want ................ more
.............. bbbbbb...ut ..... I..... I don't know what."
"You're just horny," I said. "I get like that all the time. If I rub
my dick or have sex with Mike, I have an orgasm and the feeling goes away
......... for a while."
Billy didn't seem to have any idea about sex, so I had to explain the
facts of life to him as best I could.
When I was done with my lecture, I lay down on the stump and pulled
Billy down beside me. My dick was already rising from all the talk about
sex. I looked down at Billy's crotch but could see no evidence of a hard
on amongst the folds of his oversized briefs. Reaching across his
shoulders free underwear model again, I pulled his body in tight against mine. The heat where
we touched was intense. Billy shivered slightly as I reached out to caress
his cheek. His face was so soft and perfect.
I leaned my face into his and placed my mouth on Billy's pink lips. I
slowly kissed him without trying to push my tongue inside. Slowly, Billy
responded. As his mouth relaxed, I slipped my tongue between his lips and
found his tongue. After Billy got used to this, his tongue probed my
mouth. We shared our tongues back and forth in a delicious moment.
As our tongues played together, my hand wandered over Billy's
shoulders. They were soft and smooth. The shoulders of a young boy, not
yet started into puberty. I massaged his warm shoulders. Billy sighed
into my mouth. His body relaxed against me. I hadn't realized how tense
he was until he relaxed. I pulled him tightly against me. My hand
wandered down his back, tracing the edges of his under shirt. My hand
caressed him through the light cotton fabric. As my hand reached the hem
of his undershirt, I slid it underneath. My hand felt large and smooth as
it slid up the small of his back. As I worked my hand

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