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From: Lillian
Subject: The Matthew Chronicles-Chapter 5-Pity Party*Title: The Matthew Chronicles-Chapter 5- Pity Party
*Author(s): Lillian & Jim
*Rating: NC-17
Date: January 18, 2004
*Characters: The Lawrence Brothers, hentai littles girls Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Kyle
Howard, Gregory Smith and David Gallagher
*Summary: PWP
*Warnings: incest
Notes: Jim made me do it.
Disclaimers: See Chapter 1Jim had nude little grils
found himself in naked little loltas this position once before. Well, not exactly in
this position. He'd tiny little sex never been on all four's with his lover's and
Gregory's dick up his ass at the same time. He'd never had Tom lying
beneath him with his wet warm mouth wrapped around his dick. He'd never at
the same time had Andy's small but thick cock fucking his mouth and being
pushed deeper and deeper down his throat by the thrusting of Andy's lover,
David pounding the young boy's little illegal sex
ass, and causing each thrust to surge him
forward and deeper down his throat. He'd never had Mike next to sex llittle him being
fucked and sucked by littleboy girl Joe and free little hentai
Kyle and all the while somehow slipping a hand
between he and little boy pic Tom and twisting his hardened nipple.What he had experienced before was being serviced by some of the most
beautiful naked little nymph young men in Hollywood. little incest porn This was one of numerous free little mpegs times it was
happening since Matt and he had become lovers. There were definitely little boy erections
in being in a relationship with the middle Lawrence brother.It all started after they left the club. Michael had insisted on them all
going back to little girls pantyhose his suite. The hotel was little lollita
a few blocks away so the group,
which consisted of Jim, Matt, Andy, David, Joe, Kyle, Michael, Tom and
Gregory, little children decided little sweeties underteen
to walk. It had been after daddy little girl three in the morning little girls mpgs
when they
headed for Michael's hotel. little petite nudes The streets were fairly deserted so little girls photo the men
went relatively unnoticed. A few young women and men did stop Mike and Tom
for autographs. Jim lagged behind and watched, as Tom and Matt seemed
engrossed ing little kid
in a private conversation.Mike was on his cell phone and Jim was curious as to whom he was little titties petite
talking to
this late. After hanging up he chatted with Tom and Matt hot little cheerleaders for a small little porn
while and
then dropped back to where Jim was. All during their time at the club, he
had been making a complete ass out of himself, flirting little lotita xxx
with everyone. Jim
remembered that he used to be like that, and wondered if the fuck little angels man was
overcompensating because if insecurity.'Join the club', he thought hairless little cock bitterly.Mike had wandered back to where he was and began flirting with him also.
He would have been flattered had he not been so concerned with what was
going on between Matt & Tom."What's wrong?" blogs little nonude
Mike seemed genuinely concerned."It's my birthday and I was... I was hoping Matt remembered. I invited him
to the party hoping he'd naked little schoolgirls Cute little saying
remember.""Maybe dadys little girl he's planned a surprise for you.""At three in the morning. nude little gays No, he obviously has other things on his mind."
Jim continued to stare at his lover foto little teen and his new little april nude found friend engrossed in
conversation."They look cute together, don't they?" Mike offered, nodding in little nude age
direction."It's doesn't bother you?" Jim asked, a little annoyed."I've little teenies porn
learned to share him. He's married taylor little lesbianteenies little you know." Mike's smile seemed
strained."It must be hard maintaining a relationship.""Mmm, we manage. We don't ask more from each other than we can give."Jim nodded. He felt sorry for him. He knew he wouldn't be able to bear
it, if little teen sister Matt were to marry little babyz porn and only Daddys little girls
be able to little xxx illegal see him occasionally."Don't little nymphs xxx
worry. Tom's a good guy. He wouldn't steal your tgp little girl boyfriend."Before Jim could answer Michael raced to the front of little erotic the pack. "This is
it. In here", he shouted download wearelittlestars free stopping at a non-descript building on the
corner.The desk clerk eyed the young men suspiciously as they entered the lobby
with Michael leading the way. He seemed to relax when he apparently
recognized Mike and Tom. The minute they entered the elevator, Jim knew it
was going to be a long night. little perteen sex Andy, Greg and little teen schoolgirls
David sexy little japaneese
were already petite teenie little
and sneaking kisses little teen cp with chicken little figure each other. Joe was leaning against the girls little porn elevator
wall with Kyle pulled firmly against him. Mike pressed four and surveyed
the group with glee. Matt seemed distracted again, which had Jim a little
worried.The group shuffled off the fucking little sister
elevator and little girs pussys followed little nicky songs Michael down littles cuties nude the hall.
The suite turned out to be a large room with two king size beds and an
alcove pussy little girls that served as the living room. A sofa, two armchairs and a slightly
warn coffee table were the only furnishings there. The bathroom was
adjacent to the bed on cock little girl the right. Jim was nude little schoolgirl the last to enter the room. To
his surprise a secret little agency
cake and a few bottles of champagne were set in the middle
of the living room area."Surprise", they all sang in unison. Matt walked up to his lover and
kissed him passionately on the lips eliciting catcalls from the other young
men."Happy birthday honey", he purred. "I told the guys it was your birthday
at the club and little tiny fuck Mike made some asian little girls last minute arrangements for you. I'm sorry
I didn't bring little defloration your gift with me. little girls hairy I was hoping we'd make it back to our
hotel tonight.""All I want is you", Jim replied, trying to fight back tears."Only me? We sort of had something else in mind." Matt smiled his
fourteen-carat smile and Jim knew he was in incest little boys
trouble. The young suck little girl brunette
took off his shirt and started pushing Jim towards the bed.The other men quickly followed leaving a trail of shoes and clothes and
condom wrappers in their wake. Jim's calves little girl undies hit the foot of the first bed
and Andy, Greg and David pounced sending him falling backwards onto the
bed. The next thing Jim knew there was a flurry of activity as hands
undressed and caressed him all at once. The sensation was dizzying and little russian pussy the
blonde could barely catch his breath as his 6'2" frame was assaulted from
every angle. He could feel xxx little teen his cock sweet littles nudes quicken and the moisture of pre-cum
gathering at the tip.Raising his head he raped little girls
saw Matt kneel down and lick the liquid off his
throbbing cock. Andy and Greg sucked his nipples while David was doing
something to his lover that Jim couldn't see. little bear island
All he heard were the secret little pussy soft
moans gallery incest little coming from the youngest Lawrence and knew whatever David was doing,
was making Andy hum against his little girls pants chest. That had been over an hour ago.
Jim had already cum twice and was on the verge of coming again. He had
been fucked and sucked thai little nude by each of the young men in the room. Joe and Kyle
had both stretch his little boy pee mouth to capacity filling it sweet little nudes with little puffies their dicks
simultaneously. Mike in the meantime had rimmed him until he would have
begged to be fucked, if it wasn't for having his mouth otherwise occupied.Next he had the pleasure of naked little girl
having all three Lawrence's. Andy sucked and
licked fuck little babysitter his balls, teasing Jim's little kdz xxx heavy sac with ukranian little girls
his teeth. Joe rode his
agent's little red head face, thrusting in and out of his willing mouth. Matt filled his
lover's hole with his fingers, finding his Russian little pussy
prostate with each thrust and
sending shivers little porn portal of pleasure all over his body.Tom was squeezing his balls now, trying to prevent him from climaxing
again. Jim reached between Tom's legs, tracing his hand over little sluts russia muscular
thighs. The bed shook as little girls xxx the Mike lost control. Joe continued to thrust
in littleang
and out of him in an erratic rhythm. Mike cried for Tom as he came
sending a shockwave of orgasms throughout the room. Tom's hips bucked at
the sound of his little japanese porn name, and he came all over Jim's hand. Andy shot his load
and Jim could feel the warm liquid through the condom. His mouth watered
wishing he could taste the teen. Soon the room was filled with the sounds
and scent of completion.Jim lay exhausted and sated on the bed. He felt his lover remove his
condom and clean little horny cuties him off. Joe, Mike and Kyle staggered to the bathroom one
by one and then onto the other bed and crawled little girlie porn
under the covers sandwiching
Mike between them. The younger boys disappeared out into the living innocent little tits area,
still kissing and touching. Jim caught a look passed between Andy and
David and knew that poor Gregory wasn't going to get to sleep anytime soon.
The night was perfect until Tom cute little titties emerged from the bathroom and Cry little sister sandwiched
himself between Jim and his lover. He reached back pulling Jim closer
against his little boys ties
butt, and then he wrapped an arm around Matt's waist. Jim lay
awake for nearly an hour trying to think little league baseball
of a way to get the brawny
brunette off of his love. 'Why didn't Matt protest', he thought. Tom
turned over inocent little kids
and wrapped a huge arm around Jim, and that thought was put to
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