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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 19:28:14 -0700
From: BC Dude
Subject: Mark (and Me) Chapter 6 (gay/highschool)MARK (t/t)Copyright BC Dude, 1998 bc_dudehotmail.comWARNING -- What's the point! GAY SEXCopyright Notice - Please, this story is copyright by BC Dude gay preteen gallery
and the
author retains all rights. You may distribute, copy, print, staple or
spindle this story however you like, preteens fucked pictures PROVIDED this copyright notice remains
intact and you do not change the story in any way. Also you may not charge
any fee to anyone to distribute or access this story.
Markby BC DudeChapter 6In the nymphets preteens links weeks that followed our being forced out, many things returned to a
near normal state. Mark was again welcome russian preteen naturist at home but we had become so
accustomed to sleeping together that we took to spending alternate weeks at
each of our parents homes. Mark's dad had reconciled himself to our
situation and would warmly greet us whenever we arrived. The whispers and
cat calls preteen daddy xxx at school all but disappeared and the other kids would openly
talk to us again. We were even unofficially invited to rejoin the swim
team. We were told to simply turn up at practice and bikini preteenmodel
nothing would be
said. However, after all that had happened there we decided to pass that
up. Especially since it seemed the only real reason we had been asked back
was because the team was during poorly. Dave and Mike started hanging out
with preteen cp bbs us again.The four of us were out at the local Pizza place one night when the
football team arrived after practice. As soon as they noticed us the
comments started. Eventually, the comments were turned toward Dave and
Mike. No one knew they were lovers, they were just getting harassed because
they were with Mark and me. The four of us were hopelessly out numbered and
would have to put up with it, or leave.I guess youngpornpreteen youngest
Dave reached his limit first. "Why don't you assholes give it a
rest? These guys latino preteens never did anything to you."The team went crazy and started in preteen dark list on Dave without mercy. "What's the
matter fag boy, can't take it? Why don't you go home to mama? My, aren't
we fierce..." A few more comments and Dave finally lost it."Hey, do you guys still have a circle jerk in the shower after practice?
How japanese preteen top
about you Jason, do you still let Drews' brother Bob fuck ya in the
shower? You guys make me preteen rape archive sick. At least I'm not afraid to admit what I am."With that he turned around and gave Mike a long kiss on the lips.The entire place went dead quiet. The football jocks were so stunned they
didn't know what to do. I expected a fight, but the team just left in a
hurry. But on the way preteen archiv out, Jason came by our table."I'll fucking kill you for that you fucking QUEER" he yelled at Dave."Yeah, just like Drew tried to do to Ian. You'll love it in jail with
Bubba! You're a fucking loser man, just like that preteen littel model
fucking asshole Drew. Ian
told me all about you guys and if you don't leave us alone I'll make sure
everyone in the whole town knows the shit you guys have been up to!"Jason made a few more threats and stormed from the place, leaving the four
of us staring at each other."Well I guess we're out of the closet now as well," Mike finally said."Sorry Mike," Dave said, "but I'm tired of sneaking around and it was time
Jim and Mark had someone on their side.""Yeah, I guess," Mike weakly replied.We finished our pizza and the four of us headed to my place."Hi dad, hi mom.""Hi boys," dad called from the living room."Uh,.. dad?""Yes Jim?""I guess we'd better tell you.""What now?""We were all just down at the pizza place and we had a bit of a run in with
the football jerks, ah, jocks.""And--" dad said a little apprehensively."Well they were giving us a tough time and Dave kinda went off the deep
end...""What?" dad guest preteen models demanded."Well, ah, Dave kinda said something.""What?" dad demanded again."I told them I was gay, sir," Dave broke in."Oh, is that nonenude preteen pics
all. You guys had me worried there for a minute. I figured preteens nudist girls
cops were gonna be here any minute.""That doesn't upset you, sir?" Mike asked."Not really. Does it upset you, Mike?" dad asked."I guess not since Dave kissed me in front of them so now they know I'm gay
too," Mike replied."Do your parents know?" dad asked."Not yet, but I guess we'll have to preteens sex galleries tell them now," Dave replied."Will it be all right?""I don't know, sir," Mike said."Well, if there's a problem, let me know. I'm getting kind of good at this,
you know," dad said as he smiled."Thank you, preteen and horny sir," both Dave and Mike said.The four of us headed up the stairs to my room."Do you think Jason will actually do anything about pedo preteens pics his threat?" I asked
Dave."I don't know and I'm not going to worry about it. Those guys can go fuck
themselves," Dave replied.The four of us talked for a bit before Dave and Mike decided it was time to
go."Jim?" dad called as the front door closed."Yes, dad?""Are there any more of you guys I'm gonna hear about? I'd kinda like to
know so I know what I'm in for.""No, not really. The only other guy we know about is Ian and he doesn't
live here young horny preteen any more," I replied."Ian? Isn't that the kid that was hurt in that accident last porn preteen cute year?""Yeah, and that is preteen models european what the whole thing was about too.""Shit! You guys be careful then. I don't want to have to visit any of you
in the hospital.""I don't think you need to worry. Drew isn't around any more and I don't
think Jason is that crazy," Mark added."Yeah, but I'll bet you didn't think Drew was that crazy either," dad said.Mark preteen piss underage and freepic asia preteen
I looked at each other. "We'll be careful," I said."Okay, goodnight," dad said as he went back to his newspaper.Mark and I headed up the stairs to our room.Safe in the privacy of our room, we embraced and kissed heavily. Mark's
hand slowly slid up under my pretty preteen babes loose shirt and he gently caressed my stomach,
then my back, and then my chest and nipples. My cock was instantly rock
hard and I could feel the tent nn preteen nymphet in Mark's pants as well."Fuck you're hot, Jim.""Yeah," sighed. "You too, Mark."My breathing was already hard and ragged as we kissed deeply. That feeling
in my stomach preteen lingerie models
was stronger than it had ever been before as we touched and
pulled each other's clothes off. Soon our naked bodies were in full contact
and the heat of Mark's skin against mine was driving me crazy."Oh fuck Mark, I want you so bad. I--"My comments were cut short as Mark preteen naturist images kissed me and our tongues danced. Our
passion was building to new heights. I searched for the words, but the
obvious "I love you" just wouldn't japanese preteen swimwear come out. Our kiss broke and Mark looked
deep into my eyes. A few times it seemed like he was going to say something
but no words came out.We moved to the bed and Mark grabbed the lube from the night table and
handed it to me. He laid on the bed on his back and wrapped his legs around
me and pulled me to him. My pre-cum covered cock slipped between his legs
and gently poked against his exposed and waiting hole. Nothing needed to be
said. Mark looked at me with a new expression on his face. I could see the
love there too but again nothing was said.I opened the lube and gently spread some of the goo between his cheeks and
started to press against his waiting puckered hole with my fingers. My
finger slipped inside much easier than it ever had before and I felt blog pedo preteen the
warmth and moisture of that inviting place. Mark took the lube from me and
lovingly covered my dripping cock. He then guided it between his legs and I
removed my finger and pushed the tip of my cock against his well greased
hole. To my surprise, my cock slipped in and I watched as my cock
disappeared inside of him. Mark raised his legs to my shoulders and I
lowered myself onto him and we kissed as he flexed his ass muscles on my
throbbing cock."Oh God Jim, you feel so good in me tonight."His words were cut short with the passion of our kiss and I started to
slowly fuck him with the romanian preteen models full length of my shaft. nudist camp preteen
I could feel his ass grip
my cock as I nudist preteen jpg hit bottom with each stroke and he would hold me as tight as
he could as I slowly withdrew and would then release his grip as I pushed
in again.I straightened up a bit and with the change in position I could tell I was
now hitting his prostate with each inward stroke. Mark's cock would harden
and more pre-cum would dribble from the slit with each stroke. Mark's cock
had never been this hard before and the foreskin was completely pulled back
of his bulging preteen beach girls head.Mark laid back and closed his eyes, his head rolled from side to side with
each stroke and his hips began to buck, meeting each of my thrusts with his
own movements. His whole body would shudder each time I grazed against his
prostate and he would moan his pleasure."I'm so fucking hot Mark, I'm preteen guys nude not going to last long!" I gasped between
breaths."Me too Jim, I'm already almost there!" Mark groaned.I continued my assault with long strokes preteen sex clubs
and with each stroke we were both
coming closer and closer.I felt Mark's ass grab my cock extra hard and this time he didn't let
go. His cock was bulging. The veins in it were bulging and the big paedo preteen porn
one on
the underside was huge. Mark arched his back and nearly lifted his ass
right off the bed. I watched as preteen models desnudas his cock started to twitch and I felt the
muscles in his ass twitch in unison. preteen nn erotic A giant shot of white hot cum april preteen models
from his cock and splashed on his chest, then another, and another. Four
ropes of white cum had splashed on his chest when my hips thrust against
him and I felt my own cum shoot deep within him.I collapsed on preteen x video top of Mark, exhausted and satisfied. Mark wrapped his arms
around me and we rolled onto our sides.I had slipped out of Mark as we rolled but I was still hard as hell. Mark
turned over and spooned back against me and I slipped back into his
still-loose hole. I wrapped my arms around Mark and held him tight.As I drifted preteen boy bath
off to sleep I knew I loved Mark but couldn't find the words
to tell him.My cock had slipped from Mark during the night but we were still spooned
against each other in the morning. I nibbled on his ear as he woke up."Mmmmmmm. Morning, Jim.""Morning, Mark.""Do nn preteen upskirts
we have to get up? I wanna stay here all day," Mark said."I'd love to but I think we have to go to school.""Damn!"Things were pretty normal in school that day. I guess the confrontation at
the Pizza place hadn't gotten around. Of course, the football jerks knew
the whole story would come out if they started to spread things around.One amazing thing did happen though. Glen, a guy who works at the Pizza
place managed to get us alone and asked if he could pedo love preteen
talk to us after school
in some "safe" place. Glen said he had to work that night and suggested
that if we came by the Pizza place during his break, he would sit with us.Glen was a few years younger than us, sixteen we figured. He was a pretty
average looking guy, but had preteen girls sunbathing a solid muscular build -- not the usual
spindly looking sixteen year old. He had medium-brown short hair, home preteen bbs dark
brown eyes, and a very interesting looking basket in his jeans. We didn't
really know him, except from seeing him at the Pizza place and therefore
recognizing him at school.Mark and I arrived at the time Glen suggested and found him seated in a
corner of the place and preteen nicky model no one else was in that section. He saw us and
waved us over."Hi Glen, what's up?"Glen greeted us, and tried several different starts, but was clearly having
trouble getting his words out."I ... uh ... I ... I ... uh ... well ..."We guessed what Glen was gonna tell us, but we also knew how hard it is for
someone to come out and say it."Uh, Tyler is my cousin.""Huh?""Tyler, the guy you stayed with at the swim meet."Both Mark and me got a little hostile when we realized who the hell he was
talking about."So, what the fuck do you want to talk about then?" Mark gay preteen pedo
spat out."Sorry, didn't mean to piss you off. His dad was talking to my dad last
night and well, my dad really was pissed when he got off the phone."So is he gonna cause trouble?""No, no. He was pissed off about how Tyler fucked you guys up and blabbed
the story all over. He figures that is no one's business but yours.""Well that's nice, but what business non nuce preteens
is it of yours?" I asked.Glen turned about six shades of red. "Well, just wanted preteen brazilian models to tell you that,
well,.. I was wondering ... if ... uh ... I could hang out with tiny preteen 13
you guys
some time?""Glen, are you saying you're gay?" Mark asked."Well, I guess. I don't know. I guess I've wanted to do it with you
Mark."Glen was really red now. He had young fucking preteen just admitted to being gay and had just
told us he had the hots for Mark."Glen, we may be gay but we don't just do it with free preteens every guy that comes
along", I said. "We don't baby pics preteen
even really know you."Glen looked a little shocked. "B--B--But I thought preteen sister fucked
gay guys would do it
with any other gay guys!""Well maybe some will, but magazin preteen we don't," Mark said as kindly as he could.Glen hung his head and stared at the Pizza as he played with it a bit."Glen?" I asked."Mark didn't say we don't like you, he just said we don't really know
you. If Mark agrees, maybe you can come over to our place on the weekend
and we can hang out a bit.""Well, I can't this weekend. I'm going to an NRA competition this
weekend. With any luck I'll win the large bore sport rifle event. Can we do
it next weekend?""Mark and I preteens little ass were going up to my parent's cabin the next weekend, but I
guess maybe you could come up for that if you like.""Shit, I've gotta work the next weekend, but maybe I could come up after
work on Saturday if I can find the place."We talked a bit more and Mark and I decided we would go and fashion preteen porn watch the
shooting competition and that Glen could come up to the cabin after work if
he wanted.The NRA competition was interesting but kinda boring actually. Neither Mark
nor I were preteen foto free
all that interested in shooting and we didn't see anything to
change our minds. Glen did win in his group and proudly carried his prize
around with him. Our ears were still ringing hours later.Glen turned up at our cabin the following weekend at nearly one in the
morning. He didn't seem to have any trouble finding the place. Mark and I
had been enjoying being alone and together and were sitting nude on the
couch in front of the fire when Glen arrived.We heard Glen pull up at the cabin, of course the headlights from his car
flooding the darkened interior of the cabin would have been a giveaway
too. Mark opened the door as Glen tromped across the deck. russian kds preteen The look on
Glen's face was priceless. Glen stared at Mark standing there in the nude,
his hard cock pointing to the sky."Hey, shut the fucking door, it's getting cold in here!" I yelled.Glen stepped inside and stared at me, also nude and my cock standing at
attention."Wow, I never expected this!" Glen stammered."Just what were you expecting?" Mark asked."I, uh, don't know," was his reply. "I guess I didn't really think about
it, but I sure didn't expect to find you guys hard and in the nude.""Well, you did say you wanted to hang out with us and you sure as hell knew
we were gay. I mean, we didn't do this for you. I guess you could say we
just started without you," I said.Mark and I hadn't preteen swimming gallery really planned anything for Glen but we spontaneously
decided to have some fun with Glen. We each took an arm and led him to the
couch and sat him down while we stood new preteens nude in front of him. Our cocks were right
at eye level and he was sure getting an eye full."Like what you see?" Mark asked.Glen gave a rather nervous positive nude asia preteens reply but just sat there."Well?" I asked."W--W--Well what?" Glen stammered."Well here's you chance. Isn't there anything you want to do?" Mark asked.Glen shifted a little and repositioned his pants a bit."Hmmm, you a little uncomfortable?" Mark asked with a smile."Yeah, a little," Glen replied."So take off your clothes," I said.Glen made an audible gulp and blushed a bit."You've never done anything before, have you?" Mark asked quietly."No," Glen answered weakly.I reached down and took Glen's hand and led it to Mark's cock. A small drop
of pre-cum oozed from the slit as I wrapped Glen's preteen fucking nudes
fingers around
it. Glen's hand seemed to freeze there so I moved it up and down Mark's
cock, being sure femal preteens pictures
to pull the foreskin completely down and then back up to
cover the slick head. Mark moaned his approval and Glen quickly got the
message and continued on his own."Like that?" Mark asked Glen."Yeah, I've always wondered what it was like to touch another guy's
cock. It feels different magic beauties preteen than mine, but I love it."Glen was really jerking Mark's cock now and had brought his other hand into
play and was rolling Mark's balls in his other hand.Mark started to move his hips and fucked Glen's hand as he moved closer to
him."You wanna try sucking?" Mark asked.Glen looked at Marks cock, not six inches from his face. He moved his head
a little closer, but then pulled back. "I don't think I can do that.""That's cool. It took us a while to work 12 yo preteen
up to that too. Just do what you
feel comfortable with," Mark said.Since Glen was busy with Mark I decided to sit down beside Glen and placed
my hand in his crotch. Glen jumped when I touched him. I could feel his
hard cock through his jeans and Glen spread his legs a bit in reaction to
my touch. I unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and opened his pants. bbs preteen underage
slipped my hand under the waistband of his underwear and felt for his cock."Oh fuck," Glen moaned as my hand grasped his hot cock. "Oh fuck, oh fuck,
oh fuck," he repeated as I fondled his hot cock and balls."Stand up for a minute," I said."Huh?""Stand up for a minute," I repeated.Mark helped him to his feet and as Glen stood I pulled down his pants and
his 7 inch cock bounced free. Glen was cut, and was nicely shaped. His cock
had a nice upward curve and was quite skinny. He had a full patch of pubic
hair covering his entire groin and a well developed trail leading from his
belly little preteen com button down to his cock. His balls were good sized but were drawn up
tightly against the base of his cock. A trail of pre cum had formed from
the slit all the way to the base of his cock. manga nude preteen I leaned over and licked it
off, starting at the base and when I got preteen models site to the head I skinny preteens nude slipped it between
my lips. Glens knees buckled and he fell back on the couch as his cock
erupted shooting stream after stream of white cum into the air as he
collapsed."Oh God, oh God, oh God, I don't believe it!" he mumbled. "I don't believe
you did that! I don't believe I came so fast! That was fucking incredible!"Glen sat there, a few more gobs of cum came from his cock and lazily
dribbled down his organ.Mark and I were still hot as hell and embraced deeply. We fell to our knees
on the bear skin in front of the fireplace and then moved into a 69. I ran
my hand up between Marks legs and let a finger trail between his cheeks. I
felt him squirm as my finger found it's mark and I gently worked it into
his hot hole. Mark jammed his cock down my throat and soon his balls were
bouncing against my nose. Mark slowly fucked my throat as he worked my cock
down his throat. I felt his chin on my pubes and his finger work into my
ass. I bucked hard as his finger found my prostate. We were soon fucking
each other's mouth and throat like crazy.I could feel that feeling building in my groin and knew I would cum soon. I
fucked harder and harder and Mark did his best to keep up. His finger
grazed pics model preteen
my prostate again and preteen virgin fuck sent me over the edge. I thrust hard one last
time and Mark pulled back a bit so he could get my load in his mouth and
taste it, preteen revealing rather than having it shoot straight down. I unloaded my cum into
his hungry mouth as his lips milked me dry.I frantically rubbed his prostate and he responded by shooting his creamy
load into my mouth. I couldn't take it all and some escaped and dribbled
down his cock. As his orgasm subsided I hungrily licked up the spilled love
juice.We turned around and embraced tightly in front of the fire. The warm fire
light gave a wonderful tone preteen x n to his skin and I hugged him tightly. I looked
into his eyes and felt as if I could drown in those dark pools.A few moments preteen anal illegal later I was aware of Glen preteen imgboard cgi joining us on the floor. He spooned
in behind Mark and slid preteen twin nude his hand between us and felt our cocks."So what vip preteens
do you think, Glen?" Mark asked."Yeah! I've wanted to do this for so long and it's really neat. I wish I
hadn't cum so fast. That was incredible when you sucked on my cock, Jim.""That's okay. That happens some times. Next time will probably be better.""You mean we can do that again?""If you want to.""I want to.""Let's go to bed, guys," Mark broke in.We got up and headed for the bed and snuggled in."I can't get over how this feels to be laying up against another guy. This
is so hot! I'm hard again!" Glen said.As he spoke, I could tell he was positioning himself behind Mark and was
pushing his cock into Marks bum."Glen, if you're gonna do that you have to use some lube," Mark said."Huh?""You have to use lube if you're gonna fuck me.""Oh, uh, what's that for?" Glen asked."Because it kinda nude preteen goth hurts if you don't use lube.""Oh, uh, well do you have any?" Glen asked."Yeah, preteen porno film but I haven't said you can fuck me yet," Mark replied."I, uh, I--I just figured that, well, that I could do that with you since
you asked me to come out here tonight.""Look Glen, we don't mind teaching you some things, but just because we
agreed doesn't pre teen asses
mean you can do whatever you want. You can't just force
yourself on others. It has to little preteen angel
be something both people want to preteen sexy sites
do."Glen rolled away from Mark like he'd been hit in the head."Glen, I didn't say we couldn't, I just said that it has to be something
both people want to do. You can't just assume.""Oh, Mark I wanna do it so bad with you. Please, can I do it?"Mark smiled that smile of his. I could daddy preteens see it since he was facing me, but
Glen couldn't. I nodded to Mark my approval. I reached into my stuff on the
floor and got the lube and handed it to Mark."Okay Glen, here's how it works. You grease up my backside real good. That
includes poking a finger in my ass and making sure it's well greased all
the way in. Then we'll lube up your cock and you can try."Glen looked a bit funny when he realized what he was going to have to
do. I'm sure he had never thought that he'd have to stick his finger up
someone's butt. He took the lube and opened it as Mark got on his hands and
knees.Glen took a good gob on his finger and ran it up and preteen super models down Marks crack. Mark
groaned in approval as he felt the slick finger slide the length of his
crack and run over his tender waiting preteen upskirt schoolgirls
hole. Glen gingerly placed his finger
over the opening and gently pushed. He looked surprised when his finger
slid in easily. Of course Mark pushed backwards at the same time."Okay Glen, now work your finger around a bit until my muscle relaxes and
it gets preteen virgins models a little bit loose," Mark instructed.Glen looked like he was actually starting to get into it a bit. I took the
lube and started to spread some on his hard cock. I couldn't get over how
different Glen's cock felt. His long skinny pole was different to what I
was used to with Mark, or even Dave and Mike for that matter. Glen
responded almost immediately as I stroked his cock and it preteen swimsuit girls got good and
slippery. He started to pant and thrust into my hand."Whoa Glen. Not yet!" I cautioned."Okay Glen, I think I'm ready," Mark said.Glen slowly pulled his finger out of Marks butt and then positioned himself
behind him. Mark preteen old 13
was about to help position Glen's cock when Glen thrust
forward. His cock missed the mark and slid down between Mark's legs. Mark
yelped as Glen's cock hit his balls."Oops, sorry," Glen said as he repositioned himself."Now this time wait until we help you with your aim," Mark said.As Glen moved in again I naked chinese preteens helped to position Glen's cock. This time he hit
the mark."Now push gently until the head goes in and then just hold it for a
second", Mark finest preteen art
said.Glen pushed a bit more and I saw his head disappear into Mark's butt. Mark
groaned a bit, but it was preteen models streaming
a groan of pleasure, not pain. As instructed,
Glen just held still for a moment and then gently started to rock back and
forth but without forcing any more of his cock into Mark's butt.Mark pushed back against Glen and his cock slid in all the way. It was
erotic as hell watching that pedophilia preteen 7 inch cock of Glen's slide into Mark and soon
Glen was all the way in.Glen started thrusting, but he was going at it far too hard and fast. He
wouldn't last two minutes at this rate. I slipped under Mark and sucked on
his leaking cock. I felt Mark swallow my cock and soon we were in a hot 69
while Glen was fucking Mark's butt with a passion.I reached up between Marks legs to Glens balls which were swinging and
slapping against Marks buns preteens candid nudist
and gently rolled them in my hand. Glen
responded with even harder thrusts. I got a preteen naked bed little of the lube that coated
Marks crack and then slipped up between Glens buns and teased his virgin
hole. kinky preteens bbs It clamped shut at my first touch and he thrust madly into Mark. I
continued to massage his puckered hole and eventually I forced a finger
in. Glen clamped down hard on my finger but was now enjoying the invasion
of his most private spot. A little further in and I touched his
prostate. His body convulsed and I felt illegal petite preteen his anal muscles throb on my finger
as he lunged into Mark and blasted his hot load into his bowels. Glen
collapsed on Mark's back, panting and covered in sweat.Mark was near too. His cock had swollen to a huge size. The taste of pre
cum was heavy in my mouth as Mark plunged in and out. His foreskin was
fully retracted and I knew he was near. Sure enough, seconds later my mouth
was flooded with that creamy nectar I had grown to love so much.Mark's finger on my magic spot was also doing its work. I felt the cum
churning in my balls as my cock got that feeling. My cock grew hard as the
first shoot built. A moment later my cock pulsed and Mark received his
reward.We turned around and cuddled in together. Then we talked about being gay,
what it could mean, the joy, the pain. We discovered the three of us had a
lot in common and I felt the beginning of a friendship.End of Chapter 6More to follow ...Please send your comments to: bc_dudehotmail.comVisit my Home Page:
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