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From: Jeremy Albach
Subject: Marine Boot Camp SurpriseHi everyone. I am a white, 42year-old bi-sexual male who enjoys the
taste of a guy's cock. Most of the stories I will be posting are
true...however, there will be a few that I preteen main bbs will make up because
although they didn't happen I wish that preteen asian mpegs
they would and I will gallerie preteens nudes
try and
make them cum true one day. You all can try and guess which one's are
true (if you want). If you email me ( I
will tell you if they are true or not.
DISCLAIMER: Of course it goes without saying that if you are not old enough
as defined by the laws of your young preteen nudie
country to view adult gay oriented material,
then hit the back button and keep well away of this story. porn preteen blog And now on to
the story ...-------------------------------------------------------------------I have made some very important pre teen illigel decisions in my life, but none as important
as joining the Marines. Ever since I heard the slogan "Looking for a few
good men" as a young lad, it was all I ever dreamt of. And while most of my
friends thought I was crazy sexy preteen nudists the day I signed up for Marine boot camp, I
knew that I was somehow aligning my destiny by putting my signature to
paper. Five days later, after xxx preteen model much partying, saying good bye's and
personal reflection, I was finally getting off the bus at Camp Pendleton in
California to be transferred to the Marine Corp's recruitment depot at
Parris Island in South Carolina. Once there, I was to undergo extensive
physical and mental preteens web pages training that would hopefully guarantee me a place
within the 1st marine division out of Horno.This was my dream and I was going for it. But I preteenshot also had another dream. One
that I wasn't sure was possible where I was going, at least not for the
next thirteen weeks. That dream was to engage in man-to-man sex. It's a
dream that has been with me since the first time I saw my best friend naked
after chat preteens gym preteen japenese models class in the seventh grade. Many hours have been spent since,
masturbating about what it would be like to fondle, caress, and suck the
hardness of a man's cock and as I get older the desire forum preteen upskirt
becomes naked preteens sites more urgent.
Unfortunately, I've never discussed this with anybody and, I figured, if
there was any place that such desires needed to be guarded, it was here at
Marine boot camp. Which is why I was a little surprised when a new recruit
named Steve made a pass at me several days later.It was right after all the new recruits had had their haircuts and been
issued their new uniforms. I was beaming preteens modles
with pride as I held up my uniform
against my body. Steve had walked up to me and had whispered, "I love a man
in uniform, or better yet, out of uniform". This statement had caught me
off guard and before I had preteen bbs boared
a chance to reply, Steve had walked off and that
was that. This comment left me feeling a bit confused. On the one hand I
couldn't help but wonder if the comment was some kind of come on. But on
the other hand I wasn't sure if maybe it was some kind of "test" to see how
I would react. I had heard about so called initiation rites for new
recruits and I wasn't going to walk into one of those headfirst. So I
decided to play it safe by saying, and doing, nothing. Nonetheless, Steve's
comment sent shivers up and down my spine. And that night I preteen anime pics silently
spilled my seed as thoughts of me and Steve engaging in some lust crazed
sex filled my cock with blood and my body with a horniness I hadn't felt in
a long time. Having spent himself, I drifted off into a sound and
satisfying sleep.The next morning at the crack of dawn, I was up and ready for the day. It
was to be the last event before moving on to the next level of recruitment,
and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. The Marine's Manual calls it the
Initial Strength Test and believe me, it is the only thing that measure's
you for what's to come. The test consists big tits preteens
of a one and a half mile run,
sit-ups and pull-ups and tests recruits to see if they're in shape to begin
training. It may sound simple but it's a killer. As my drill officer put
it, preteen core
you either do it or you find yourself back on a bus for home. Well, to
make a long story short, I ended up passing the test but it took a hell of
a lot out of me and as I preteen angels tgps was sexiest nymphet preteens
resting the hour before bed, Steve approached
my cot. I looked up at him as he stood preteen hot dresses in front of me. I saw that he was
smirking somewhat and that he looked a little nervous."What's up?" I preteen bikini galleries asked him non-chalantly."Not much" he seemed to squirm a bit, "I just wanted to congratulate you on
passing the test and to also say that I thought you looked pretty hot today
as you did your stuff on the field"."Uh, thanks man. anal sex preteen Congrats to you too. And yeah, I was pretty hot today.
The temperature must have been at least in the nineties, if not more".
Steve looked at me with a puzzled frown, said "yeah", then turned around
quickly and went back to his cot. A few minutes later the lights went dark
and as I lay on my cot, I couldn't help but feel a stirring deep within my
groin. That was now two comments ill preteen nudes from Steve that made my dick throb, and I
couldn't help but wonder what his game was. I preteen pictures bbs really couldn't believe that
he could be that open about his sexuality in a place like this. Even though
I truly wanted to believe that he was making a pass at me. As I fell asleep
that night I began to dream about the pettite preteen many tests oxi preteen model I could put Steve's cock
through.The photos nude preteen
next few weeks were very grueling as I was slowly being shaped to fit
the cloth of a U. S. Marine. There were many times when I almost gave up,
but somehow I would find the strength needed to continue and I would do so.
The funny thing is during this time, is that Steve had been a major factor
in my determination to stick it out. We had become rather good friends in
the weeks following his teasing comment about how "hot" preteen girls model I looked. To be
honest, apart from the possibility of maybe something happening between
Steve and myself, I was glad that he just preteenz pics was there nymphette preteen nude and my friend. He had a
great way of looking at the world and he was always a bundle of laughs. The
guys preteens chicks
in our barrack nicknamed him the Comic and that's what he was. Kind of
like a Jim Carrey combined with a Gomer Pyle. Whenever I felt down, lonely
or preteen modeling toplist homesick, Steve would find some way to cheer me up. We also had begun
talking about our private anal preteen models lives and what we hoped would happen once Boot
Camp was done.It turned out that Steve wanted to become a defense lawyer for the preteen lolotas toplist Marine
Corp and that his biggest idol was Tom Cruise's character in the movie "A
Few Good Men". I had to laugh when he told me this but I soon found out
that he was dead serious. It was then that I thought that for his age,
nineteen, he was one of the most mature individuals I knew. And as it turns
out, he became one of the sexiest individuals I knew, which much to my
surprise and delight I discovered four weeks into our training.On a grey and cloudy wet night, Steve and I, and others from our unit, were
instructed to partake in night field preteens free photod operations. So at nine at night we set
off for more training. At the designated bivouac area we preteen thai boys
set up our tents
and equipment and began to buckle down to extend field operations into the
next day. At about one in the morning, my duty was relieved and I
desperately went to my tent for some much needed shut eye. As hot preteen girlfriends I got on my
knees to enter the tent, I noticed there was another figure inside
already. At first I couldn't make out who it was, but as my eyesight grew
accustomed to the dark inside I saw that it was Steve, tucked snugly in his
sleeping bag. My heart schoolgirl preteen fucked
immediately skipped a beat naturists preteen pussy as I made my way
inside. I really wasn't expecting my tent mate to be Steve at all and a
sudden warmth developed between my legs. Quickly though, I tossed such
thoughts out of my mind. After all this was a training session and I was
not going to blow it for myself, or my unit."Hey Jeremy, preteen sexy poses
surprised to see preteen virgin fucked me here?" Steve asked with a smirk forming
across his face.I decided to keep my cool. "Nah, not really. I figured they would have
assigned me someone from our barracks.""Yeah, I guess that would make sense" Steve replied back.Then in a whispered tone I heard him say, "Actually, they assigned Darren
but I asked him if he wouldn't mind switching with me".My playing it cool dissolved immediately as my jaw dropped to the floor."Really!? Wow, I crazy holiday preteen mean, cool, I mean...well...why?"Steve looked away for a moment and I thought I could see him tremble a bit.
Then he turned to me with an unwavering glare in his eyes, "Because I
wanted to be with you tonight."I was floored and speechless. I tried to move but my body felt like it was
nailed to the floor. I couldn't magic preteens believe my own ears and I think I gestured
for Steve to repeat himself. He looked a little annoyed that I wasn't
responding and muttered, "Ah, forget about it."He then made a move to get up but I was able to stop him with the sound of
my voice. "Don't go", I managed to preteen foros fotos say, my words youngest preteens naked barely audible. Steve
smiled as he lay back down. Our eyes met and I could feel the goose bumps
spread out across my entire body. Then with a smirk, Steve motioned me to
lay beside him. I still wasn't sure if this was some prank set up by my
Marine buddies but it was too late to question things now. And as I moved
closer to Steve I preteen model porno had the sense that this was no prank. For one thing, I
could tell that Steve was as nervous as I was. Plus, to my excitement and
delight, there was a very clear tent of his own protruding from the
sleeping bag in which he lay.Steve caught my gaze as I checked out the extended area of his crotch. A
giant grin formed instantly across his face and even though it was dark
inside the tent I could swear I saw him blush."Sorry about that", Steve whispered, "I guess I'm feeling kind of horny. I
haven't been able to jack off in almost two weeks.""Tell me about it" I replied back. softcore preteens "It's been almost that long for me as
well and it feels like I'm gonna burst." We both laughed at our mutual
predicament for a moment and then the tent went silent as we lay side by
side, each not knowing what to do willey models preteen
or say to the other. Then Steve broke the
silence by saying "I like you Jeremy. It feels very comfortable and natural
lying beside you like this."I turned to face him. "I like you too, Steve. A lot."After a few seconds he faced me. I saw him swallow hard as he put his left
hand on my right shoulder. I put my right hand on his left thigh. We stared
at each other silently as I moved my hand up his thigh, very slowly. I was
very near his crotch when he moved pretty preteen girls his hand to my chest. I was conscious
about our surrounding area but the only thing I could hear was our
breathing which was getting heavier. Then I backed off a bit. I pulled my
hand away and Steve did the same.Nervous anticipation was shooting through me as I thought about where this
might lead. It was what I had always wanted and I found myself frightened
of the prospect that my fantasies might turn into a reality. We just lay
there quietly. I had to say or do something and fast before I chickened
out. Without looking his way I asked him if he had ever done stuff like
this before."Yes" Steve replied, "Does it make you uncomfortable?""No."Again, we were silent as I preteens ls sites
mustered up the courage to continue. Then out of
nowhere a calm enveloped my entire body and I knew what I needed to do.
Quietly I preteen hentai rape spoke to Steve. "I'd like to touch you again if that's ok?" This
time I swallowed."That would be awesome" was his only reply. But that was enough.I turned to him preteen models cunts and put my left hand on his chest. I could feel his heart
pounding beneath preteen nude modeling
his white undershirt. Then I put my right hand on his left
shoulder preteens fucked online and held him still as my left hand roamed around his chest. Steve
let out a small moan."How does that feel?" I asked him, "Don't forget, I am new at this.""It feels good, real good", he smiled back at me. I continued my
explorations.I slid my left magazine preteens exclusive
hand down preteen boy modelspics
to his stomach, feeling the tight muscles
there. He groaned louder and shifted around in his sleeping bag. At first,
I touched him lightly then began to put more effort into it. My cock was
rock hard and I was surprised that it wasn't busting through the fabric of
my fatigues. After a minute or so Steve moved his hands to the bottom of
his shirt and lifted little beauty preteen it up. I moved my hand to his bare chest and touched
his left nipple. His skin was like velvet and I couldn't help but notice
that his nipples became harder almost immediately. He moaned again, moving
his head slowly to the left and right. His eyes where closed as I ran my
hand down to his navel playing with ebony preteen
his happy trail. He tensed and I asked
him what was wrong."Nothing, it just tickles that's all". I chuckled along with him but didn't
stop.I pushed my fingers against the waistband preteen foot jobs of his fatigues. As if with a
mind of their own my fingers slipped inside them and I felt the waistband
of his briefs. "Oh man", Steve moaned."Do you want me to stop?" I asked."God no. Please don't stop. Don't stop for anything".Complying with his wishes I pushed my hand in further. Then I hit something
hard and hot. My heart was racing as I wrapped my preteen pubes hand around the erect
penis confined in his briefs. It was throbbing! "Oh shit!" he exclaimed."Does it want to come out and play?" I asked jokingly.Steve lost it as he burst out laughing. I pulled my hand out as he propped
himself up still chuckling. Soon the chuckling stopped underage preteen nudity and I grabbed his
shirt. I pulled it up and he lifted his arms. It came off quickly and I
tossed it aside. His bare torso was so inviting and smooth as I leaned over
and put my lips between his pecs. I kissed him softly and warmly. Steve
moaned again and started moving around in the sleeping bag. I kissed over
to his left nipple and licked preteen pictures clean
it sensuously pausing only to suck it from
time video site preteen to time causing Steve to moan quietly in my ear.I tasted his salty sweat. It was delicious. I glanced down and saw his
bulge just a few inches from my face. "My desire" I thought to myself. With
a wanton lust I licked down forced preteen models to the navel as Steve put his hand on the back
of my head. It felt good there, almost natural. I moved my left hand to his
button and pulled. His fatigues sprang open. Right there, just two inches
from my lips was his hard dick, clearly pubescent preteens outlined in his briefs. preteen galleries art I smelled
his musky preteen model barefoot man scent and it drove me deeper into the lusty reaches of my
imagination as it swept into my nose and smashed into my brain, overloading
my senses.Then in one quick motion I pulled his briefs down and there it was, Steve's
hard cock in all its glory. The same dick I had seen soft in the shower was
now fully erect and just inches from my face. His pubes were a tangle of
dark hair surrounding the base. And there was a small pearl of preteen girls asia precum
poised at the tip. Again, my senses were overloaded as my tongue slowly
licked the precum from the opening of Steve's dick head. The sweet salty
taste was too delicious for words as the thought of his seed bursting into
my mouth caused me to dribble some of my own precum inside my pants.As I rubbed the outside of my crotch cp preteen pics I felt Steve pushing on my head,
urging me down on his cock. I gladly let him as my quivering lips touched
his cock head. "Oh fuck" he moaned causing him to push my face deeper into
his crotch. Eagerly I opened my mouth and let him slip inside me. Words
cannot describe what I was feeling as Steve groaned loudly and pushed up
his pelvis with his hips. His cock slid further into my mouth as I began to
suck hungrily on preteen sex blowjobs his throbbing prick. I sucked and licked, building up a
rhythm of suction and motion. I was kind preteen skirts pics of impressed preteen black nudists with myself for a
first time cocksucker. And I think Steve was too as he pushed my head
deeper into his crotch, fucking my face with abandon."Oh fuck! Oh shit!" Steve cried out. "I'm going to nude photos preteens
cum! Oh God, preteen super modeling I'm going
to cum! Stop...mmmmm."But I didn't stop. preteen and naked There was no way I was going to stop now. I had to have
his cum in my mouth. I had to taste it. preteens model xxs I needed it. Steve pushed my head
down hard as his cock began its orgasmic contractions from deep within his
balls. My face was nestled deep in his pubes, as I sucked harder and
faster. Then to my amazement, I felt his cock expand to what seemed like
two-fold and I knew he was going to cum any second. Then as if on cue,
Steve gave one final thrust with his hips as his sweet, delicious cum
flooded my mouth. I sucked and swallowed greedily as he ground my face into
his crotch.His cock throbbed against my tongue as volley after volley of semen rushed
out of his dick. It splashed on my tongue and against the roof of my mouth
before I swallowed it all down my throat. I loved it. I was blowing a guy's
dick for the first time and it was the most perfect thing in the world.
Then all too fast it was over as the last trickle of preteen boys fuckign sperm dribbled out of
Steve's deflating dick. I sucked it back in my mouth for a few more drops
of his delicious cum. As I sucked the last of Steve's load from his nuts
his hand fell from my head.Reluctantly, I pulled off him. I preteen girls stockings
kissed his cock as even more girl bikini preteen cum oozed out
and I licked it. Cum covered my lips preteen and childporn and coated my tongue. I wanted more
but I knew that I would have to wait tight preteen babes
a little while for that to happen
again. And I was already hoping it would happen again soon. wet naked preteens
Slowly I hardcore preteen stories
off of Steve to lie back down on my sleeping bag. Steve was still
recovering from his orgasm as he moaned softly."Awesome, dude. Fucking awesome" I heard him say between quick gasps of
air.I wiped my mouth off and licked at the residue on my hand. Man, his come
was delicious."That was too much, Jeremy, totally awesome. I'm still shaking.""You want to see 'too much'? Take a look at this."I quickly unbuttoned my fatigues as Steve stared. I turned toward preteens pthc him and
pulled out my fat and raging hard cock. I was feeling a little too cocky
and my horniness took me over the top."I can't see much. You're in a shadow" Steve responded.In a bold move myusenet preteen
I grabbed his left hand fotos preteens supermodel
and placed it on my cock. "Damn!"
Steve exclaimed as his hand wrapped around my cock. I almost came right
then and there. "Fuck Jeremy, it feels huge!"He began to stroke my cock lovingly as he stared at my cock a minute before
looking over at me."I've been thinking and dreaming of this since I first saw you." Then in a
soft whisper I heard him topsites preteen
say, "I want your cock in my mouth, now"Steve preteen hardcore underground leaned down to my crotch and I felt his tongue touch my cock. Then
his lips wrapped around the head and I groaned as he began to slurp on my
cock. I put my hands on his back, feeling loita young preteen his muscles contracting and
relaxing as he went down on me. After just a few sucks, Steve pulled up."Damn, I can't take it all. It's just too fat."I was flattered. I had always thought that I had a bigger than average size
dick but I never had anyone "complain" about it."That's ok, Buddy. What you are doing is making me feel really good and I
think I'm about to blow soon anyway."I was so horny from blowing Steve that I knew I was near cumming. Steve
resumed sucking but this time I felt him begin to pump my dick up and down
slowly and gently. My pelvis thrust up and I felt my balls tighten as the
cum began it's ascension towards Steve's gaping mouth."Oh my God" I cried, "Here it comes. Oh shit...oh God...ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"I gave out a loud groan and threw my head back as my cum shot up my cock
into Steve's sucking mouth. My cock surged and preteen models board
throbbed, pumping load after
load of cum from the depths of my balls. Steve's mouth kept me shooting
longer than normal until my sperm deposit was exhausted.As my limp, cum slicked cock fell from Steve's mouth I couldn't stop my
body from shivering with orgasmic force and I fell back to my sleeping bag
with an exhausted preteen nudists sex thump. preteen bellyshirt pics
My preteen behavior contract chest was heaving, my legs relaxed and I felt a
slick wetness running down my dick and nut sack. Then I felt Steve move
closer to me."Damn dude, I thought I was gonna drown" he said giggling. I laughed.
"Seriously, how long you been storing that up?""It's been a while. Much like yourself I could imagine. There's not much
chance for chockin' the chicken around here is there.""You got that right" Steve preteens school pics agreed. Then with a smirk, Steve asked me how nn preteens asian
liked it."It was incredible" I replied back. "Really Steve. It was great. You taste
so good. I never thought it could be this amazing." Jokingly I licked my
lips and sat back. Then we both froze as we heard the snap of a twig
somewhere close by. I could feel both of our hearts speed up as the
adrenaline kicked in.Then a few minutes later when nothing else had happened we figured that the
coast was clear and that it must have been someone just walking to their
tents. None the less we preteen rusian free
both got dressed pussy nudist preteen quickly. We talked for a while,
lying next to each other, our arms touching at the shoulder.As I drifted off to sleep I couldn't help but go through the events I just
experienced in my mind. It was a wonderful initiation into gay sex and a
moment in time I will never forget. I just can't wait until graduation and
our ten days of civilian fun.If you liked this story and/or oldman rape preteen jerked off to it, please feel free to let me
know at (
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