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From: A.K.
Subject: Manush 04/12 (Interracial - beginnings)----------------------------MANUSH
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2008
written on November 19, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised by acam-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"MANUSH" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of
sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so
on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story.
But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think
you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 4 - The family growsThe most aroused of the three boys, while they were undressing in the
caravan, was definitely Zanko although he did his best to look
unconcerned. When all three were naked they looked at each other and
smiled at what they saw.Zanko asked "Who's going to be the first bottom?""You!" Patrizio and Mateo said in unison and laughed because they had
spoken together and had the same idea."I? Have you two been planning this behind my back?""No! Come on. Lie down Zanko go on!" Mateo said."Ah I little models nudes
see you want to take your revenge fucking my arse! Well I'm sorry
but it won't be revenge for you because I like being fucked." Zanko said
lying down on his belly and pushing his nice arse up in the air."No turn on your back." Patrizio said to him winking at Mateo.Zanko turned on his back. He was surprised. "What's that? Do you want to
make my little brother dance for a while first? It's already nicely
stiff don't you see?""Do you want to take care of his... little models nude juniors
brother Patri?" Mateo asked."Yes certainly." Patrizio said and sat on the edge of the bed by his
friend's crotch.He took the nice column of stiff meat in his hand and pulled down the
foreskin to uncover the turgid glans. model teenz Then he bent down and started to
lick it."Oh... what are you doing? Oh! That's good... but what... Oh, Patri...
who models littles nudes did... who did taught you that?" Zanko moaned all a-quiver and
shivery, tense and twitching with pleasure.Then Mateo bent over him and while stroking his belly and chest started
to suckle and nibble a nipple."Oh yeaaaah... you two are... you want... make me die... Oh, how good...
God how good! Oh Mateo... Patri... you're making pretten models list me... die... It's way
too... too good... Oh..." Zanko was moaning his eyes closed waving his
head about, moaning loudly and enjoying the pleasure, which was more
intense than he had ever experienced before.The young man was stretched tenser than his violin strings and now and
then his body jerked feverishly. His pole in Patrizio's mouth who was
moving his head up and down while gently kneading his hard testicles and
teasing his throbbing anus was bigger and harder than ever."Oh god... god... it's too... too good! Too much... oh... ooohhh..." he
moaned. He was delirious with pleasure.The two boys doubled their efforts excited by the moans of their
consenting victim. Zanko was clawing the mattress with his hands right
on the edge of a spasm. He started to tremble.He moaned aloud "Patri... take it out... I'm about... oh god, I'm... get
off..."But Patrizio went on quickly and slipped a finger in orbita starmedia models
Zanko's anus and
this set off his orgasm."Ooohhh... I'm coming... oh... oh... I'm... I'm... coooming..." he
panted jerking his last spurt into the welcoming mouth of Patrizio. Then
suddenly he was totally laptop model 400 relaxed while his friend was swallowing the last
of his seed.Zanko's body trembled again from head to toe a couple of times and he
was still panting loudly and his eyes were still closed. His two friends
went on caressing him all over gently."Oh Patri! I'm sorry... I tried to...""But why? It was tasty...""Tasty?" Zanko asked bikini models tpg widening his eyes and looking at his friend in
amazement. "Tasty? You mean that you... you wanted to... drink it?""Yes certainly. I wanted to see what yours tasted like. child models toplisten It's good -
different from Mateo's but really good. I like it!""Different from... You mean that you have already swallowed his come?""Yes before you two met. He taught me. Did you like it?""Did I like it? Wow! I never experienced anything so... so strong... so
good... You drained me.""Well did you enjoy my revenge Zanko?" Mateo asked."My fucking goodness yes! You can take your revenge like that as many
times as you want. But does it really taste good Patri?""Yes really. You can try it if you want?""I? But I..."Mateo made him shut up. "Yes Zanko you too. Maybe tomorrow... This was
my surprise. Now it's up to you to direct the games. What would you do
now?"Zanko smiled and nodded, "It's up to me to choose?""Yes sure.""I'm out of contention for a while... so while I teens modelling bras recover you, Mateo, can
take Patrizio's cock in your arse. Then when you are finished I will be
ready again and I can put mine in your nice arse...""Alright. Then sit at the top of the bed and make room for us."Zanko moved to the top of the bed. Mateo lay down on his lil model ls back with his
head in Zanko's lap."Hey turn around! That way he can't get it into your arse he can only
suck you..." Zanko said."No I want him to take me from the front."Patrizio was amazed and said "But you aren't a woman. forbidden young models Your hole is
behind not in front!""Oh fucking hell! Do I sexy kid models have to teach you two everything? This way you
can take me from in front. Kneel between my legs Patri. So. Now rest my
ankles on your shoulders... well teen model masha and good... Do you see that no nude modells now
everything is in the right position? Shove it in me go on!""Oh shit you're right!" Zanko giggled.Patrizio pushed nearer Mateo's little arse and lubricated his anus then
leaned against him and started to penetrate him. swim models tgp He sank inside with
only one push smooth and easy."Oh, so... teeniemodels good. Before starting to fuck me Patri bend down to kiss me
on my mouth..."Zanko was looking at them intrigued and felt he was already getting
aroused again looking at the two boys intertwined like that. Mateo
kissed Patrizio on the mouth and at first he felt awkward but then by
imitating his companion he understood how to do it and returned the kiss
with growing pleasure. Mateo touched Patrizio's nipples with his
fingertips and teased teen modeling centers them. Patrizio did the same.After a while Mateo excitedly murmured "Good! Go on - start fucking me
now..."Patrizio straightened up a little to get more leverage and started to
pump inside him vigorously. Zanko more and more aroused was fingering
and caressing the two bodies enlaced in front of him."How beautiful you are boys! You've made me hot again already. Go on
Patri quick as I want to start again...""Zanko go behind Patri and shove it in him..." Mateo suggested."Yeah right... his nice arse is free, now..." Zanko merrily said getting
off the bed."Patri come down and kiss me again while Zanko shoves it inside you..."
Mateo suggested.The boy at once complied and while his tongue was playing in his
companion's mouth he felt Zanko's strong hands seizing his waist while
kneeling at behind him. Zanko aimed his hard pole at Patri's hole, which
was already lubricated and started to push. Patrizio welcomed it with
real pleasure and his own cock which was completely inside Mateo
twitched uncontrollably."Now you Zanko stay still. Only Patri will move back and forth so he
fucks me and meanwhile is sweetangels modeling
fucked by you."Patrizio nodded and did as he was told. He really enjoyed the double
sensation of penetrating and being penetrated at the same time."How good, Mateo... You know more tricks than the devil!" Patrizio
panted bouncing back and forth between the two bodies. He didn't last
long, He was too excited so after a short time he unloaded inside Mateo
who waited for him to cool down a little then slipped away from under
him."Go on like that you two. I'll now get on Zanko's back and put my cock
in his arse. So now it will be for him to move back and forth while
Patri and I stay still... Is that alright?""Yes go on..." Zanko answered. When he felt the Sinti leaning against
his back guild model f5 he said "Hey wait a moment! Put some cream on it...""No modeling flip flops
not this time. Maybe next time. The first time you fucked me you
shoved it inside without even spit. So I want to do the same now..."Zanko just said "That's fair..." and tried to relax as much as he could.Mateo stood up at the end of the bed and got ready to penetrate the nice
male arse in front of him. He had to give a few strong pushes that had
repercussions on the arse of young berlin models Patrizio who was waiting still on all
fours. Zanko grimaced in pain but didn't let out a single groan.
Patrizio felt that at each of Mateo's strokes Zanko's pole was swelling
so he realised that Zanko was enjoying double penetration too. When
Mateo felt he was firmly inside he told Zanko to start moving. While
Mateo was teasing his nipples Zanko threw himself into a wild gallop.
First Mateo came then Zanko for the second time moaning aloud.They then lay down on the little bed tight one against the other. Mateo
was against the wooden wall Zanko in the middle and Patrizio near 12yr model the
edge.After a while he said "I feel that in this position during the night I
will fall out. So maybe I should go and lie on the floor straight away.""No I'll sleep on the floor." Mateo readily offered.Then Zanko got up from the bed "You two, get out of bed!" he ordered
with a smile.They got up looking at him with curiosity. Zanko lit the lantern. Then
he took the mattress and dropped it onto the floor. Under it there was
another one."You see? Once I stole a mattress that was being aired in the sun ... So
whoever sleeps on the floor will be more comfortable than the other
two.""You sleep on the floor Patri. Tonight I want to be with Zanko. I have
to get used to him..." Mateo said with a mischievous smile."Heavens knows what you two will do, as soon as I fall asleep..."
Patrizio jokingly said, putting out the lantern.The three young models ukraine boys harmonized with each other very well. Mateo first of all
made the new folding bed where they could sleep and make love all
together without being too cramped. He crazy models ls then started to restore and
rebuild the interior of the caravan making it more functional and
agreeable. ls model mag
Meanwhile he learned to play the tambourine kids modelling nude
too and Zanko
tailored his gypsy costume.With the fine weather they were finding more and more occasions where
their presence as musicians was appreciated so they were earning good
money. This meant they could eat and dress better and Zanko also decided
to buy a small transistor radio. Mateo then thai model bikini
decided to install an
accumulator in the caravan connected to the old car's dynamo so that
they could have electricity inside the caravan. They could then also videos sexo modelos buy
a small fridge and they did all that without touching to the money still
hidden in the wheel hub.During their free time Zanko used to tell them about Romany traditions
and legends. He taught them some Romany words and phrases too. Mateo and
Patrizio taught him to read and write. And thus they shared what each of
them knew with albert model moree
both the others. Mateo as he was a Sinti of German
descent taught them some German dialect he had been taught by his grand
parents so their speech between themselves gradually became a mixture of
Italian, Romany and German. And Mateo one day had a brainwave and wrote,
over brooke shields model the door at the back of the caravan the word "Rogasi" made from the
three initial pairs of letters of their origins - Romany, Gadje and
Sinti. And they got into the habit of talking about themselves as "we
Rogasi". They were in fact feeling that they were something special
something littles nudes models different from other people although they hadn't started out
with that intention.Zanko and Patrizio wanted to know when Mateo realised what his sexual
preference was and how he had come to realise it."I was thirteen that is it was one year before I... model sex tapes so to say 'became
acquainted' with Zanko. My group was in Modena with their fairground
stalls and rides. One day my grandfather fell ill. As soon as he was on
the mend my parents decided it would be best for him to go back home
where my lingerie model blog grandmother and my aunt could take care of him better than we
could. And they decided I had to go with him by train. They gave me the
money for the train tickets and we left the camp. I accompanied my
grandfather and delivered him to our relations. Then I decided to keep
the money for the train fare for myself and to hitchhike back.I was lucky with my first ride as I was brought a bit further than
Florence. But then I waited for more than three hours; nobody stopped
although there were plenty of cars. How I cursed those drivers! If the
curses had worked that stretch of road would have been littered with
wrecks! I was beginning to think that I would have to take the train
after all when finally a car stopped a little beyond me. I ran towards
the car and told the driver where I needed to go. He opened the door and
told me to get in. I threw my bag on the rear seats and settled at his
side. And off we modeling nude teen set.He looked about nineteen,. He had wavy brown hair a little ruffled a
cheerful face and a nice smile. He asked me what I was doing and showed
some interest when I told him. Then he told me about himself. He was a
professional soccer player in the C league he liked jazz, didn't have a
girlfriend and liked boys' company better than girls'. I was really
interested; he was an engaging storyteller. Every now and then while
talking he was looking sideways at me and smiling. He asked me if I
already had a girlfriend. I told him I didn't. He asked me if I already
was mature. I didn't understand what he meant so he grinned and asked me
if I beat my meat and if I could come and nude 16yr models
if my tool was already well
developed. I amusedly answered him "Yes and yes and it is this big." and
held my hands up to show him."Hard or soft?" he asked me."Well... hard..." I answered.He then said "Can I check that?" and before I could say anything he put
a hand on my fly and began feeling it. He kept his left hand on the
steering wheel and went on to grope me and fondle it through my trousers
with his right hand. What's funny is that his action didn't bother me at
all; rather all his touching made me relax so I shifted on the seat to
get more comfortable and spread my legs to give his hand room. I felt it
hardening and pushing against my briefs so hard it was almost painful as
it was imprisoned by the clothes. At that time I was already
masturbating but touching myself never got me as adult amp models
hard as that and wasn't
nearly as delightful.After a while he asked me to pull it out as he would like to see it. I
just thought I liked how he was touching me and that it was so tight and
uncomfortable that it was starting to hurt so I unbuttoned my fly opened
my belt and pulled the waistband of my underwear under my balls so my
dick jumped out hard cute adult model
and erect. He looked at it and then put his hand on
it again gently arban bondage model taking it between his fingers. The feel of his hand on
my skin aroused me glamour model latina terribly. I really enjoyed the feeling! He fashion models breast
pushed my
foreskin back and brushed the glans with his fingers. I sighed and
trembled. He asked me if it was okay to stop in a quiet place. I was
feeling weird ls model like cute boys models
a knot in my throat a strange heat all over my body
and answered that it was alright with me.He made a detour taking a teen model girl secondary road then a dirt road then a nude photo supermodel narrow
lane between hedges and stopped there. He stopped the engine. Then he
wet his fingers with some saliva and spread it on my dick fingering and
caressing it. I thought he was going to toss me off so I closed my eyes
and relaxed to enjoy his attention and the marvellous sensations of it.
But a new sensation on the tip of my dick made me open my eyes - it was
his tongue licking round it. With one hand he was kneading my balls and
with asian pretten models the other he was fondling my pubic hair and my belly.Then I saw him taking its tip between his soft warm lips then slid the
whole of my dick into his mouth, and started a long up and down
stroke... nothing like just beating it by myself! I was small model aeroplane incredibly
excited and modelky felt that I was going to come very quickly. My legs almost
by themselves were opening and closing jerkily in time with his strokes.
Then I felt my body stretching taut like a bow and I trembled young models jordan and then I
was arching in spasm. And something like cramp started from my balls
went up my spine like lightning and exploded in my brain like a dazzling
flash and I unloaded inside that lovely warm wet mouth.While my spurts were flooding and filling his mouth he was moaning. For
a moment he remained still, my dick deep into his mouth. Then he started
to swallow, and sucked until there was nothing left and my dick started
to soften. He then straightened up and my dick fell on my hard tight
balls. He stroked it very gently and looked at me and smiled. And said
"Thank you!"I was stupefied and teen model ring said that it was me who ought to thank him because
it had been great. He then ruffled my hair and said that if I agreed he
would buy me lunch and vlad models naked
then take me to a free topless models safe place where we could do
even more enjoyable nonude model virgin things. I accepted at once. While I was tidying
myself he restarted the engine and drove on. He asked me if that had
been my first time and I said yes. He told me he naked pretten modelling
only liked to have sex
with boys and asked me if I would like to try it with him after lunch. I
answered "Yes please." During lunch time just thinking about what he had
done to me I got a hard-on. I was consumed with curiosity about what
would happen next.After a while we drove on again. Then he stopped at a motel and took a
room. First of all we took a shower and washed each other and so I saw
his naked body. It was really nice. We both were aroused. Then he took
me to the bed and made me lie down on my belly. He caressed my
shoulders, back and arse and fingered my buttocks. I let him do what he
wanted as I was enjoying it more and more. I felt his tongue licking up
and own my crack and it was great. Then his tongue lingered on my hole
and licked it for a long time; it made me tremble with excitement. And I
would never have imagined that part of me could give me such delightful
feelings.That young man was really skilled and I totally abandoned myself to his
caresses and trusted him completely. After my hole was thoroughly wet
with his saliva, he started to work on it with his fingers giving me
very good vibrations, and alternated his fingers and his tongue. Then he
slipped a finger inside very gently. He asked me if I liked it and I
answered yes. He said preeteen stocking models
I was really beautiful and that he wanted me previews models nonude and
wanted to make love to me. Then I felt his hard pole pressing along my
crack and he lay down on me rubbing up and down. I was enraptured. I
enjoyed it a lot.Then he said he wanted to put it inside me and I was so much aroused
that I just told him to go ahead. I felt his nice pole reach my slippery
hole and starting to push... he was opening me and I liked it. Happily
he was not too big and anyway he was good at it so I didn't feel any
pain. He was pushing sliding in slowly stretching my hole open and he
slipped inside filling me and invading me and it was great! I was almost
crying with happiness. At last he got all of it inside me. I felt that
his cock was deeply buried in my channel and his pubic hair was brushing
my arse and his balls were squeezed between his thighs and my
buttocks...He lay still for a moment telling me he liked me a lot then made me turn
my head and kissed me on my mouth. Gosh how beautiful that kiss was with
that cock right inside me! He then started so move his magnificent rod
up and down inside me and I was really in ecstasy. It didn't hurt at all
not even when he pulled it all out then vigorously plunged it in again.
I was happy to give him my arse. I loved feeling him on top of me and
inside me. I was happy to feel that he liked me, too.To begin with he took me with great gentleness and then later with a
wild and wonderful rush. He went on for a long time and I enjoyed it to
the full appreciating and relishing my first proper sex. He made me lift
my bum up a little so he could hold my dick and stroke it while going on
to fuck me. I never imagined I could have such a great experience!I remember that the pleasure I was feeling was so strong that I felt
overcome by giddiness while the young man pumped faster and his ukrainian erotic models hand was
beating my dick in the same rhythm... My heart was racing and I was
pushing my arse upwards against him. My whole body was in ecstasy while
he was stroking me inside with his cock. My orgasm came suddenly and
unexpectedly in his hand wetting all the sheet under me and soon after
that he unloaded pushing oklahoma nude models his prick right in and filling me with such
strong spurts that I could feel each of them, one after the other.We then collapsed top kid models joined together like that breathing heavily. We stayed
like that glued together. I felt his weight on me was something
beautiful. But after a while he pulled out... and trixie model I was quite sad to
feel his rod abandoning my arse... He asked me if I enjoyed it and
smiled at my enthusiastic yes. And he was amazed when I told him that it
was my first time. He then embraced me and kissed me again for a while
and told me he was really glad he had been my first man.We got dressed youngest naked models
again and resumed the journey. He took me almost all the
way to Bologna and with two more lifts I got back to where my family and
group was.But I had discovered something that I liked very much and that I forum models pic would
experience again. But it was not easy at first. The second man I found
hurt me because he had a huge tool. But I liked doing it too much to
stop so I looked for more and found them. Then I met you Zanko... and
after you many other men and I liked it more and more. 198 pontiac models I learned other
ways of having sex between men and in short I feel I am completely
homosexual. But unhappily I knew that I had to keep it angel model kids secret and that
sooner or later I would have to marry and start a family even though I
didn't like the idea... Until I had the luck to meet Patri... and then
you know the rest of the story. Anyway I jessi btm model
have no doubt I am really
homosexual...""Yes we are well aware of that aren't we Patri?" Zanko commented with a
smile.The three friends arrived at Pesaro. There gorgeous super models they saw that there was a
circus of Italian Sinti. They asked permission indian supermodels nude to stay near their
compound and it was granted. They began to go round the restaurants of
the town playing their gypsy music and begging. Late at night after the
circus performance was over and free nn models when the restaurants were closed the
Sinti, who were a very open group often invited the three boys to join
them at their bonfires. Or when the Rogasi lit a fire near their caravan
and played, some Sinti joined them to listen and brought things to eat
and drink and sat in a circle with them.That is how they met Tomaso Pittaluga. He was a boy of twenty-four who
was one of the circus jugglers. He also designed some of the circus
costumes. He was a merry boy very likeable and witty. Mateo at once felt
attracted to him and told his two friends that he thought Tomaso might
be gay as well. But there were others of his group with them indian model sex when they
met so Mateo never dared to try to hit on him. But one day he got an
idea and went to look for him."Tomaso please would you come to my caravan and advise me about
decorating my gypsy costume?""Yes of thirteen young model course..." Tomaso quietly replied.Zanko and Patrizio watched them going off together and exchanged knowing
glances- they guessed what might happen next.Inside the caravan Mateo took out his nn rusian models costume."I'll wear it; that will make it easier for you to see how it fits
me..." Mateo said slyly."You don't need preeteens model asian to... It's a beautiful costume. Did you angels models pree make it?""No Zanko made it. He's the tailor. Are you sure you don't want me to
wear it?" Mateo asked and took teen ru model off his shirt leaving his chest bare.Tomaso looked at him and his eyes lingered longer than normal below his
navel and on the bulge in Mateo's very tight trousers. Mateo casually
adjusted his basket."You naked model children are well built... Wouldn't you like to come and work with us in the
circus?" Tomaso asked him."I'm fitting in really well with my friends... moreover I know nothing
about circuses...""Our circus is still small. We just split from the Pittalugas circus,
which is really big. But as soon as we have paid our debts we brides modeling sexy plan to
expand. So I would like you to come with us.""Thank you. I think that I would like staying with you too ... But I
don't feel like leaving my friends." Mateo said and undid his trousers
and pulled them off leaving only his briefs on.His tight briefs were fully filled in front revealing his half erection.
Tomaso again stared briefly between Mateo's legs and gulped. Mateo
slipped a hand in his briefs and adjusted himself more comfortably."Well, do you want see how I look with my gypsy costume on?" he asked
with a lecherous look."As you want..." Tomaso answered and Mateo noticed that the bulge in the
young man's trousers was getting bigger."Or else... you can undress supermodel porn video and try it on... I'd like to see how it
would look on you." Mateo suggested and started to unbutton Tomaso's
shirt. He felt Tomaso shudder. When he had undone the shirt he said
"You've got a nice chest Tomaso..." and caressed it with one hand.Tomaso shuddered again and finally he put his hand gently on Mateo's
swollen briefs stroking him there mini nude models without uttering a word. Mateo smiled
unbuckled Tomaso's belt unzipped his fly teen topless modeling and touched his cock through
the underpants. It was already hard. Tomaso closed his eyes and he put
his trembling hand into Mateo's briefs and fondled him with one on his
swollen genitals and the other on his small tight arse."Undress Tomaso... and lie on the bed while I go to lock the door. I'll
be back laika model nude immediately...""But... what about your friends?""They know and will leave us in julie model nude peace.""Do you three make love?""Of course we do.""You're lucky. I've nobody I can do that with in my group... I wanted
you the first time I saw you... You're a really handsome boy Mateo. Are
you game for a nice sixty-nine and then putting it in my arse?""Yes Tomaso that's a good idea..." Mateo said quickly taking off his
briefs and getting on the bed where Tomaso was waiting for him already
naked.They began by licking each other's tools. They were both already erect
and hard and each took the other's cock in his mouth and began to suck
it passionately lying on their side head to toe. They were getting even
more excited. Mateo realised that Tomaso was really skilled with his
mouth. When he felt ready he stopped sucking his companion's tool and
began to lick half naked models his testicles and then further round to reach his anus
that throbbed at once as soon as he touched it."You like it Tomaso, don't you?" he murmured between two licks."Oh yes... lie down on your back. Now I want to impale myself nude model forums on your
rod." Tomaso said.Mateo complied and held his prick pointing upwards. Tomaso got astride
him and positioned himself and pressed his well salivated anus onto the
tip of Mateo's rigid prick then lowered himself taking it all really
deep right to its root as soon as Mateo moved his hand out of the way."Oh Mateo that's good! At last! I haven't done this for four months and
never with such a good cock!""You nude models nl like it Tomaso?""Yes..." he murmured starting to bounce up and down well impaled on that
slippery hard rod.Mateo was looking at Tomaso's beautiful hard prick bouncing up and russian top model down
at each stroke slapping on his belly on each down-stroke. Tomaso's body
his muscles flexing at each movement was beautiful and exciting. The
expression on his face was radiant even ecstatic while he passionately
rode Mateo's prick. Mateo got more and more excited and after a little
while he unloaded arching his pelvis upwards pushing himself deeper into
his mate whose sphincter palpitated in appreciation.When Mateo had totally unloaded and when Tomaso let him slip out nude model sex
pulled Tomaso towards him so that he slipped along arii 333 model
his chest youngmodels org
raising his head took Tomaso's nice, hard, unsatisfied cock in his
mouth. Tomaso held up Mateo's head and started to fuck his mouth. He was
very grateful to Mateo for the chance to do that. He was still strongly
aroused from the wild ride he had just had and so very soon he too came
into the welcoming mouth of his bed-mate. Outside they heard the
beautiful music of Zanko's violin.While they were dressing Tomaso said "Good heavens, I really needed
that! It was great. Thank you Mateo.""You can come every day if you want and you can do it with Zanko and
Patri as well... or also inocent models top with all three of us if you want.""Fucking hell you are tempting me. But I don't want to get
indigestion... Usually between one fuck and the next one I have to wait
for months you see? You're lucky you are always together.""Come tomorrow too go on!""My folk would find it odd if I stay in your caravan too often ...""Don't let them see you come. Make a big detour and approach from behind
our caravan where your people cannot see you.""I told you you're tempting me... Maybe I can do that..."And he did. Tomaso had sex with Zanko then with Patri than again with
Mateo day after day at different times often at night after the last
performance.But one night just after Tomaso had gone back to his family caravan to
sleep and teen huggies model the three friends had just hit the sack all hell broke loose.
The big top caught fire. The three friends put on just their trousers
and ran to help the Sinti trying to put out the fire and salvage
whatever could be saved. market penetration models Yells voices orders people young uncensored models running here and
there trying above all to stop the fire from spreading to the caravans.
Water buckets axes everything possible...When finally the fire brigade arrived the big top had been reduced to
smoking shreds. The backdrop and all the musical instruments the wooden
tiers of seats, pattycake model the masts they had all burned to ashes.The circus people were milling around the smoking ruins disheartened and
dejected. But Patrizio remarked not one of them was crying or seemed to
be desperate. There was a kind of teen model vidclips
dignity in that group of Sinti in
their misfortune.When the fire brigade went away telling them to touch nothing because
the next day they would be back for the usual inquiries the Sinti's
chief immediately called a meeting. The situation was tragic the
insurance money would barely cover their debts. It was absolutely
impossible to start again. They discussed it for a long time and at the
end they decided to sell their animals to other circuses and to scatter
and look for jobs in the various circuses of their relatives or friends."We have tried done our best... and we have not been lucky." The Sinti
chief concluded when he dismissed the meeting. Every family went back to
their caravans to discuss what to do.The three friends, who had been listening at the edge of the petit young models
during model space shuttles the meeting, went back to their caravan feeling very sorry for
those people with whom they had stayed for about ten days. They went
back to bed model nonude tiny but couldn't get to sleep for a long time.The next day while the Sinti were starting to strike camp Tomaso called
at the caravan of the three friends."We are really sorry..." Zanko said welcoming domai model alina him."What will you do now?" Mateo asked him."My sexy teenmodel 14yo family decided to try going back to our old circus. They hope there
will still be a job... But I don't like the idea much."Patrizio looked at his friends then at Tomaso and said "Why don't you
come with us Tomaso? What do you think boys?"The other two at once nodded in assent."But what work can I do with you?""You can be the juggler of course. While we play you can perform your
show..."They discussed the suggestion and the three friends insisted and at the
end Tomaso agreed. He went to get his juggling equipment and his
costumes and came back to the boys' caravan carrying two big suitcases."My family didn't want me to leave... But at the end my father gave me
my share of the money. It's not much but... I'm ready to come with you."They welcomed him with pleasure mainly Patrizio who had a special liking
for Tomaso. They packed his belongings away. After lunch they decided to
plan and rehearse their new show. Tomaso tried to adjust the rhythm of
his juggling to Zanko's music and Zanko chose the most suitable rhythms
to accompany Tomaso from his repertory. Mateo accompanied Zanko with the
tambourine while Patrizio learned how to be Tomaso's assistant throwing
him clubs or hoops as he needed them or taking and handing to him the
props which couldn't be thrown.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 5-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send little teen modell me feed-back, or desire to help revising my English
translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English
please e-mail

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