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Related post: Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 00:46:13 -0600
Subject: "Making Out at the Movies"For those under 18 or who are turned off by stories of women in sexual
situations with other women, read no further. All others, feel free to
enjoy...Dedicated to my friend Toni..."Making Out at the Movies" by MIt was a Friday night. Both Toni and Patsy's husbands had gone out of town
on business. Given that their husbands were friends, they had socialized
on occasion, but not on a regular underground virgin small basis. Toni's husband had actually
suggested that, while they were gone, she might take in a movie or
something with Patsy just to keep herself entertained. Toni, looking
toward a very boring weekend, had figured she virgin teenz fuck
had nothing better to do, and
she liked Patsy personally, so why not? Patsy had felt exactly the same
way about the weekend. Both jumped at the opportunity to leave the kids
and get out of the house on a Friday night.Toni was in her mid forties, but still kept in shape. She was proud of her
body, and worked hard to make sure the years didn't catch up to her as it
did with other girlfriends she knew. Her shoulder-length, wavy and thick
reddish-brown hair framed a still voluptuous and sexy face. Deep russians virgin boys
eyes, thick, sensual lips, high cheekbones. She also made sure that she
was always properly made up and that her skin was as soft and clear as
periodic facials would keep it. Her body, while not as hard and lean sex with virgins cum as it
used to be years ago, still turned the guys' heads when she walked down the
supermarket aisle. Large, still-firm, 36D breasts rose proudly from her
chest, her waist, while not still as narrow as it used to be, was still
more slender than her hips and her ass was as tight as she could make it.
As a matter of fact, her ass was something her husband still liked to grab
periodically. Her thighs, while fleshy, still looked good in tight jeans
or one of her tight skirts. She would never again pass for one of those
bouncing, Barbie-doll high school cheerleaders. But she didn't care to do
that anymore. She was proud of keeping her body looking sexy and
voluptuous even after having a couple of kids and making her way toward
middle age. She could have been a model for plus-size fashions, and some
of her friends had even suggested it.Patsy, on the other hand, was a much darker, Italian-looking woman. She
was the same age as Toni, and coincidentally had a school girl virgins
very similar tiny virgin nubiles body.
However, while Toni was more conservative in her dress, Patsy was much more
flamboyant. Her makeup always leaned more on the heavy side, with deep
burgundy--almost purple--lip gloss on equally full, lush lips, dark
eye-liner and mascara that always matched her lip color. While Toni always
kept her French nails at a very attractive length, Patsy's were much
longer, almost always matching that favorite deep burgundy. And her
clothes tended to be more on the "slutty" side, as some of Patsy's
girlfriends pointed out behind her back. Ultra-tight jeans, very short
mini-skirts, low-cut dresses to show off her deep cleavage. That was
something in particularly that Patsy was proud of, her abundant breasts,
and loved to wear cleavage-revealing sweaters, blouses and dresses.
Male--and some female--eyes always were immediately drawn to those
beautiful breasts when Patsy made her trips to the mall and out to
socialize. Her love for lots of leopard print and black leather also
helped the woman stand out in a crowd. Keeping herself statuesque, with
ass cheeks jutting was always easy given her taste for very high heel pumps
or boots. At a party, one always knew when Patsy was coming down the hall
when her heels clicked authoritatively on the floors. And she had a
personality to match. She and Dan made it a point to go dancing and
clubbing every other weekend, she was always the most outgoing and
flamboyant among her girlfriends, and she socialized very easily. Toni was
a fun time, but not nearly as flamboyantly aggressive as Patsy was.
Perhaps that's why they enjoyed each other's company so much when the four
of them went out periodically. Patsy tended to draw the best and most fun
out of Toni. If Toni could model for plus size skirts, blouses and
cocktail dresses, Patsy would be the one modeling the lingerie and
cat-suits in hard core virgin pics the same catalog.A couple of days before their husbands would leave town for the weekend,
Toni and Patsy made arrangements on the phone to take in a movie and then
perhaps have a drink afterward. Their kids would be home with their
respective babysitters, and the night would be theirs to decide what movie
and where to have the drinks. Toni would pick up Patsy at her house and
they would go on from there.That night, Toni took great care to pick out her makeup and outfit. She
knew Patsy would be at her "brassy best" and she just had too much pride to
dress down in jeans and a sweater. The makeup had to be perfectly
done--deep blood-red glossy lipstick with a dark lip-liner to accentuate
her full, sensual mouth. Black eye-liner to frame her bright green eyes.
Perfectly painted long French nails. petite virgins She decided upon her frilly, white
silk blouse that scooped down to reveal her own ample cleavage. The frilly
material perfectly outlined the full, thrusting globes. Matching frills at
the cuffs gave it almost a French look. Contrasting the blouse was a very
tight brown snakeskin miniskirt that wrapped snuggly around her fleshy
thighs and high, round ass. A wide brown leather belt with matching high
heel pumps finished the outfit nicely. It might be a little dressy for a
movie, but they were going to have drinks afterward. Beneath the shear
white blouse she had to wear something that would not show through, so she
picked her equally sheer white lace bra--through which her large, dark
nipples could just barely be covered. Augmenting the sexy feel of the
outfit, she decided to wear a white lace thong and a pair of sheer hose
that held snuggly to her thighs without garters. She enjoyed wearing the
nylons on special occasions, the rustling felt good as her thighs rubbed
together when she walked. The last touch was her favorite perfume,
touching those discreet pulse-points around her body, particularly between
her breasts. A fleeting thought went through her mind that perhaps there
may be some flirting with strange men A wide brown leather belt with
matching high heel pumps finished the outfit nicely. at a bar after the
movie. Flirting, but, of course nothing more than that. She had always
been faithful to Jack over the years, even though many men had indicated a
willingness to take it further. No, flirting was always a possibility but
that was as far as it would go. Toni looked in the full length mirror,
from the side and the front--yes, she still had that sex appeal. free adult virgin
Perhaps a
bit heavier and older, but still had it!Toni age lose virginity survey threw on her short brown distressed-leather jacket, virgin hymen tgp pulled her frilly
blouse cuffs out over the jacket sleeves to give it a very stylish,
European look, and kissed the kids goodnight. Off for a Friday night! She
got to Patsy's, knocked on the door, and the babysitter ass virgin fucked opened. Donna, the
sitter, was one lttle virgin blondes russianvirgins
of those blonde Barbie types. A very sexy girl, as much as
Toni could judge that sort of thing with a young girl."Hey, Toni--I'll be right down." Patsy called from upstairs.Toni felt just a shade odd, perhaps due to a strange feeling that she was
actually picking up a date for the night. But this was Patsy, another
woman! How could this be a date, of all things? The thought filtered
quickly out of her mind. At that point, the flamboyant Patsy came down the
stairs--and was she a sight to behold!The still-stunning brunette was wearing a skin-tight leopard-print tank top
that squeezed her up-thrust ample breasts together. They stood at
attention straight out from her chest! Some girls jealously claimed she
had had a "boob job", but Patsy always insisted they were natural. Even
though she had some sort of skimpy bra underneath, Toni could tell that
Patsy's bike riding in virginia nipples were erect, pointing out in front of her. She wore a very
short, soft black leather miniskirt with a small slit up one side. Her
regular black leather sky-high stiletto pumps pushed her round ass up and
out as the perfect match to little virgins nude pics her jutting tits. Just a breath-taking vision,
even for Toni! Her hair porn skinny teen virgin
was thick and wavy, teased away from her face,
very stylishly swept into a clip in the back--wispy bangs framed her
beautiful face. The makeup of course was perfect--the trademark deep
burgundy/purple lips reflecting the light--long, matching dark nails, a
look at home either at a disco or on the street downtown. Yes, this was
classic Patsy."Wow, Patsy, you're looking like you're ready to kill, as usual! You know,
it's only a movie, girl!" Toni's eyes free nude virgin boards involuntarily swept over Patsy's
body as she shook her head and smiled, hands on hips."Always have to look my best, Toni--ya never know who ya might run into, ya
know? Besides, it's drinks after, right? Need to have my dancin' outfit
on, otherwise no little boys will ask me to dance!" Patsy smiled
playfully, her very white teeth flashing--contrasting brilliantly with the
very dark lipstick. "What do you think, Donna?" She looked at the young
girl who was still standing there as the woman had descended the stairs.
Strangely enough, Patsy put her arm around the blonde babysitter and drew
her in like an old girlfriend, rubbing her shoulder."You look incredible, Mrs. Taylor! Hope I get the virgin pics to look like that when I'm
your age!" A back-handed compliment that Patsy didn't seem to mind. But
Donna had put her arm around Patsy's waist and returned the hug, an odd
thing to do. Toni had never seen her this physical with the babysitter.
Anyhow, Toni was truly impressed at how Patsy was "decked out" for the
night. That girl could dress, regardless of her age! But there littlevirgins nu was
something else strange, a curious feeling that Toni suddenly had upon
seeing Patsy. A warmth that seemed to emanate from between her legs! Now
what was this? And she found herself scanning Patsy's outfit more closely
than normal. Those hard nipples, up-thrust breasts, full hairstyle, tight
leather miniskirt encasing her ample hips, lovely virgin teens thighs and, when she moved to
the side, she could see the round ass cheeks straining against the soft
kidskin. And she could also see Patsy was wearing hose as well. What was
this? Was she "checking her out"? How strange!Anyhow, Toni's reflections were broken by the gorgeous brunette in front of
her. "Okay, let's get out of here, girlfriend--it's Friday night! Donna,
have fun, but not too much fun. I'm gone for the night. Call me on my
cell if crisco virgin olive oil you need me, but otherwise, don't bother me! tiny virgin boys
I'm outta here!"
Patsy grabbed her matching black leather jacket, pocketbook, and took
Toni's hand. "My date is here, and we're gone! Come on, Toni, let's go
before virgin girl gratis the boys remember what they're missing and decide to skinny little virgins turn their
flight around!"Toni smiled, getting into the swing of things, "Yeah, let's go baby! It's
girl's night out!" She clasped Patsy's warm hand and they left the
house. Hearing Donna's last words, "Have fun you two!", gave her some
strange naughty thrill. Why was that? The tone of Donna's voice? Was
there some message in it?They got into Toni's car, decided on a movie quickly and drove to the
nearby theater. It was an older movie, a romance they had both wanted to
see that the boys didn't. When they got to the theater, Patsy drew the
stares of the few movie-goers in her sexy outfit and walking that indolent,
"fuck me" walk that she had. And for some strange reason, Toni realized
her own eyes were still roving over her girlfriend's body--particularly
that black leather-encased ass. The woman even walked a little virgin sex pics
half-step behind
her girlfriend just to dart her eyes over the full cheeks as they moved
tightly together. They were quick glances, but appreciative ones free virgin lollitas that
continued to stoke some kind of warmth between Toni's legs. She knew Patsy
enjoyed the attention out in public. It was her "thing". But she guessed
that the brunette was unaware of her girlfriend's own attention to her.Moving into the theater, they found that both had a habit of sitting in the
back of the auditorium. The movie had been out for a while, and few people
were there with them. But, while they could have sat further up, they
decided to go to the back, center. As they climbed the steps to the rear,
Toni remained slightly behind Patsy and continued to eye those delectable
ass cheeks and hose-encased thighs, swishing as they moved. Just like
hers. This was all so strange!Toni and Patsy took off their leather jackets and draped them on the seats
in front of themselves. They passed the time commenting on how they
admired each other's outfits, asking where they got them, etc."That's a beautiful blouse, Toni. I don't think I've ever seen one like
it. I'd love it if you could lend it to me some time. Would you do that?""Of course, Pat--any time, just let me know. It's a bit nude sex virgin images conservative for
you, though, isn't it?""No, it looks great on you, and I bet it would just feel great on me."
Patsy fingered the ruffles around Toni's low neckline. They youth writing contest virginia were sitting
next to each other, in very close proximity. Toni could smell Patsy's russian virgins fucked own
perfume, and felt a bit flushed when the sexy woman put her fingers to
those ruffles--so close to her own breasts. So near. Hey, did her nipples
harden? What was this?Before she had a chance to think about it further, the lights began to dim
for the coming attractions. The two incredibly sexy forty-year old women,
both dressed to kill, turned to the screen and leaned sideways to each
other. Shoulders touched. A warmth began to exude between them. Their
perfume intermingled.As the coming attractions flickered across the screen and the movie began,
Toni was having a hard time concentrating on the images before her. A
sensual combination of odors was enveloping her. A combination of Patsy's
perfume, and the sexy smell of fresh leather from the woman's skirt. It
must have been a new kidskin, because it had not yet lost that leather
scent. These smells, plus the warmth of Patsy's body as she leaned in
toward her was starting a strange feeling in Toni's cunt. It was giving
her goose bumps! This had never happened to her before with a woman,
especially with her friend Patsy! She tried to focus on the screen, but
instead was listening to Patsy's soft breathing next to her, sneaking a
peak at those rising and falling breasts beneath the tiger print tank top.The movie was only about 15 minutes old when something very strange
happened. Toni was so distracted by Patsy's presence next to her that she
almost didn't even notice. But it happened. They shared the arm rest
between them, hands casually draped over the upholstered end. Suddenly,
Toni became aware that Patsy was virgins wmv lightly virgin girls 13 porn
scratching the back of her hand
with her long burgundy nails. It was almost a caress. Nothing more but a
soft and casual scratching of the back of her hand. What was this? Toni's
attention zoomed straight to her right hand. Was this just some simple
flirtation? This went on for a few minutes when, instead of withdrawing
her hand, for ages lose virginity
some reason Toni turned her palm upward so those long, sexy
nails could scratch gay virgin pics
the palm of her hand. Should she 72 virgins in heaven respond now? Almost
instinctually, Toni caressed back--entwining her fingers with Patsy's. The
action between the tiny virgin sex girls' hands began to advance rapidly from the slight
scratching of nails on skin to a mutual caressing of fingers. Toni's heart
was thumping in webcam virgin movies
her ample chest. She virgins tgp didn't dare look at the woman next to
her, virgin teen foto but stole glances at the two hands moving together. ukrainian angel virgin teen Her flesh was
tingling! Where was this leading? Was this just litle virgin sexy a sign of friendship from
Patsy, or something more? The caressing continued for around ten
heart-bumping minutes elite virgins movies free until the question was answered...Patsy clasped Toni's entwined fingers, caressing with just her long
thumbnail. But she shifted slightly more toward her redheaded girlfriend
and began to move Toni's hand down into her lap! Suddenly Toni could feel
the back of her hand pressing down into that supple black kidskin in front
of the brunette's cunt! Patsy resumed the caressing of entwined fingers,
but was putting more pressure on the woman's hand into her lap. This was
no subtle show of virgin slit pictures friendship now. The purpose was obvious at this point.
But the thing that surprised Toni the most was not that her girlfriend was
making a pass at her, but that she actually was sexually responding to it!Patsy uncrossed her legs so that she was pressing Toni's hand directly down
on her lap. The nylon rustled between her legs, exciting the redhead
sitting next to her. Their hands were becoming warmly moist. Sweat began
to form on Toni's upper lip pree virgins and dads little virgin pics
in her ample cleavage. The movie had
definitely lost her attention. It could have been a blank screen for all
she cared at this point. Her sexy, big-busted girlfriend was beginning to
proactively rub the back of her hand into her leather-covered cunt! Now
was the time when Toni had to either russian tiny virgins cross the line or remove her hand and
pretend nothing had happened. This adult theater virgina was going in a direction that their
relationship virgin defloration free trailer
had never been before--in the back of a darkened movie
theater! Toni's nipples were hardening, her skin was literally tingling.
There was no turning back! The redhead began to take an active part in the
sexual foreplay between them. She started stroking the back of her hand
into Patsy's heating crotch. She crossed the line into mutual seduction.
Patsy reacted by slightly spreading her legs in the dark. Toni pressed and
rubbed the back of her hand into her girlfriends lap, not knowing where
this would lead, but knowing she wanted it to lead somewhere nude virgin pictures further. And
she wasn't a lesbian, had never had any experience with another woman. But
she knew she wanted this with Patsy. And of course it was obvious that
Patsy wanted it with her as well!The sexy brunette switched hands, taking Toni's right hand with her own
right hand to continue the lap-action. However, she moved her left arm
smoothly--had she done this before?--over Toni's head and draped it around
her shoulders, placing her left hand on the redhead's shoulder. As Patsy
began to caress Toni's upper arm, she simultaneously pulled her girlfriend
closer to her and tilted her head over to rest on Toni's shoulder, next to
her face. barley legal virgins Their red and brunette hair intermingled as Patsy slightly
rested her head next to Toni's. All while one girl's hand rubbed around in
the lap of the other girl. Their smooth, soft cheeks touched, throwing off
more sparks between them. It nude virgins kid was one thing when hands virgin boysex stories touched, but another
when faces did--and then Patsy began to move her cheek lovingly over
Toni's. They could have been two women out on a date getting romantic
sitting in the dark at the movies--which is exactly what this was becoming!With this sudden change in body position, Toni was feeling her cunt leaking
juice down the sides of her thighs. The little virgin nude pics
special perfume-and-leather scent
from Patsy, the heat emanating from her cunt through the kidskin, and the
caressing of their cheeks together was a combination that was making Toni's
skin crawl with lust. That was the only word to describe it. Sheer,
unadulterated lust!They were probably about a third through the movie as they had been petting
in the back of the theater. Toni could feel Patsy's long fingernails
caressing both her shoulder and the side of her left breast. The thin silk
of her blouse held nothing back. preeteen virgin porn Her large nipples were hard as rocks and
her cunt was leaking juice from behind the thong onto the inside of her
snakeskin miniskirt. She could hear Patsy begin to breath heavier as the
hand in her lap was working its sexual magic.Then the two women began going to the next level of seduction between them.
As their cheeks were caressing, Patsy turned her face inward toward Toni's
and lightly kissed her on the very corner of the woman's deep-red mouth.
She did this with the next three cheek-caresses, turning her lips inward
and lightly kissing the corner of Toni's mouth. This was a message. If
Toni wanted to kiss Patsy, she could easily turn her face in return. If
not, and this was all that the woman wanted to take it to in the virgin thumbs
back of
the theater with her girlfriend, then no further movement was necessary.
This was also the place to bring it to the next level if she wanted it.
And Toni wanted it! She had never kissed another woman with passion
before, but there was no going back on this. This was happening so fast
that she had no ability to even question her instincts. The fourth time
Patsy went to turn her lips in to kiss Toni, the redhead turned to meet the
woman's burgundy-painted mouth. Their very full lips pressed softly
together. No tongue, still closed, they shared their first full
mouth-on-mouth kiss very softly and passionately. At first tentatively,
then with more confidence and urgency. Toni had never kissed anyone raped virgin sex
lips so soft and pliant. She could feel the stickiness of Patsy's lipstick
and as they broke this first kiss, their lower lips stuck briefly together.Their lips came stickily apart the first time, then re-joined, still
closed. The girls pressed those full lips upon each other, increasing the
pressure steadily until they were mashed to each other. After a full half
minute of lip-pressing, they broke the kiss again. But this time, for the
first time, they made eye contact with each other. Even in the dark of the
movie extreme virgin boys theater, as the film flickered on the screen, Toni could see Patsy's
face. But for the first time, there was a look of unbridled lust in the
sexy brunette's expression! Raw, unbridled lust--and not a smile, but the
corner of the woman's beautiful mouth turning up in almost a leer of sheer
sexual devouring! Toni suddenly knew that, regardless of what just
happened physically between them, and the new sexual attraction she felt
toward her girlfriend, Patsy was engulfed in a passion for her that had to
be quenched! Whether she wanted it or not, the big-busted, slutty woman
was about to pounce on her virgin teens petite prey! And to top it off, as Patsy continued to
caress Toni's silk-covered shoulder, the brunette actually ran her long,
thick tongue over her upper and lower lips...slowly, wetly. The woman was
almost salivating over her new female sex-object, licking her lips in
anticipation of what was to come!Briefly gazing into each other's eyes in the dark, they exchanged the final
agreement--it was okay to go further. Then almost simultaneously, they
each averted their eyes down to each other's plush, painted lips. Burgundy
and deep red lipstick was slightly smeared now. Not too much, but just
enough to leave a residue of their first kisses. A large burgundy female
lip imprint had been left on the corner of Toni's mouth. If an usher had
shined his flashlight on them at that moment, it would be obvious these two
women were at the beginnings vagina virgin video sex of a deep make-out session in the back of the
theater. But no one would shine that light. They were in the back, in virgins girls sex movies the
dark, with no one around them, and they would be free to go back to their
embrace.And after a few moments of gazing at each other's feminine lips, a mutual
sigh was shared, and Toni and Patsy's faces came together once again. This
time was different, though. The passion began to flow unburdened. Once
their plush lips came together, Patsy's was the first to open, her thick,
warm tongue emerging from between her teeth. Toni felt her girlfriend's
tongue android virgin mobile review
slide wetly along her painted lips, prying them open to allow access
to her teeth. Patsy's tongue swabbed the white, slick teeth, down to the
girl's gums, around and inside her right cheek, then up under her upper lip
to caress the teeth and gums again. Their saliva began to intermingle and
leak from the corner of Toni's mouth. Almost as a reflex, Patsy moved her
right hand from Toni's hand in her lap up to the redhead's pendulous left
breast. As Toni's open hand continued to rub at the supple black kidskin
miniskirt, Patsy cupped the full globe and massaged, both around the breast
and the taught, thick nipples through the frilly silk blouse and skimpy
lace bra. Toni's nipples had long since become rock-hard with passion, and
it made sex fuck virgin child feeling them through the material so much easier. It even made it
an easy target for Patsy to rake her long nails over the nipples to further
stimulate them. The brunette turned even further to face the redhead in
their seats.In reaction to the sudden fondling of her tit, Toni's mouth opened to sigh.
However, it was still glued to the other woman's mouth! The redhead's
teeth parted and Patsy's tongue slid in like a thick serpent, virgin preeteen searching for
her girlfriend's matching tongue. There was no going back now. Toni
sighed into Patsy's mouth and shot her own tongue out to wrestle with the
other woman's mouth muscle. Instinctively, Toni's long-nailed hand slid up
to the back of Patsy's head, her fingers digging into the thick hair,
bringing her girlfriend's face even closer to her own. adult virgin movies Her fingers
caressed the woman's scalp, then molded to the back of her neck, her thumb
gently caressing the brunette's cheek. Patsy responded with virgin girl blonde incest
emotion. The level of lust between the two women was rising dramatically.
But they both knew they had to keep their actions as quiet as possible so
as not to ilegal movies virgin attract attention in this public place. It was a good thing the
soundtrack of the movie was loud enough to drown out their little
whimperings, sighs and the heavy breathing now coming from their noses as
feminine lips sealed to feminine lips.Since the two women were now practically facing each other in the movie
seats, Toni found that her right arm was becoming uncomfortable and not
able to take best advantage of their closeness. While she regretted taking
her right hand from it's place feverishly rubbing in Patsy's lap, she moved
it away--lifting her right arm up and over her girlfriend's head to drape
it around the nearly naked shoulders. The leopard-print tank top had
slender straps, so the redhead could immediately caress the warm skin of
the woman's shoulder. The touch of this bare skin created an electric
shock between both girls' legs, driving right to their clits. Now Toni was
able to aggressively draw Patsy more closely to face her and the two women
wrapped one another in an arm while having another free to do whatever they
wanted!Now that Toni realized this, she took advantage of the opportunity to reach
for those huge scantily-covered tits. This was her first chance to fondle
Patsy's proudest possessions--those luscious 36DD breasts! She splayed her
fingers out over the thick nipple of the brunette's right tit. As she
allowed the fullness to sink into her hand, she could feel--through the
very sheer lace bra and thin tank top material--that the large nipple had
become engorged and the teat erected from the areola into a hard point.
She flicked her long nail across Patsy's erect nipple, knowing it was
bringing ultimate pleasure to her girlfriend. Patsy immediately began
doing the same to her. They mirrored their breast-play, massaging,
flicking nails across nipples, thoroughly feeling the other's ample tits.The two sexy older women were locked in an embrace of lust, sitting in the
back of the darkened movie theater. They were wrapped virginity losing porn in each other's
arms, feeling each other up, feverishly making out like two teenaged girls
on their first date. And it was. It had taken no longer than the first
15-20 minutes sitting alone together in the back of the theater for these
two female friends to become rutting, lust-crazed girl-lovers--clutching at
each other's breasts, sticking their tongues wildly into each other's
mouths and swapping saliva that mixed and drooled down their chins. Had
this attraction been hovering near the surface all this time? Waiting for
the right opportunity to break asian virgins pics through? Or was it just the sexual
chemistry of that little virgin tpg night? Patsy provided the answer...The busty brunette broke the mouth-kiss suddenly and began French-kissing
the hollow of the redhead's neck, brushing the hair away with her face.
She licked, nipped at the soft skin, feeling the goose bumps rise on the
surface. Her move was having the desired effect on her girlfriend. And on
her. She breathed in Toni's perfume, now combined with a slight odor of
sweat. Patsy moved her mouth up to Toni's ear and breathed hotly into it,
nipping lightly on the girl's earlobe. Toni had to suppress the urge to
groan, she was particularly stimulated by these love-bites and the hot,
moist breath from her girlfriend. Then Patsy whispered the words into
Toni's warm ear..."I've wanted you for so long,'re so panties have always
been wet just thinking about you...mmmmmmmm...I've always wanted to banned virgin movie porn
you...always wanted to get into your are so fucking
sexy...and I'm such a slut for you...mmmmmmmm...I want to be your slut,
baby...and I know you want me, baby...oh, baby...mmmmmmmm."With that, Patsy took one final lick at Toni's ear and withdrew her face,
looking into her girlfriend's virgin sex free samples moist eyes. Toni gazed deeply into Patsy's.
She knew it was mutual, knew it was the beginning of a passionate affair
they must have. And it all was starting now in the back of a movie
theater.Patsy moved her hand to cup Toni's chin, caress her lower lip with her
long-nailed thumb, shifting her eyes to the woman's lipstick-smeared,
glistening mouth. She slowly drew Toni's face closer, their lips almost
touching, mouths slightly contorted in a virgin porno kids quivering sneer of passion.
Almost touching. So close. They could smell the sweetness of each other's
breath, coming in rasps of passion, sharing the intimate warmth washing
over their faces. The redhead's lips parted slightly, sensing the
electricity of the other girl's mouth near hers. Patsy slid her tongue out
slowly. Toni could see it was wide and very long, bending and folding,
undulating like a snake in porn blood virgin sex front of her. It seemed to match those soft,
exotic lips. In the dim light of the movie screen, she could see the
saliva shining off both the flickering tongue and burgundy-smeared lips.
That tongue drew closer, oh so closer. Toni watched it approach her mouth,
hypnotic. Finally, as Patsy continued to draw the redhead's face near, her
tongue contacted those plump, red-smeared lips. She writhed her
saliva-dripping tongue over Toni's upper lip, then coiled it around and
licked the lower. Patsy could taste the waxy flavor of her virgins art nude girlfriend's
sticky lip-gloss. She left a trail of spit as she licked. Then she drew
even closer and suctioned Toni's lower lip into her mouth, between her
teeth, biting lightly yet sucking on that delectable, pouting lower lip.
Feeding on it like a nipple, feeling it's softness, it's spongy pliancy.
Then, releasing Toni's lower lip with a small "plop", she again extended
that thick tongue until it entered the dark, humid recess of the redhead's
mouth. Lips curving together. Thoroughly exploring, stroking, feeling in
slow rhythm--all the while first sex teen virgin sipping any dripping saliva greedily back into
her own mouth to swallow.Suddenly, Toni tightly wrapped her lips around Patsy's tongue, entrapping
it in her mouth. The voluptuous brunette cooperated by keeping her tongue
indolently thrust out toward her woman-lover. Toni began to suck, pressing
her lips around the fleshy tongue, moving her head rhythmically back and
forth, as if a man's cock. Patsy continued to undulate her tongue as her
girlfriend mouth-fucked it. Then Toni stopped her head motion and just
paused to taste, Ebony virgin
to feel the pulse in the tongue, to luxuriate in the
intimacy of having her girlfriend's tongue throbbing between her lips. In
this nasty position, Patsy began to salivate. Spit welled up and began to
flow thickly, opaquely from her lips and down into Toni's mouth. She
groaned, giving way to her lust and pushed her tongue all the way in, lips
pillowing softly together, both women's mouths widening for the kiss that
was about rusia school virgin
to take place. Tongues wrestled, saliva flowed, lipstick smeared
and cheeks hollowed as each woman suctioned hard to draw the other's tongue
as deeply as possible into her own mouth. Their heads tilted to
accommodate a deeper, more passionate kiss between them. Only they could
hear the soft sound of ragged nose-breathing as lips were sealed again.
Female lips attempted to devour female lips.Toni had never been kissed like this before, never felt lips so soft yet so
passionate. Never felt this surging lust for another human being
before--not even her husband. This was a new experience in every way. Her
every sense was heightened. She had never wanted to touch, taste, smell
anyone so much before. And it was this slutty, brassy, sexy 40ish woman
who had been just a friend until now. Until they began making out in the
back of this darkened movie theater.As their tongues continued to wrestle, Patsy seized control and sucked
Toni's tongue out and into her own hot mouth. She sucked, scraped her
teeth of it's length, gathering in as much of the sticky, milky saliva as
she could. Now it was her turn to nurse at her girlfriend's tongue,
feeling the intimacy of the moment. And Toni realized it was Patsy's turn,
allowing her tongue to be sucked in savagely, deeply. Even as much
lipstick had smeared between them, as much spit had thinned the color,
there was still that waxy stickiness between their girl-lips, still that
lip-gloss taste that added to the special quality buy virgin cunt of a deep, passionate
French-kiss between two women.Finally, the women broke their kiss, eyes watching each other's lips as
saliva strings continued to join their mouths. One woman would suck in the
milky fluid, savoring it's special flavor. Then they'd softly press their
slick mouths together again, draw back causing more thick strings of spit
and the other woman would sip the saliva in. The strings of spit would
keep their mouths connected even when they weren't kissing. The two
voluptuous older women continued this sensual spit-game between them,
pressing soft kisses, swapping gooey saliva. Patsy had raised her hand
from stimulating Toni's breast, fingers splaying on Toni's cheek, holding
her face as they kissed. Toni russian virgin teens
in turn raised her own hand from the
brunette's breast and held Patsy's wrist, caressing it with her long-nailed
fingers. There was a feeling of passionate, intimate romance between the
two women making out how fuck lady virgin in the dark theater.As the women tussled and kissed, Patsy ran her hand from Toni's face, advice for losing virginity to
the back of her head, then caressingly along her arm, down to her lap and
finally on the redhead's thigh. Reflexively, Toni's thighs parted. Their
lips continued to undulate against one another, cheeks bulging with the
slick tongue-play inside. But there was something more that Patsy wanted
to taste. She slid her hand under the snakeskin miniskirt, running it
splayed along the nylon-encased thighs. She could suddenly feel the heat
and moisture emanating from behind the sodden thong. Toni tensed slightly,
not expecting such an intimate play for her cunt. Especially not here in
public, where anyone could just turn around and spot the two gorgeous women
locked baths at virgin gorda
in tight embrace. But the electric anticipation overcame her
initial awkwardness. She gave herself to Patsy.The buxom brunette could feel the cunt fluid that had trickled between her
girlfriend's legs. It was hot and sticky above the tops of the nylon
stockings. Also, since Toni parted her legs, it allowed the slight odor of
girl-cum to drift up to their noses. It was an intoxicating smell,
especially combined with their perfume, the sweat of their passion and the
leather of Patsy's miniskirt. It was an animalistic female smell, driving
them to further heights of lust. Patsy scratched the inside of Toni's
thigh with her long, curved fingernails. Finally, her hand reached the
apex of the redhead's legs--her thong-covered smoothly-shaved cunt. As
they continued their lip-lock, and Toni further stimulated her girlfriend's
nipples, Patsy ran her fingers along the front of the thong. It was
drenched with cunt fluid, the material almost drawn in between the labia.
She curled her fingers behind the slick material, moved it aside and slid
two japan girl virgin porno fingers into the entrance of the swollen ukrainian virgins
cunt-folds. All of the
sex-play between the two women had caused both of their cunts to become
engorged, swollen and fuck virgin girl wet. Patsy could now feel the intimate results of
their mutual manipulations. Her fingers paused briefly, then slid firmly
into the hole. Her thumb curved upward to feel the clit and the hood of
flesh over it, slowly moving and caressing to stimulate. The japanese virgin teacher sex heat inside
Toni's cunt was burning.Toni could feel Patsy's hand as it moved down and in, both within her
fleshy vagina and on the hardening clit. As Patsy's two fingers moved
fully inside, gently to keep her long nails from scraping the walls, Toni
spasmodically contracted her cunt muscles to wrap around the slender
digits. Her coral quinones virgin islands cunt was literally wrapped around Patsy's fingers! The
further shock of the pre-orgasmic stimulation so excited the redhead that
she moaned directly into her girlfriend's mouth and her own hands jerked
suddenly. This was too much in public! She was rapidly approaching orgasm
as the busty brunette finger-fucked her in the back of the movie theater.
She was afraid she'd lose control and cry out when she came! While her
mind was rapidly becoming enveloped with shear pleasure, a small window of
caution opened. As the window opened, sexe virgin
she knew this had to stop before she
orgasmed--she was very vocal when that happened, and she had never been so
stimulated before, so this could mean causing noise above the soundtrack so
others could hear!"No! Not here!" She whispered hoarsely into Patsy's mouth. She grabbed
her girlfriends arm and pulled to get her hand out from buried in her cunt.
"Please, I'll be too loud, Patsy!" She tried to keep the sound of her
voice nestled between their very close mouths."Awwwww, but baby...I want to bring you off...mmmmmm...I want to drive you
crazy!" The brunette frowned, feeling her own sexual frustration."I know, Pat, but not here. I gwen stefanie holy virgin want you too, but not here..." She already
could feel the pain of the interrupted near-orgasm and wiggled in her seat."Mmmmmm..." Patsy brought her hand to her mouth and popped the two fingers
in, sucking and licking the cunt juice. Tasting the most intimate of
flavors that Toni had to offer. She offered the fingers, slick with her
saliva and the remaining secretions to the busty redhead. "Want some,
lover?"Toni couldn't believe she was actually doing this, but her sexual
frustration was pushing her. She hesitated, smiled then took the two
fingers and licked them completely russian kds virgin
clean. Then she kissed her girlfriend's
hand softly."Toni, sweetheart. We need to get out of here. Forget the movie and the
bar. Let's get a room. Want to?" Patsy virgins passwords had brought her mouth to Toni's
ear so that the invitation would remain between them. "Come on, baby. I
want to fuck you so bad...mmmmmmm..." She licked at the warm ear, nipped at
it."Oh, yeah...yeah, Pat...let's go. I can't stand it either. Let's find a
place." Toni air virgin suicides
couldn't believe she was agreeing to get a motel anal virgin teen pics room with
her girlfriend. How this short night was changing! And there was so much
more flickr virginia transexual to go! Perhaps the whole night...perhaps into the morning, if the
babysitters could stay."Great...I can't wait...we should have done this a long time ago...come
one..." With that, the girls grabbed their leather jackets, smoothed down
their skirts and attempted to stand. They gave no thought to their
smeared, faded lipstick. Toni still had that burgundy lip imprint by the
corner of her mouth. Their hair was slightly mussed. But when they went
to stand in the dark from the cramped theater seats, they didn't realize
how shaky their legs would be. And they didn't realize how flushed they
would look once they got out nude virgin teen
to the lights of the lobby. But they didn't
care. naked virgin teens
Thoughts virgin fuck secret of where to get a room, being able to let loose between
themselves and fuck the night away in the privacy of a motel were the most
important things at this point. Wild, sexual abandon! Inhibitions had
been removed!The two beautiful older women clutched each other's arms as they stumbled
down the aisle then out to the lobby. Luckily, no lolas virgins employees were around to
notice the sight of two female faces that showed the ravages of a heavy
make-out session in the theater. They threw their jackets on, moving
unsteadily out to the parking lot. Suddenly, Toni realized what she could
now do that cougars and virgins she couldn't upon coming in to the theater. She glanced down
at the taught black leather miniskirt that encased Patsy's round, fleshy
ass-cheeks. In the rapidly enveloping darkness of the parking lot, she
reached down and grabbed one cheek and squeezed, massaging the soft
kidskin." nasty girl," Patsy whispered and laughed, "You ARE a virgin breast nude little
slut too, aren't you?"Toni laughed, relieving some of the pent-up sexual pressure, "Oh, you bring
it out of me, you bitch." She continued to lewdly grope her girlfriend's
ass."Yeah, I AM a bitch, baby...and this bitch is gonna fuck you allllll
night." It was almost as if they were slightly drunk with the sensuality
of it all. "I can't wait to taste that cunt...mmmmmm..."They put their arms around each other as they walked to the car, drawing
each other closer as two girl-lovers would. Their relationship had just
taken a new direction in the back of this darkened movie theater, and they
had all night...and more nights to come...The End??I hope you enjoyed the beginning of Toni and Patsy's relationship. Please
email me at with any comments or suggestions.
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